Guilt-Free Driver: 1965 Ford Mustang GT

1965 Mustang GT

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We already featured the seller’s Cobra, but I wanted to give his Mustang a mention too because I think it could make a great vintage daily driver. It would be a shame to submit an all original pony car to the abuse of the daily grind, but this one could be used without guilt. See, it was restored in 1994 and has a branded title. That may keep it from survivor status, but with a rebuilt engine and a 5-speed transmission it does look like the perfect driver. I love the green over black color scheme and even the Torq Thrust rims don’t look too bad. It’s located in Oregon City, Oregon and is listed here on eBay with bidding starting at $12,000 and no reserve. That’s not cheap, but this is a lot cooler than any new car you could get for that kind of money!

Pony Interior

Not only would you not need to feel bad about driving this one, but you would be comfortable doing so. Air conditioning is essential in most parts of the US during the summer so that is a welcomed option. The seller mentions that it does work, but has a leak so you will need to check that out before we get too much farther into summer. The interior looks good, but there are a couple of tears and little things that need attention so they dont get worse. I’d lose the Momo steering wheel and replace it with a GT350 style one for the right look. Most people like tunes, but I’d rip the cassette player out, cover the hole with a blank out plate, and enjoy the roar of that V8! Other than that, there isn’t much to complain about in here.

Rebuilt V8

The fuel mileage might not be as good as your typical commuter, but with gas prices low right now, it could be justified. Right? You could try sticking a different manifold and 2-barrel carb on there if your foots get too heavy, but personally I wouldn’t mess with a thing under the hood. Someone already rebuilt the engine and added a few upgrades, so it should have lots of power. They were also wise enough to upgrade the brakes by installing a dual circuit master cylinder and rear disk brakes. The front was already optioned with disk, so with the upgrades you should have plenty of stopping power. That along with the power steering should make this pony a breeze to ride!

Cool Commuter

This Mustang isn’t perfect, but it has the look and with a little attention could be the perfect companion for someone who actually wants to drive their classic on a regular basis. If you are concerned with safety, I believe there are headrest and shoulder belt options out there. Many people like to install shields over the top of the gas tank too since it is expose to the inside of the trunk. Do that and maybe find a collapsible steering column and you wouldn’t have the most dangerous car on the road. You would have one of the coolest commuters around though and you’d surely be the envy of all your workmates when you pull up to the office every morning!

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  1. DrinkinGasoline

    Love the color. Put the factory steering wheel back in it and toss some center caps on those T-Thrust’s and drive it daily….
    I certainly would !

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  2. Fred

    Never been a fan of the non fastbacks, but something about this color and those wheels….wouldn’t mind it in my garage!

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  3. Cattoo CattooButt

    I agree with Fred. This one I’d allow myself to own and drive.

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  4. Cattoo CattooButt

    I wonder if there is a divorce in the works. What with these car sales.

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    • DEC

      Nothing like that, happily married for 22 years! We just haven’t used them like we thought we would when we bought them. We are keeping a couple of 1969 Galaxies and a 1956 Bel Air, so we aren’t abandoning the hobby though!

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  5. DolphinMember

    Altho I prefer the factback version, this is a coupe I could enjoy owning. Great color, nice interior, good drivetrain with the A-code and 5-speed, and one of the best undersides I’ve seen lately. If it drives as well as it looks, and if you can find out why the branded title, it could be worth the open bid, especially if you want one that you can drive.

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  6. DrinkinGasoline

    Sales numbers for the Notchbacks/Coupes through 1968 were greater than the Fastbacks (in the 64.5 to 68 market at the time) due to pricing, making them more available to today’s market. Although I would love to be cruising around in a ’65-’66 Fastback in any trim package, I certainly would cherish a respectable Notch.

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  7. Brad

    Quick question …. What do they mean by ” branded title” ??

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    • DolphinMember

      Usually it means the car is a crashed, stolen, or flood damaged vehicle that was paid out by the insurance company, leading to a salvage or flood damaged ‘brand’ on the title. That can keep you from registering the car on for the road in some jurisdictions, or it may mean that the car needs to have an inspection for roadworthiness before it can be registered.

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      • DEC

        The brand says “Previous Damage-California”. We looked for any evidence before we bought the car and couldn’t find anything. But something obviously happened to cause them to brand it.

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  8. Charles

    Nice looking 65.

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  9. JW

    Nice looking coupe, great color and it just has the right stance, but with the work still needed it could cost somebody $$$ if they want those items he listed fixed so IMO he will be hard pressed to get more than his opening bid. Now if it were a fastback I wouldn’t even hesitate to bid.

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  10. Van

    Pony seats, fog lights, and AC.
    Going to work in a Prius or 65 Stang?
    How will I ever decide.

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  11. Rando

    This would be perfect for me. My lady likes the notchback, but I like the general feel of this one enough to overlook the body. I’d leave the centercaps as is – kinda TransAm racing look. I could really fall in love with this car.

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  12. BillB

    We all know a GT Fastback or Vert would be better, but 12K for a Real GT is a bargain. It would be nice to have the Data Plate numbers to validate the drive train, interior, colors, etc…

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

      So much has been changed, like the Master Cylinder for the brakes, the original GT M/C is different. Plus, I believe [if memory is still good] the standard interior came with the non-woodgrained dash panels. I agree that the data plate needs to be examined carefully to see if it is a fairly rare GT coupe. Nice car, but is it a GT?

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  13. Wayne S.K.

    Awesome car at an awesome price. I wouldn’t change a thing! Too bad I can’t drive anymore. This would be my proverbial “Cup of tea.” :)

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  14. RockinJ

    Sure it’s not a ’66? (look at the gauge cluster!) Cool ‘Stang, nonetheless.

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    • Charles

      Later 65 model year had the the updated dash from the Falcon dash in the 64 1/2 and early 65s.

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  15. Keith

    Agree with BillB if you know the Mustang market at all, $12k for a real GT is, well, not quite a steal but a damn good price in this condition. One thing that’s always funny to me with Mustangs (and I’ve found this especially with Mustangs and done over 30 of them) is the silly hacked up sound system I find in every one of them (this one at least looks tidy). One of the first things I do is yank all that garbage out…who wants to bother with CDs or Cassettes when you can kick back and listen to the roar of the engine and the thrumming of the exhaust?

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  16. Alan (Michigan)

    Reality Check:
    Put tires on this car, and perhaps fix the few smallish things the seller identifies.
    Then Drive It.
    Gump up more cash and get the Datsun. Then sit and stare at it occasionally.

    I know what camp I’m in!

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  17. Rancho Bella

    The re-constructed title is what is killing the sale. And some bubbles

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