Hangar Stored: 1986 Aston Martin Lagonda

The Aston Martin Lagonda remains a polarizing car even today, years after its introduction. Its reputation remains somewhat infamous, as reliability was always suspect and restoration costs are obscene. Packed with technology but also built at a time when quality control measures were severely lacking at Aston Martin, owning one of these cars is a labor of love, and certainly an instance where you should buy the best one you can afford. Find this airplane hangar-stored example here on eBay with bidding over $20K and the reserve unmet. 

Cars like this that truly epitomized the 80s are coming back into vogue, despite being unloved for many years. The Lagonda’s looks couldn’t come from any other era, and as shows like the 80s and 90s-themed Radwood continue to grow in popularity, enthusiasts are willing to put up with the car’s many pain points to have one of the purest symbols of 80s excess. This example is said to be in excellent mechanical and cosmetic health, with just 20,891 miles on the clock.

The interiors, by today’s standards, don’t exactly feel like the cutting-edge cockpit they were when new. The dash featured high-end digital read-outs that often fail by this point, but this listing says all electronics work, without much other information provided. Pictures of the cluster in perfect operation would seem to be a must-have for a listing featuring a Lagonda, but no such validation is provided. Wood trim and leather appears to be holding up well.

The Lagonda experience included these many leather-bound books and a robust tool and first-aid kit. Today, the Lagonda isn’t quite sneered at or mocked like it once was, but they still require a tremendous amount of upkeep while delivering a thoroughly 80s driving experience. To me, if you want to live the Radwood life, there’s better choices out there, but no one would fault you for owning one if you could manage the upkeep.


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  1. Al

    What make of car is that in the background? Is it possibly a Horsch? I would rather have it, than the Aston Martin.

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  2. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    E-Bay verbiage- ‘runs xlint’. Werd to somebody’s mother. OMG. Now I know what my Volvo 760’s alloys were copied from.

  3. Paul

    Is that a scale model of a Navy Destroyer in the hanger? Yikes

  4. Charles Gould

    Yes. It does look like a Horch, and I think that the plane might be a Pitts Mini.


    You would expect the members of Devo to step out of this sled. Them…or Max Headroom. I’m lukewarm to them….but there’s a buyer out there for sure.

    • CanuckCarGuy

      I was thinking along similar lines – but either a Bond villain, or the Pink Panther cartoon character.

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  6. Miguel

    I completely buy the miles on this one.

    Did anybody ever use one of these as a daily driver?

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  7. Ken Tilly Member

    What is an 8o’s 90’s theme Radwood ?

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  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Weren’t this kinda fast for a big car ?

  9. Fahrvergnugen Farhvergnugen Member

    Looks like Dirk Pitt’s hangar.

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  10. rustylink

    a Horsch or a DKW..the dimensions seem smaller to be a Horsch but it’s hard to tell from that one angle.

  11. Tom

    Looks only a mother could love…

  12. Joseph Zimmerman

    I can see my new garage now….on one side,the Lagonda. On the other side the The National Park Service Rescue Wagon which was recently reviewed. In the middle a Nash Metropolitan… and standing with me is Dennis Rodman picking which one to take to the airport for his next Moscow trip.

  13. Mimo

    Love it.wanted one then, still want one. Just super cool in my eyes.

    I see that good ones are fetching some fairly big bucks these days.

  14. Chuck

    I willing to be that the reserve never gets met.

  15. michael h streuly

    High bid so far 42,330.00 reserve still not met. I would rather have the motog next to the plane. I do not think the plane is a pitts not sure what thou.

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