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Grocery Getter: 1968 Ford LTD

1968 Ford LTD

The seller of this 1968 Ford LTD doesnt give us much to go off of in their craigslist ad here, but from what we can see it looks like a clean driver. It’s located in Fenton, Missouri and they are asking $5,500. Take a look and let us know what you think.

V8 Engine

We don’t know if a 302 or the 390 with a 2 bbl or 4bbl is pictured here.  There was, as per the owner, a new AC compressor and clutch installed in June of 2015.  Last month the radiator and thermostat were replaced with new units too.

LTD Dash

The dash looks clean and there is 61K on the odometer.  We don’t know, and the owner doesn’t state, how many, if any, times the odometer has been turned over though. The seats look like they are in great shape.

LTD Tail

The seller doesn’t provide many details, but if it’s as clean as it looks in the photos, this appears to be one heck of a grocery getter!



  1. Avatar photo randy

    Priced too high I believe for what it is. I have always liked hide-away headlights.
    Interested in the engine size as well.

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  2. Avatar photo grant

    Maybe a bit high but man, that’s a sharp looking car. Always loved that front end.

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  3. Avatar photo Rick

    Bet money its 61K not 161K. I grew up poor and my dad bought an ex-police ’68 Ford Custom 4dr w/ 49K miles (stripper version of today’s feature car) in 1970 at a City of Seattle auction for $705. Anyhow, we kept that car for many years and it was totally run out at 150K when it was finally sent to the junkyard. Anyhow clean car, wouldn’t want it though, reminds of days when there wasn’t any money around. But as nice as today’s feature car appears to be and with the upgrades I don’t think $5500 is too much, but its definitely all the money . . .

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  4. Avatar photo junkman Member

    nice car but too many doors

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  5. Avatar photo Todd Zuercher

    Definitely not a Ford small block as the oil fill cap is horizontal.

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  6. Avatar photo randy

    Yes, it looks like my gas cap on my FE, but I can neither confirm or deny it’s an FE.
    Good catch.

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  7. Avatar photo 64 bonneville

    I’m thinking either a 390 or 429 due to the set of the valve covers and the PVC on the oil breather cap on the valve cover. would make a great cross country cruiser, can’t beat the big cars for long distance travel. Interior makes me think the 61K could be actual mileage. Fenton mo is up by St. Louis, if I remember right, so beware of rust, but I would give $3500 for it.

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  8. Avatar photo ClassicCarFan

    @64 Bonneville. It would be 390 or 428 if it’s an FE big-big block in 1968. The 429 didn’t appear in the Galaxie until 1969 so (assuming this is the original engine) it wouldn’t be 429. Hard to say for sure from the photo but it does look like an FE motor. I’ve got a 1968 Galaxie 500 with a 390 myself and that all looks very familiar.

    I’d agree that the value is probably a little optimistic with it being a 4-door (and not a convertible obviously! ). It does look pretty straight and well-cared-for though.

    I think the write-up is being a bit mean describing these cars merely as grocery-getters. Although the full-size cars were not marketed so much as Ford’s “performance cars” by 1968, more sold on comfort and quality as the performance mantle was passed to the Mustang and the intermediate/compact cars – the 390 4v ( and rarer 428 4v) provide a decent dose of torque and power.

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  9. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    That car is great – I’d rather have a mint four door (better made – rigid as) than a stuffed cpe that needs everything – love it – it’ll seem cheap in the not to distant future – btw its an FE – 390, most likely – its 61 thou – absolutely (look at the interior!)- unless someone has been very, very careful – but, as has been described – watch for metal moths

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  10. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    did I mention the factory plastic bags on the rear belts? – now this is a car that can rightly say no ones “sat in the back” – someone go get it

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  11. Avatar photo piper62j

    The lines are very straight.. hood and fender gaps are even and the interior looks mint to me.. The deck lid appears tight and even all around. Chrome bumpers and trim appear clean and crisp..This is a nice car. If kept this way, it would increase in value.. Nice one..

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  12. Avatar photo Jay Calk

    It’s a 390 4 bbl. the oil cap and dual exhaust tells me that. It is a bit high but they aren’t making anymore of them. I would think the 61 k miles is correct. Lots of things could be wrong with the old girl.

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  13. Avatar photo Jim Marshall

    I had a 68 Galaxie back then with a 302 it’s first year. That engine was a dog in a full sized Ford. Got a 351 in 69. That was the right engine for that car.

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    • Avatar photo bruce baker

      Only a 302? My dad bought a 3 year old 1968 4 door Galaxie 500 from a newly rich coworker that was up grading to a new high $ luxury car. This Galaxie was my dads first Ford ( first of many) which came with a powerful 390 engine to easily climb steep Lake Ave in Altadena Cal. I got my drivers license in 1975 in this great car. It lost a cylinder soon after that. So i took it to my Auto Shop Class with my dads approval. Cycinder 7 was tested to be dead with a cracked intake valve. It still had good acceleration with that misfire. My dad and i rebuilt that head fixing the problem for another year. My dad, & my shop Teacher blamed the Knox Device for cracking valves, But it was more likely my heavy right foot at near red line. The car got somehow got badly decapitated by it’s 3 rd owner after 7 new intake valves. That guy also bought my dads cherry 66 VW bug years before the 500. Then turned it into a cruddy looking Baja bug before totaling it too.

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  14. Avatar photo jd

    Damn clean Cruiser~Don’t get in a hurry to pay too much~ or get there fast~

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  15. Avatar photo reholmes

    When sellers avoid showing the front left edge of the driver’s seat, I get suspicious.

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  16. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    Back in the day, if your neighbors thought a Caddy or Chrysler were too flashy,they might opt for the Ford LTD. Used to be a lot of these on the road. Squaresville.

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  17. Avatar photo Mike

    I have actually checked on this car, I would believe it only had 61339 miles on it, that number is just stuck in my head for some reason, but that was about 3 months ago, when I checked it out. My Brother-in-law lives a couple of doors up from this guy. The car is clean, and I could not see any hidden problems with it, the body looks straight and clean the underside looked good from what I could see laying on the ground, the truck pan looked good, I don’t remember any problem with the interior, I sat in it, so I think I could recall if the seat was damaged or not. It does have the 390 with 4 bbl in it. I heard it run and it sounds very sweet for a car this age. I would have bought it, by the wife said I need to sell some before I buy any more, that and I was trying to lowball him and offered 4900 for it and he said he would not go that low, but he was asking 6500 that day, I guess I might need to go try again.

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    • Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

      Hi Mike – tried to get some more (better) shots from your friend – his reply ‘no rust’ – I love it – but it’s also a type of car that has the tin worn ( although from what you say and the shots – unlikely) – did you think it was original paint? –

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      • Avatar photo Mike

        I plan on being up at Fenton, Missouri over the holidays, I will go and try to get some better pictures of the car. I did talk to my brother-in-law over the weekend, and he said that the car has not been at the guys house lately, he was thinking the owner had moved it to a consignment lot to be sold, but has not had a chance to go ask the owner yet. I will let you know more when I can get a chance.

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  18. Avatar photo piper62j

    The 68 (if I remember correctly) had a much better ride than the 65 thru 67. A friend of mine bought one new just after he got married.. We took a ride in it and I felt very comfortable controlling and taking the bumps.. The 63, this year and the 66 are my all time favorite Galaxies. I like the styling and interiors.

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  19. Avatar photo Jim Marshall

    My 67 Galaxie 289 compared to my 68 302 was a much nicer car. The 289 performed very well in a full sized car but that first year 302 with added emissions etc. was a dog to put it mildly. It used to diesel upon shut off until I shut it off in gear.

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  20. Avatar photo piper62j

    I’m impressed with the way it stands.. Curb height is correct for the mileage.. It’s disappointing to see a so called low mileage car perched on sagging springs which indicated very high mileage.. Then again, there are those who restore these older cars and completely forget about replacing the springs.. It tells a lot about the restoration..

    This car is a keeper..

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    • Avatar photo Jim Marshall

      Now that you mentioned springs I remember when i purchased my 68 it rode rough and one day shortly after I got the car I broke a front shock from it’s upper mounting driving on a bumpy road. After taking it to the dealer it was discovered the car had the wrong coils in it and apparently the one’s in the car were for a 390 equipped car and mine was a 302 so Ford replaced all the springs and it did ride much better after that.

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