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Green With Envy: 1962 Dodge Lancer 770 Wagon

62 Dodge lancer 1

For some of us, there is a real appeal for a vintage station wagon. You often can get the classic looks of your favorite car at a fraction of the cost of a coupe, or sedan variation. But then there are the few of us who really like and appreciate station wagons. This wagon has everything that a wagon enthusiast wants. This Lancer has very interesting lines, and the green metallic paint only accentuate this wagons cool styling. This body style of the Dodge Lancer was only produced for the 1961 and 1962 model years, so it is also a rare wagon. This Lancer has seen some pleasant updates and may very well have original paint being a California native. Find it here at the Parker Motor Company out of Fayetteville, Arkansas for $12,500.

62 dodge lancer 5

These 1961-1962 Lancers were originally equipped with either a 170 cubic inch slant 6 engine or a slightly more robust 225 cubic inch slant 6, with either engine being mated to a push button automatic, or a 3 speed manual transmission. This Lancer retains its push button automatic, but sports a newer engine, a 318 v8. This new heart transplant is nicely fitted to the car, to where the common passerby would think nothing of the V8 engine. The seller has mentioned that this lancer is not equipped with power steering, or air conditioning, despite being a premium model. But after examining the engine photos, it is easy to see that there is little open real estate in the engine bay for such features. The seller has also stated that this Lancer has been retrofitted with power disc brakes on the front, and also sports some Mopar rally wheels with vintage style redline tires.

62 dodge lancer 3

Styling cues of the Lancer are phenomenal, all the way down to the petite tail fins. This body style of Lancer shares ties with the Plymouth Valiant. The front end treatment on the lancer has a more subtle and charming appearance over the Valiant, and the Lancers were the high end, or shall we say, premium models over the Plymouths. The seller has noted that the electric rear window is still functional. Also take note of the dual exhaust, that the seller claims “gives it a sound all its own”.

62 dodge lancer 8

The interior and exterior of this Lancer look to be in excellent condition. It is mentioned by the seller that the interior has more than likely been “restored” at some point in this Lancers life. Upon looking at the interior, it looks immaculate and correct. The interior may not be 100% original, but it appears factory. The carpet looks plush and clean, as well as the seats. The steering wheel and instruments look clean and appear to be crack and fade free. This wagon looks to have lived a pampered life. The seller has also mentioned that the car has prior “records” that will be included with the sale of the vehicle.

62 dodge lancer 6

This Lancer could easily become a part of your family. You can fit your spouse, your kids, the family dog, and any necessities needed for whatever trip you may take. The practicality of the Lancer is very appealing to those of us who may have to make allowances for our family and our car hobby. This beautiful specimen, with just a touch of hot rod, would make many of us happy to own it. This Lancer is being sold through Parker Motor Company, but there is a “make an offer” tab so perhaps this Lancer could be negotiated to a more advantageous price. What would you do with this Lancer? Take the family to car events? Go camping? Road trip Route 66? Any and all of those options would make for fantastic memories in this classic Dodge Lancer.


  1. Brad Huston

    Are the seat belts original or add on??

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    • MeToo

      99.9% certain they are add-ones. In 1962 no American car maker gave a hoot about driver or passenger safety, especially if it would cut into profits.

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  2. gtojeff

    What would I do with this Lancer?…..I’d turn the redlines in. This doesn’t look good on this car to me. But that’s just me.

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  3. Moparman Elliott Member

    @gtojeff: I agree, I think white walls would be better, adding some visual “pop” to the nice ralleys. Black walls would not be much better than the redlines. :-)

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  4. redwagon

    gtojeff and elliott, i wholeheartedly disagree. the styling on these leaves me cold but the redlines were the first thing i noticed and i thought to myself that modern cars should come with the thin redline tires – might sell a whole lot more of them.

    redlines are cool in my humble opinion.

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  5. Bobsmyuncle

    Count me in as a long roof fan, this one included!

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  6. Wayne

    Ditch the wheels and the redlines

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  7. rustylink

    I love it – but a wife and kids aren’t going to be loving the lack of power steering and ac…

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  8. Bill

    I’d sell the wheels and redlines, go stock caps and narrow whites. It’s a very cool ride!

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  9. Fred W.

    Vintage air and electric power steering (not needing a pump) would complete it. I vote for period appropriate whitewalls on this one, the redlines belong on late 60’s muscle machines.

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  10. Andrew

    Wow, I like this body better than the 4 or 2 door versions. Seatbelts look like add ons, with the plastic buckles.

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  11. DRV

    Just turn the redlines in and go for blackwalls with those wheels.
    This is somehow one of my favorite wagons now!

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  12. angliagt

    I like those wheels – but not on this car.
    Just looks “freaky” to me.

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  13. Skip

    My mom’s cousin had a ’62 Lancer sedan. It was nice little car and was good on gas. I would’ve liked to have had that one. As I’ve mentioned on other posts I ended up with a ’63 Valiant that was a real jewel.

    Someone made the comment about the seatbelts. I think they came with them. My ’63 Valiant did.

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  14. Rich Truesdell

    I think the 1960-1962 Valiants and Lancers are among the ugliest cars of the early 1960s, the station wagons only slightly less so. They represent, along with the 1962 full-size Dodges and Plymouths, a low ebb in Mopar styling. The 1963 and later Valiants and Darts are so much more attractive.

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    • James

      Love the body style so much that it Looks like I’m buying one. Found a project but complete wagon minus motor and trans. I’ll have time to restore it and contemplate whether or not it will get a replacement Slant and matching Pushbutton Trans, or a mild V8.
      Not too many of these to be found, I feel very blessed.

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  15. Prowler

    I always thought these cars were proof that people were smoking Crack in the 60’s…namely the Dodge boys..you know the guys in the white hats
    They always seemed like the frog waiting to be kissed….everything so out of proportion..hard to believe the designers said this is the best we can do….let’s build it
    But now almost 50 years later…..you know how some things are so weird there cool….might be time to put a Dodge in your garage

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  16. Roselandpete

    Very nice. The styling is certainly not boring which is more than I can say about today’s cars.

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  17. Woodie Man

    Sweet……..twelve grand sweet……..I dont know

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  18. doc

    seat belts are stock item.I’ll bet this little wagon tears up the road.The wheels, nah.
    I see where they were going with it but still…Steel rims with dog dishes would be a better look.

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  19. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I always felt that the front ends of the 62 Mopars looked like the face of some mutant platapus.

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  20. Jubjub

    Love this, rallys, red stripes and all.

    This era of Mopar was weird…pretty ugly. Strangely, much late model vehicle styling echoes it…probably unknowingly!

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  21. Chebby

    What a great-looking ugly car! I’d put some chrome reverse wheels on it, but other than that it’s super cool. Perfect for pulling a little teardrop trailer.

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  22. MorganW Morgan Winter

    I would do blackwalls, body-color steel wheels, dog dish hubcaps…but it would still be ugly!

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