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Grenades Not Included: Daimler Ferret Scout Cars

(Update, the green one has been lost or broken. How do you lose or break a tank?) The Ferret is a serious 4 wheel drive machine that should make any owner proud and any Hummer owner jealous. It not only has a turret and grenade launchers, but it has a unique central differential driving all four wheels. With a major purchase like this, though, it’s always nice to have a choice. The green one on the left is listed on eBay for £8,500.00, the yellow one is also listed on eBay for £18,500. They’re located in England. The green one was stored for about 27 years and recently revived. It runs and drives and some of the lights work. There’s no info provided on the yellow one, but for an extra £10,000 it looks like you get a lot more toys as well as a spare tire. I assume the grenades and the .30in Browning light machine gun are more ornamental than mental. 

The driver’s compartment of the green one on the left doesn’t look quite as nice as the yellow one on the right but they are both functional.

Here’s a peek of the 130 HP Rolls Royce engine in the green one. Things look a bit messy in there, but apparently everything is completely functional.

While not well suited for the daily commute, a Ferret would be great fun for a romp across uninhabited landscape. Military collectors take these quite seriously, I’m sure, but what great fun it would be to take off roads! I’m thinking these are great big boy toys that lots of us could have big fun with.


  1. Jeffro

    Would be fun in traffic! More so if grenade launcher worked.

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  2. Pat lamb

    GREAT for cruising around Baghdad and ALEPPO.

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    • Rob

      Not with that flat bottom, even a small IED would wad this up like a wet napkin.

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  3. Old Nasty

    Perfect vehicle to offset road rage.

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  4. JW

    I think these sitting in your front yard would be a better security system than ADT !!!

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  5. Glen

    I like the green one, the yellow one is too nice. Put a spare tire on the green one and have fun.

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  6. Mike C

    I will admit they would be great in LA traffic. I would think they could easily keep up at less than 10 mph in traffic. The machine gun could come in handy for those who choose to text and drive. One shot through the windshield that should set things straight. Love them.

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  7. Coventrycat

    Trim it with wood and leather and put The Spirit of Ecstacy on the front, good to go.

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  8. Dave Wright

    I owned one 20 or so years ago, licensed it for the road and drove it around town for fun. The Fresno cops tried to find a reason that it was illegal but couldn’t. I think there are some newer California laws that have changed that. I noticed that it is illegal to operate an armored car without a special permit. I also had a Saricin that was great fun. It has been used as a Sheriffs assault vehicle in Lawrence Kansas, I bought it at auction from them. Sold it to a Kentucky paint ball range. There used to be a federal law that would not allow police to use US military armor in operations so there was a company importing British machines and selling them to the agencies. All fun stuff.

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

      Dave – I, too, had a Ferret with the horrid B60 Rolls-Royce industrial motor [F-head 6 cylinder, alloy block, cast iron head]. I never had the Ferret licensed for road use because it didn’t have a title. We either put it on a trailer or just ran it around on the farm. Sold it to a guy who collected vintage farm machinery. He used it to pull tractors around on his property.

      This was the same engine that was in a 1964 Vanden Plas Princess 4-litre “R” I owned. Was always telling everyone the engine was not the same as used in Rolls-Royce & Bentley motorcars. A B-60 engine with 40,000 miles was considered a high-mileage vehicle!

      It’s an interesting story how British Motor Company [BMC] was able to buy 4,000 Rolls-Royce B-60 industrial engines to use in a car line. If Barn Finds ever features one of the Vanden Plas 4-litre “R” cars, I’ll regale the readers with the story.

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  9. Gerald Luck

    Do either one come with a/c and ps? Lack thereof could be a deal breaker for many.

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  10. Art

    Toyo did one of these up, would love to have one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gX8AaQcuCJY

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  11. Doug Towsley

    I was always pretty militant about people on their phones will driving, yapping or texting. The night I was ran over I had yelled at a lady in her SUV talking on her phone at multiple lights. At the last one she flipped me off (how RUDE!!!)
    I got hit on my Motorcycle at 45 mph while the young girl from a drinking team with a softball problem hit me at between 75-80 mph while texting.
    When I came too,,I wondered if it was the B****h in the SUV who hit me. Nope,,, young drunk girl. But the problem is rampant. So this is EXACTLY what my wife and all my relatives would prefer to see me in instead of another motorcycle.
    I can see my rampant road rage going off the charts in this bad boy,. Love it. I need to start one of those GoFundMe accts so i can have one.

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  12. 86 Vette Convertible

    I could see driving something like the yellow one. Imagine the reaction of someone texting, using their phone or cutting you off if you pulled up in that and turned the turret on them. Or better yet the guy in the news story that was driving a jacked up pickup at a stoplight when some guy behind him got out and threatened to get his gun from his car and kill him, his girlfriend and child. The driver couldn’t get away so he backed his pickup on top of the other guys Honda. Imagine if the pickup driver was driving one of these?

    I’ve watched a young gal with 2 kids in car seats driving and texting and almost hit other cars and a bridge while occupied with texting vs driving. Think that might get her attention?

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  13. Bill W

    That is exactly why I put a front and rear dash cam in my car. no question with the video.

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  14. David Miraglia

    Great off the road monster.

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  15. DAYTONA500

    What a neat find I bet it will be fun to drive or in a prade

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