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Grandpa’s 1957 Chevy Bel Air

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

I wish I had one of the many cool and interesting cars that my grandfather once owned! It would be amazing to inherit something like this ’57 Chevy, but I don’t know if I could ever let it go. This seller’s grandpa bought this Bel Air many years ago. At that point it had a ’69 Camaro 350 V8 and it’s matching 4 speed transmission. That had to make this one fun Tri-Five! It’s been parked in the family’s barn since 1980. The seller claims they have the engine running and that it’s in good health. It isn’t an all original survivor, but looks like a fun Bel Air! You can find it here on eBay in Riverton, Utah with a current bid of $16k.

Grandpa's 1957 Chevy

I’m not a huge fan of the yellow respray, but it’s very much the style of the late ’70s and early ’80s hot rods. The seller claims the interior and sheetmetal  are both original, but I’d want to check the body for body filler. If you’re just looking for a fun driver, this one looks like a good one! I imagine the Camaro engine would make it one fun driver. So who here wishes they had one of the cars their parents or grandparents once owned?


  1. MSG Bob

    For a short time, my dad had a Lincoln Continental Mark IV convertible. He took all of us for a drive with the top down, but the fun stopped when it started to rain. Dad pulled over and hit the switch to raise the top, but nothing happened! We all got pretty damp before he discovered that there was an interlock which wouldn’t allow the top to move without the car being in Park.
    Even with that, it was fun watching the top fold itself behind the rear seat and the metal cover screw itself down over the compartment. Wish I owned that land yacht – or at least had been able to drive it before he sold it.

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  2. Anthony

    I can’t believe someone would sell something like this. It’s not grandpa’s old Ford Granada its a freaking 57 Chevy Belair 2 door hardtop that your grandfather put together.

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  3. Jumping g

    I could NEVER sell it even if it was a rolling wreck.In his memory I would drive it with the family and carry on with a new chapter of memories….

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  4. mtshootist1

    I had my grandfather’s Chevy II four door sedan, with the 194 six cylinder and three on the column when I was in high school, it had tobacco juice stains down the drivers side door. It met its demise when I was going out to custom cut wheat and got broadsided by a oil field Diamond T semi, with a load of drilling equipment, cut through the back half of that car, like a hot knife thru butter. Don’t miss it much.

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    • rich voss

      Hah ! I get it ! My Gramps had a ’55 Chevy, six-cylinder with three on the tree, that he kept a one pound size coffee can on the trans hump. Drivers side door nasty as was passengers foot well from “tabacky”. He left it to me in his Will, but it was sold by my parents while I was overseas in the Army. Not thrilled with that, but Gramps had done his own “backyard” bodywork & it would have needed tons of work to put right. Also, a 4 door post…So, they sent me my money and I spent it on more European travels !

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  5. JW

    Not a big Chevy guy but I like this as a daily driver, I actually like the yellow exterior, the dice would have to go.

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  6. Ben T. Spanner

    My Grandfather bought a new blue and white 1956 Chevrolet 210. Six cylinder with powerglide, am radio and full wheel covers. Garage kept with no dents or rust. (No need to drive in bad weather). It may have had 20,000 miles.

    In 1962 he said he was going to quit driving and give me the Chevrolet for my September birthday. We visited him one Sunday in August. He had lent the Chevy to his neighbor who was T boned in the right side by a garbage truck. It was hit so hard the left door wouldn’t latch.

    Of course my Father was upset because he hadn’t been consulted. I said don’t be upset over something that can’t happen; I was upset enough for the both of us.

    I got a 1957 Chevy Convertible 4 years later. I was at the opposite end of the condition scale.

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  7. Ropey

    It may be hard to believe, but I really wish I had my grandfather’s Reliant Robin wagon. A classic 70’s chocolate brown, stick shift, horse brasses on the dash – that car transported us (slowly, dangerously) to lots of good memories. I remember him spinning out with us in the back down a snowy back road one time, how it didn’t end up upside down is anyone’s guess.

    After he passed away, it sat in my grandmother’s garage for many years – I was way too cool for a poo-brown three wheeler at the time, and finally she bartered it away for some work on her yard. But now, with grand kids of my own on the way, I long for the chance to embarrass and scare the little nippers in Grandad’s Reliant Robin, as he did to us.

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    Love it. One of the very few cars I like in yellow. I never cared much about numbers matching. Always seemed like a status symbol to me. I wanna run stoplight to stoplight with 20 year olds in Mustang’s lol I am 61

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  9. Hitman

    I actually had my grandfathers car… it were nowt exciting, just a Pug 306 TD. I had it for 3 weeks when a deer jumped out of the scenery and decided to die on the front of the car…

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  10. Prowler

    I learned to drive being 12 years old in my grandpa’s 1957 Chevy 210
    Straight 6 ..3 on the tree
    Two tone blue….not an option in sight
    In the winter time he would put sand in the trunk and I mean in the trunk ..no bags…no buckets…no box
    He would just shovel it in the trunk
    By spring he said it would be empty from getting out of Slippery situations
    He would take me driving thru the farm fields and dirt roads until I got the hang of driving a stick
    Then he would let me go out by myself
    I remember one time there was so much hay wound around the drive shaft and U joints the car would barely move.
    This was in 1969 when every other car on the road was a muscle car or hot rod and I thought someday it would be mine
    But grandpa got old ..stopped driving and my dad said the car had to go
    A guy that lived about a mile down the road had a white 67 gto and I remembered that car just flying past our house…anyway he needed a winter beater so he could park his GTO.
    He offered my dad $75 for the 57
    I couldn’t believe dad would let it go for that…he didnt…the guy had to pay. $125 …and away my car went
    A lot of good memories

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  11. Kevin

    I wish I had my Mom’s 69 Lemans! I remember it as a kid and it was just a very cool. Bucket seats, floor shifter and I want to believe it had a 400 but it may have been a 350. It was Lemans blue with a Black vynl top. I just recently bought the same car that was my Dad’s first car. Not the exact car as his was totaled by a drunk on duty police officer that slammed into it in front of his house. It’s a 64 Impala SS 409. I’m very proud to have something this cool and a car my Dad also had. My mom had a good list of cars. A Karman Gia her first new car a Corvair also and a few others. It would cost me a fortune to own the cars she had. But I’m only 40 so who knows. That’s why I started with Dad’s cool cars that consisted of just the Impala. Maybe one day I can start on my Mom’s list. But if any of these cars were still around? I don’t think I would be able to part with them.

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  12. Charles

    No, but I had two uncles who always had cool cars when I was growing up. One uncle always bought a new Dodge every two years, usually 2 a door sedan or hardtop. My other uncle just bought/traded car after car, never knew what he was going to be driving. Bought Fords, Dodges, Chevys, Hudsons, Kaisers, Nashs, Jeeps, Dodges, Plymouths, etc.

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  13. Bing

    Ha Gram n Gramps had the same car in white over yellow ..In a four door, sigh.

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  14. RoughDiamond

    My Uncle, who was in his 50s at the time, had a Black ’64 Pontiac GTO hardtop with the factory 389, three deuces, four-speed and a limited slip rear axle. He got stuck with it after his oldest son defaulted on the loan he co-signed on. He was over the Purchasing Department at the local U. S. Pipe and drove the GTO back and forth to work every day. Needless to say he was one cool Uncle Fred.

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  15. Terry C.

    Just before I was born my dad sold the ’69 GTO convertible he factory ordered. Verdero green with a tint match green top and black interior. He said that when my sister came along the year before they sold the GTO. Many a family Christmas dinner I look at my sister across the table and ask my dad if he has any regrets…All good though as about eight years ago I replaced it for him.

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  16. alabee

    I remember some but not all Bel Airs having the extra stainless trim piece across the bottom of the trunk like this car has. Did it indicate something special?

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  17. Rocco

    Is it just me, or do those valve covers look like big block?

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  18. Cattoo Cattoo Member

    My uncle Dan bought one of these cars in the same color after he let his 440 dual quad, 4 speed 68 Charger R/T go. I remember riding around in the Bel-Air more than the R/T. After he brought the car back to near stock condition, money concerns again raised their ugly head and stuck out its hand. Any way it was sold to some late teen/barely 20’s kid who dropped the front and raked the back and while cruising down a straight stretch of road some how managed to flip and then roll for a couple revolutions this recently restored car.

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