GT40 Wannabe: 1968 Fiberfab Avenger GT

Andrew TannerBy Andrew Tanner

Listed as a “Ford GT40 replica,” this Fiberfab Avenger GT-12 is more inspired by the GT40 than it is designed to look like it. It is very clear that this car is not a replica, but rather a kit-car. Though at first glance it looks very much like a Ford GT40, the longer you look at it the less it does! This is not to say that this would not be a cool car once restored, it just won’t ever be actual GT40 cool. Of the two Avenger kits available, this is the GT-12. This Avenger GT can be found here on eBay in Maryland with bidding at a whopping $32.00 and no reserve! 

As many of you may have already suspected, this is a Volkswagen-based kit-car, as were many kits of this era. Many kit-cars were all bark and no bite, and this Avenger GT is no exception with an unmodified air-cooled VW engine. In fact, the GT-12 was designed to be built at home using parts salvaged from a donor vehicle, which was usually a Volkswagen. This Avenger GT is even sitting on a VW chassis! It presumably does not run and no attempts have been made to run it after it was removed from its barn.

Though little information has been provided about where this car was found, it is claimed to be a barn find and certainly looks the part. Though the interior looks a little rough, it looks like with a good cleaning and some minor repairs it could be really nice again. Because it was kept indoors, the interior has been shielded from many of the elements. If it was indeed in a barn, unwelcome inhabitants such as mice may be a concern, as we all know mice love wiring!

If you still need proof that this isn’t a GT40 replica, here it is! The rear is cool, creative, and clearly an original idea. The other Avenger GT available, the GT-15, was also meant to be in the GT40’s style. It looked much more similar to a GT40. The GT-15 was built using a tube chassis and Corvair parts and has a totally different design and stance than this GT-12. Though the GT-12 shares many conceptual similarities with the Ford GT40, it is an original car designed for the amusement and enjoyment of general car enthusiasts. Though it would take someone quirky to fix this up, it took 16 bids to get to $32.00, which means at least two people want it! With no reserve, it is sure to sell.

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  1. jimbunte jimbunte Member

    Dig that modern Quonset hut, though!

    • Doug

      I agree! I love the shop!

  2. jdjonesdr

    Back in my military days, a friend of mine had a GT-15 with a turbocharged corvair spyder engine that he used to drive in on base rallies.

    It had really wide tires on it and sat about 3-4 inches off the ground. He could out race everybody on that track. A real screamer.

  3. Chuck Cobb

    Rather have the Plymouth Pick-up in the background!!!

  4. Coventrycat

    It’s always the back ends of these VW based kits that screw a fairly decent design up.

  5. Tim

    Tempting! Cut the back off at the C pillar. Redo the rear of the chassis to accept a mid-mounted V8, and resculpt the body to be lower and sleeker. Could be fun if you know how to play with fiberglass.

  6. michael streuly


  7. the chucker

    I feel like I need a shower after viewing those photos.

  8. carbuzzard Member

    It says it rolls freely…and it doesn’t roll freely. Hmmmm. But yeah, as CoventryCat says, it has a really screwed up rear end. I don’t remember them looking as weird as that one does, back in the day. It almost looks like there’s an extension. Probably in the original design, needed to cover the engine that’s hung out over the rear. Which is probably why so many VW-based kits look weird, unless you like big butts.

  9. Dan h

    There is always 2% of me that goes hmmm, when I see these kits. Then comes the dub power plant…..ugh.

    • carbuzzard Member

      I think that the ones that are unabashedly kit cars–those transcend kit-ness. Think the Manx SR or Brubaker Box. Those embraced the VW powerplant, and would be excellent hosts for a properly hottted-up VeeDub. See also the Autodynamics Deserter.

  10. Tom

    Anyone remember Kelmark?

    • carbuzzard Member

      I remember C&D building one up with a Chevy V-8 and taking it to that Ohio high speed test track for a shootout for fastest American car, or some such. Their Kelmark was a ringer, and if I remember correctly, was the fastest but developed problems because those sort of things do when you put things together on a magazine deadline.

      As an aside, the fastest production model, thanks to the fact that it didn’t have to meet the same emissions requirements as the cars, was Dodge’s Lil Red Truck. It had to push a lot of air out of the way but had the ponies to do it.

  11. Frank Molby

    I had a GR15 back in the 70’s, tube frame mid engine 327 Chevy. It was best used as a slipper slide by my kid. I sold it before I finished it. It had a lot of potential back then!

  12. jackthemailman

    Whoa! Saturday AM it’s up to $860. $32 was about right.


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