Grandma’s Wagon: 1995 Buick Roadmaster Estate

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The owner of this 1995 Buick Roadmaster Estate inherited the vehicle from his grandmother, who had owned the wagon since new. It isn’t perfect, but it is an original survivor that is in above average condition. It also comes loaded with luxury equipment, which has the potential to make cross-country journeys a pleasurable experience. The Buick is now ready to head to a new home, and with the ever-growing popularity of classic wagons, now could be the time to consider a vehicle like this. It is located in Oregon City, Oregon, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $17,750 for the Buick, but the option is available to make an offer.

The overall condition of the Arctic Blue Roadmaster is quite good. It sports a few minor dings and marks, but these really are of a minor nature and should be very easy and inexpensive to address. The vinyl woodgrain sections also sport some minor imperfections and scrapes, but these are really only visible on close inspection. It would be conceivable to repair these or to replace the damaged sections completely, but there is the possibility that there could be a significant color mismatch between the original vinyl and the new sections. Complete vinyl kits are readily available if the next owner wants the car to appear in as-new condition, and these sell for around $900 for a set. Rust is not an issue, with the Buick appearing to be clean and solid. The remaining external trim and the alloy wheels look to be in good condition, while there are no obvious flaws with the glass.

All that I can say is that Grandma must have been quite a gal! Technically, the Roadmaster was her last car, although the owner does concede that she also owned a pair of GMC Pickups after she bought the Buick. I guess that it would have been possible to buy a smaller wagon with a more economical engine, but why bother when you can have a giant like this with a 5.7-liter fuel-injected V8 under the hood? This beauty pumps out a healthy 260hp, which finds its way to the rear wheels via a 4L60E 4-speed automatic transmission. Of course, power steering and 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS are part of the luxurious and potent package. The Roadmaster is also fitted with the factory Towing Pack, meaning that it is rated to drag along loads weighing up to 5,000lbs. For all of that ability, during its 25-years of life, the tow hitch has never had anything attached to it! It would seem that the Buick is in sound mechanical health because the owner does raise the possibility of driving it right across the country, or even to Canada or Mexico.

The Buick’s exterior looks really nice, but the interior takes things to a whole new level. The leather upholstery on the seats is close to perfect, while the remaining upholstered surfaces are just as good. I have real doubts that anyone has ever sat in the back seat, while the cargo area also looks like it has never been used. It would seem that there is little for the next owner to do here except to slip behind the wheel and enjoy motoring in luxurious splendor. Luxury appointments extend to a driver’s airbag, air conditioning, power windows, power locks, power seats, cruise control, a tilt wheel, and an AM/FM radio/cassette player.

This 1995 Buick Roadmaster Estate would suit an enthusiast with a family who is hunting for a practical classic. The market has seen the values of older wagons take off over the last few years, and it would seem that the time has come for this generation. Values remained very flat on these until around 18-months-ago when they proceeded to really take off for the right vehicle. This is borne out by the fact that while the values of rough examples have remained quite static and very low, clean and original wagons like this have experienced a price jump of close to 40% in that time period. This one is priced close to the top end of the market for vehicles in this condition, and with the few cosmetic issues that have been identified, that could make it worth the effort to submit an offer if you really are interested. You never know, but you might strike it lucky.

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  1. Jamie Palmer jamieStaff

    Well, seeing as we just bought the 1993 version of this in the same color that I wrote up a few days ago, I’d have to say I love this car! Nice writeup, Adam!

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    • Moparman MoparmanMember

      I wondered how you made out on that, Congratulations on winning your auction! :-)

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  2. jimjim

    Did these have third rows standard? Also, is there some type of water intrusion under the windows? What is that in the pics?

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    • ACZ

      Rear facing third row was standard.

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  3. Will Fox

    Considering this wagon represents basically the end of the wagon era as we knew it, I can’t imagine finding one of these in better shape. I have no idea what book is on one of these, so no reference here as to the BIN price. Very clean, well optioned, and no doubt has plenty of life left in it to enjoy! Grandma made a nice choice in rides!

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  4. CCFisher

    Wow. That’s a lot of blue.

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  5. JeffD

    Not here just to hate on the price but it would have to be perfect and even then it’s a few grand over top price. But I always remember the only way to get a price is to ask more than that. If somebody really wants a nice wagon, maybe they will be open to offers? Maybe even make one and when it doesn’t sell in the high teens, they will call you. Still love that blue though. Nice one.

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    • Bob S

      Jeff, I do agree with you on the theory of asking more so you might get your price, but he’s asking so far off the chart, most won’t even make an offer, too many comparable wagons out there for thousands less.

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      • Brett

        I completely agree, I bought my 1995 Roadmaster sedan from the original owner in 2014 with only 81,XXX Original miles and had 1 garage scrape too and I paid…$2,400 for basically a brand new 19 year old car at the time. I know wagons command somewhat more in price, but this wagon is a $9k wagon at best. It would need to be a 20k mile wagon or less to be even close to that BIN number

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  6. Ken Cwrney

    Want it? You bet I do! This thing’s got
    enough room to haul my tribe around un
    style and look good doing it! Who needs
    an over priced SUV when this would do just fine. I like it, but not 17K worth though. I think that he’ll have this one for
    awhile. Shoot, I’d be happy with old Beige
    Betty. At least I could afford that one!

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  7. jerry z

    Never was a fan of the wood panel siding. Rather it be a solid color. This person really doesn’t want to get rid of the car with a price double what an average Roadmaster would sell.

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  8. jwzg

    Nearly $18k is double crack-pipe territory.

    A repaint, but in almost as good a condition.

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  9. Weasel

    If only it was $15,000. Oh well, my loss. Maybe next time.

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  10. Matt G

    FYI these did have ABS but came with drums in the rear…

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  11. Bob S

    I’ve always been a fan of these last big wagons, but where is this seller pulling this number from? Very nice preserved car, but does have a few issues with the body, and it does have almost 80k on the clock. It’s not a time capsule, just a very nice older used car. Put a $8k price on it, and he/she just might move it.

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  12. Del

    Crack pipe is right.

    6 grand max.

    I cannot even get 8 grand for Moms immaculate 76 Caprice Landau coupe.

    Doubt this will sell.

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  13. William William Healy

    This price is high, given that is not immaculate. This would need to be perfect with very low mileage, to come close to that asking price. Is the mileage stated?
    I have a 96 which is pretty nice with 135k miles on it, which has had a trans rebuild, new suspension, intake manifold gasket and fuel pump, and its likely worth about $4k, at best.

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  14. Dave Rhodes

    nice car but he’s dreaming …not worth half of the asking price …

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  15. Perry Yasher

    Price is about 7K high. Great wagon with the LT1 engine…

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  16. Kenn

    Has anyone made an offer? Anyone here? You might be surprised.

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    • Brett

      There’s like 3 others on eBay with half has many miles in the same condition for half that BIN price, if any offers were going to be made it would be on 1 of those other ones.

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  17. George Mattar

    Beautiful. But $5,000 too much.

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