Green Beast: 1970 Ford F-350 Crew Cab

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We have seen quite a few old Crew Cab trucks for sale recently, in varying conditions, prices, and manufacturers. This particular one, a 1970 Ford F-350, stands out from the crowd. Check the listing here on eBay in Lansdale, Pennsylvania and let’s read more…

So, the seller is a little shy with fine details, other than the fact that it runs but doesn’t stop, and came from the West Coast pretty recently. Interestingly, this one allegedly has only surface patina. We’re told that it’s powered by the 390ci V8 and power goes to the rear wheels through a 4-speed manual. This is a big truck, but this powertrain combo should have plenty of grunt to get you down the road with a cab full of passengers and a full load in the bed.

This truck represents the middle of the 5th generation of F-Series trucks, and in that day, Crew Cab pickups weren’t nearly as commonplace as they are now. Back in the ’60s and ’70s, the major consumers of these special-order beasts were big companies, contractors, or Government organizations, who used them for their intended utilitarian purpose and disposed of them without a second thought – so for this one to be in the shape it’s in, it’s pretty impressive.

The seller doesn’t say, and we can’t see for sure, but according to my research, Ford offered a “Heavy Duty Special”, in this time period, and if this one turns out to be one of those,  it could be quite a bit more valuable than the current starting bid. Also available were “Camper Special” and “Contractor Special” packages. What say you, would you restore it, seal the patina, convert to 4wd, or some combination of those?

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  1. poseurMember

    i had a couple F-series trucks of this generation with 360 & 390 motors when first in business & they were slow but solid machines.
    this could be a sweet ride with a restoration & 4wd conversion but no way at such a strong starting ask.
    still a rusty worn out old work truck that’ll take a quick $20k to turn into something noteworthy.

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  2. HoA Howard AMember

    The seller is clearly trying to cash in on the “vintage truck/ 4 door” craze of new trucks, but this one is pretty fried. I disagree, converting a 2 wheel drive to 4 is a big deal. Without a 4×4 parts truck nearby, it would cost thousands and for what? I wouldn’t give the seller a grand for this as it sits.

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  3. Bob

    No bids. The seller is rather unrealistic, and it appears that others must agree.

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  4. CanuckCarGuy

    I’m digging the truck, but that’s a pretty strong ask for the condition…even with the presence of so much priceless patina.

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  5. C.Jay

    I can’t tell what the emblem on the cowl in front of the doors are.
    Do any of the Ford gurus know?
    Are those Camper Special emblems?

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  6. Rick

    “Rust free with great Patina”
    Patina is rust. Might be a $1,000 – $1,500 truck.

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  7. mainlymuscle

    Looks like some pretty straight steel.An enterprising gearhead will put this body over a newer F250 or 350 4 x 4 chassis with a modern Diesel.The restorod monster will pull 60 to 80 grand depending on the quality of work.Size matters to many in the truck world.

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  8. Wayne

    Yes the emblems are “Camper Special” name plates. I had a 1971 F250 crew cab short box that was actually this color when I got it. It was originally tan, but someone painted it with what looked like a broom. These are a very special build, as Ford did not produce a crew cab at the time. As I learned when I owned mine. ( supposedly from a reliable source) these trucks left the plant as an incomplete vehicle. With a gap between the cab and the bed and extra doors in the bed. They went to a truck body facility (Sherer Truck?) where they stretched the cab and shortened the doors. When you look inside the rear doors you can see the splice job. This is really kind of a ” commercial ” not custom creation. The rear seat is identical to the front seat. ( adjuster included) But with the shorter doors it is almost impossible for an adult sized person to get in the back. When restoring mine, I used front bucket seats from a Dodge van and also the first bench ( which is shorter that the rest of the seats) as the rear seat. It fit perfectly and made just enough room to make entrance and exit easy. I had the truck repainted the original tan/beige color, put new style (16″) standard steel wheels painted body color with dog dish style hub caps and 215/85R16 tires. I yanked the 360 and C6. And installed a 5.0 complete with the Mustang injectors, computer and wiring with an AOD. ( no heavy hauling was anticipated, only pop up camper dragging) The truck turned out actually very stunning and was a conversation piece everywhere we went. It was good trip vehicle that averaged around 16 mpg. ( I have a hard time keeping my right foot off the floor, no mater what I drive) About a year after completion, in was injured at work and the “injury pay” was not enough to keep the family afloat. So I had to sell it. I saw it several times after the sale. The new owner installed chrome wheels and some pin striping. I would have loved to keep that truck.

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  9. Iggy O.

    How does one go bout sealing the patina?

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    • Jim in AL

      matte finish clearcoat

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      • Iggy O.

        I feel like this wouldn’t be a permanent solution though? Rust can still creep underneath the clearcoat, just much more slowly? Or is that completely false?

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