Grandpa’s 1976 Charger SE… Mint!

This picture will register as a Cordoba with most car-spotters, but this specimen is Dodge’s version of the 75-78 B-body. Fear not, though; this Charger SE also features the “Rich Corinthian Leather” touted by Ricardo Montalbán. Offered in Alberta, Canada here on Kijiji on a “call for price” basis.

The paint may be dusty but why not get it out in the sun? Likely the burgundy paint is faded, though the seller describes this car as his grandfather’s pride and joy, adding “I don’t think this car has ever seen a single snow flake.”

The leather interior seems well-kept and inviting. Grandpa obviously went “all in” on the Burgundy. This car is in excellent original never-restored condition, and seems to support the 38,000 miles (kilometers?) on the odometer.

Only the Daytona model sat above the “SE” in Charger trim levels for 1976. Would it be insulting to call a Canadian Dodge “Bicentennial”? The steering wheel emblem… what is that? It looks like a hand-grenade. Expect less-than-explosive performance from the 175 horsepower 360 cid which propels this 4100 lb cruiser to 60 MPH in a leisurely 12.1 seconds, but no one will be buying this car with dreams of drag-strip take-downs in mind… Or will they? Where do you value this malaise-era Charger?

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  1. Oingo

    Does the odo show the hundreds position? I don’t think so and the claim of 38K miles (even though it is Canadian they were using miles in 1976) is suspect. I believe that 77 was the first year for metric speedos and odometers as that was when the traffic signage was changed.

  2. King Al

    “Call for price” means seller has unrealistically high price in mind. Poor pictures + Call for price = forget about it.

    • Chris

      Definitely agree. Super annoying.

  3. Rabbit

    AM only & no A/C. Regardless, always liked this body style.

  4. the one

    These cars were lemons

  5. W9BAG

    These were dismal days for all auto manufacturer; from Rolls Royce to Yugo. Something was terribly wrong; reliability, fit & and; finish, everything. The Charger was no exception. While a nice looking car, they were just a POS, in a long line of crappy cars. This is a Dodge in Chrysler Cordoba clothing.

    • Rx7turboII

      The Yugo was out in 1976?? Maybe 1986….

  6. Brian Gould

    I think the logo on the steering wheel is actually the coat of arms of “Corinthia” from whence came the “leather”.
    The odometer is definitely in miles (check the photo) and I’m sure the 38,000 miles is correct, assuming the “never saw a snowflake” information is correct. Medicine Hat only gets a few weeks of what you would call summer each year which also explains the lack of AC.

    • The Evil Doctor

      Hahahaha. Corinthia! Isn’t that near Elbonia?

  7. Anthony

    Little reverse engineering and a Summit catalog and this will run really nice!

  8. Troy

    No muscle in the mid 70′ just a lot more weight and poor quality control.Twelve seconds to 60, man we’ve come a long way since then.

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