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Over the past few years, we’ve seen a real resurgence in Vanning. At this point, most vanners are looking to revive an old custom van, but there are those out there still customizing previously unmodified vans. Take this 1985 Chevrolet G20 van that was untouched when the seller found it. They run a Harley parts business and wanted to turn it into their delivery van. So, they had a wild ’70s style paint job laid down over the all original paint. At first glance, you would think it’s straight from the ’70s, so props to whoever did the paint job! You can find this groovy truck here on eBay in Mounds, Oklahoma with a current bid of just over $8k.

The seller admits to not being very good at woodworking, so the inside of the van is pretty basic. Of course, it has the obligatory shag carpet, bed and wood paneling. The seller had the front seats upholstered with some wonderfully hideous “English Pub” brown vinyl, it really is a nice touch! After getting the paintwork done, the seller installed side pipes and a set of Crager wheels to round out the look. The engine is said to be the original 305 V8 with an Edelbrock carb. It runs and drives great as is.

If you are into vanning, this one has a lot going for it. It will need some work to the interior and you will probably want to get the Sullivan’s Harley Parts logo painted over, but those are both things you can do down the road. So, what do you think of this van? Is it groovy enough for your tastes or does it need more shag carpet and a disco ball to pique your interests?

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  1. Fred W

    Shagalicious Baby! Kudos to the paint shop that so realistically reproduced 70’s paintwork. I don’t remember seeing anything quite this nice even back then!

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    • Bear

      I agree. I initially assumed that this was a well-preserved “psychedelic” cruiser van from the 70’s or 80’s.
      KUDOs to the paint shop that did this faithful reproduction work!! :-) (y)

      I’d be tempted to hang a disco ball in the back, find a white “Sat Night Fever” suit, and cruise this thing IN STYLE on weekends to go dancing and drinking at a local Brooklyn discothèque!! :-P

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  2. Brian

    This is the kind of van I tell my kids to stay away from – and the people inside. However, I disagree with one suggestion in your post: if I bought this I would never, ever paint over the “Sullivan’s” logo. That single detail is perfect for the van and reminds me of some Hot Wheels vans I had as a kid. I was really a Matchbox fan, however. Red Sox/Yankees. Democrats/Republicans. Hot Wheels/Matchbox. Touchy subjects, I know.

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  3. Tommy Ashford

    It’s Cragar
    You’re welcome

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  4. Howard A. Howard AMember

    Parts, schmarts, bring on the ladies,,,trouble is, most of the women that were turned on by these machines, are 120 pounds overweight, using walkers, and volunteering at the local church, but make no mistake,,there was a time. I dated ( wink, wink) a woman that got a custom van like this in her divorce settlement. It was a nightmare to work on and got like 3 gpm. I hate these vans. To me, worst vehicle ever. Heaven help you if it starts to snow.

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  5. Keith H

    Look’s like the same painter painted my van back in 1974. Very Cool,
    I miss those day’s. Where’s the next “Van-In”

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  6. Don Land

    I have an ‘ 88 G 20 with a mild custom upgrade ( bought a conversion van and took wheels, ladder, seats, console etc., out and put them on mine. Fabricated a custom grille and put an upgraded stereo in. Got a new blue custom paint job.
    It only has 68k original miles, looks and runs great. I’m retiring in June, so if I can trade up to a 50’s Cadillac Coupe ( which I had about 20 years ago when they were dirt cheap) if I can find one.
    Never had any mechanical problems with it; looks good and runs great!

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  7. Greg B Greg BMember

    I think it is cool and brings back some good memories of the 70’s. I am attracted to the paint work and with a little work and investment I would redo the entire interior to make it a true 70’s custom. For the current price it has a lot of potential!

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  8. Oldolds

    Best times of my life,purchased my 1976 Ford newfor 5,500.00 then took it home and put another 5,000.00 into it. Had a lot of fun in and out of the van. Did a complete interior on it 3 times while I owned it. Been looking for another ever since.

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  9. p.t.cheshire

    I feel kind of obligated to buy it. . .my wife said “what would the neighbors think with THAT in the driveway” Kind of a challenge, right?

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  10. GTrostle

    Had a ’77 Chevy van I bought with 100,000 miles back in my youth that was already customized inside. Owner was in a band and thought it needed motor mounts and sold it to me for $1600. Drove it home with 4 different sized tires and couldn’t go over 25 mph due to the shaking. After a DEEP cleaning of all the seeds, etc inside and a visit to the local garage it was determined not to be the motor mounts. Cost me $55 for a new U-joint and enjoyed it for several more years. Good times indeed for a young man… been hoping to find another one day…

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