Great Project: 1967 Ford Galaxy 500

Wow!  My kind of project car here.  This appears to be a very original and solid 1967 Galaxy.  Enjoy driving it as you tackle small projects on the weekends.  Or enjoy it now for the summer and tear it down for a rebuild this winter. For sale here on craigslist in the resort town of Whitefish, Montana.  The seller just reduced price to $3,000, but depending on where you live, shipping cost may be a consideration to factor into your budget.

This car has obviously seen some dents and dings over the years, but looks relatively rust free. Not sure what the large spot on the left side of the trunk lid is? Looks like it may be some older body work as it does not fit in with the rest of the patina on the car, but it’s in an odd spot for a major dent. Overall, the car has great patina and could definitely be driven with the body as-is.

This car purports to have the original 390 that has been blue printed and balanced, described by the seller as “strong.” If that’s true, it would be hard to beat a project that doesn’t need major engine work. Clocking in with 315hp, weighing almost 4,000 pounds, these weren’t the fastest cars of 1967, but they could hold their own. It’s almost a shame the car doesn’t have a straight six or replacement engine though. Dropping in a crate Coyote or built big block would be a fun way to motivate a car like this.

The ad has no pictures of the driver’s side, interior, engine bay or inside the trunk.  The interior is described as “poor, but could easily look like new with a little effort.”  Not exactly sure what that means?  The rear quarter panel may have suffered an impact and have been pounded out, but it’s hard to tell from the pictures.  The belt body line appears to be okay, so it may just be the lighting in the photos.  This seems to be a great project and would be a fun car to drive as you work on it.

The grill and trim appear to be mostly all there and largely straight.  Don’t you love the look of the stacked head lights?  Very similar body style to the same year GTO.  Some rust on the rear bumper and some dings in the trim, but overall not bad for a car that’s 50 years old.  The ad says it has power steering and disc brakes, which are bonuses if you are going to drive it right way.  Some new tires and wheels and this would be a great driver.

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  1. John M.

    My dad had a white 67 Galaxy 2 door just like this one back in the early 70s only it didn’t have a vinyl roof. It was a sharp looking car compared to the 68 Dodge Dart 4 door sedan that mom drove then as well..


    Frame rails rotted early and badly.

  3. Dave Member

    Like the Galaxies.

  4. LAB3

    My dad had a brand new red 66 Galaxy when I was a kid, had it at least ten yrs!

  5. John M.

    I need to make a correction here. I thought the car had a red vinyl top when upon closer inspection of the photos, it’s actually surface rust. My bad folks.

    • MorganW Morgan Winter Member

      Actually, John, it looks like it did have a vinyl top originally; otherwise that chrome trim at the bottom of the C-pillar wouldn’t be there.

      • Trey

        And what about a two tone car?

  6. Howard A Member

    Hi Montana, welcome aboard. I wonder if you’ll be covering our “Montana” finds. So many new names, apparently, the ad worked. Just for the record, it’s Galaxie, not Galaxy. Never cared for the “stacked head light” Fords, but ’67 was still my favorite. I’d restore it. These cars look awesome when nice.

    • Racer417

      You beat me to the Galaxie spelling issue :-) !

      • Howard A Member

        Hi Racer, you know, that’s been bothering me for a long time, why was it spelled “ie”,,,and here it is. Apparently, before 1962, there was a way out looking Ford dream car, called ( in French) LaGalaxie. It’s hideous. In ’62, they just dropped the “La”, and called them Galaxie’s.

    • Mountainwoodie

      Yer such a crank Howard :) Here’s my contribution to crankdom……..I know some people put cars on Craigslist with as much thought as some give to scratching their butt…………..but…………come on people………ya wanna sell it?…pull up yer skirt! Show us the goods! Interior etc!

      I’m not even going to look at a car that has only exterior shots! OK I feel better now.

      • Howard A Member

        Whew, glad THAT’S over with. ( Montana must be thinking,,,what did I get myself into here?)

      • Woodie Man



  7. Moparman Member

    “A picture is worth a thousand words” If I’m looking to buy a car (ESPECIALLY an old one) pictures help me determine whether or not it is worth the time. Full body shots, front/rear/both sides, interior, trunk, engine compartment etc. all factor in. The more I can see before an onsite inspection, the better the chances of a sale. Just my personal $0.02 worth! :-)

  8. Ken Carney

    My MIL had one of these in the early ’80’s.
    These things were built like tanks and seemed to run forever. The only bad thing about them was the severe rust out
    in the frame at the rear of the car. I bought a beautiful 4-door sedan of this
    same model from a BIL who didn’t like
    sedans. Mine had a 289 V8 mated to a
    C-6 auto tranny with a heavy duty rear
    axle out back. It looked like an old police
    car with those HD rims, dog dish hubcaps, and black vinyl interior. Sure was sad to see it go after the rear axle
    started pulling away from the frame due
    to extensive corrosion in the frame area where the Panhard rod bolted to the frame. But it wasn’t all bad though, I made a pile of cash selling the ussble
    pieces to a friend of mine who sold Mother the 2-door hardtop she drove
    for the next 4 years before selling it to
    a neighbor. I showed this car to Mom
    after reading about it this morning. She
    got a kick out of seeing it.

  9. Burns Rafferty

    Not sure this is a ’67, looks to me to be a ’66? I had a ’67 and I don’t remember that grille.
    Or maybe someone subbed in that grille because they couldn’t source a ’67?

  10. Montana Danford Staff

    Sorry about the spelling oops! I was taking the sellers lead…You would think they would at least spell it correctly in the ad? Anyways, my first post, so now I know to double check even the simple things. It’s F-O-R-D right? Cheers everyone.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Montana, I guess if that’s the “initiation”, you’re in. I think I made a mistake once, but I must be mistaken. :) Looking forward to your posts, (hint, the crazier, the better here)

    • Trey

      You would think they would at least spell it correctly in the blog.

    • Rob S

      Haha!! It’s written on the side of the car! They spelled it out for everyone! Too funny!

  11. Marshall

    Two people I remember had a 1967 full-size Ford two door hardtop. The first one was a green one owned by a church friend in the late 70s that was in nice shape(back then anyway). The second one was a red one owned by an elderly friend that was badly beaten up in the front end, that sat in his front yard for many years. The city finally made him have it towed away about 10 years ago or so.

  12. james r burton

    my brother had a deep red one of these back in the 70s. 3 speed on the colum we were putting a clutch in it and when i popped the drive shaft out of it it rolled off the car ramps. it had air shocks on it jacked up real high is what saved me from getting really hurt. my bro got out of under the font just before it rolled off. we never liked the car after that. he traded it for a 67 tempest the next month.i had a 71 xl that was a 429 4 speed bucket seat car. man i always wish i would have kept that car. got it from a old couple that bought it brand new.payed $350 in still looked new when i had it. wrecked it in a snow storm and totaled it. cry when i think about it.

  13. Barry Klotz

    Wish I still had my 72 Firebird. It was putting out 600hp. Sure do miss her.

  14. Rich Tague

    We had a Handed Down 67 L T D …poo-poo brownBlack Vinyl roof (classier Galaxie), ran well for about 4-5 Years until a Dumb argument with a past friend stomped his foot Through the rear Floor 500 feet from our houses . a makeshift steel plate was made & temporary worked until we ditched her about 2 years after

  15. Rolf Poncho 455

    Coolist Ford ever !!

    • MorganW Morgan Winter Member

      I have to disagree, Rolf, I had two of these, with a total of three severe frame rust issues!

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