Happy 5th Birthday Barn Finds!


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Barn Finds is turning five today! Can you believe it? Our little site is growing up. When we started Barn Finds, the team consisted of just Josh and I. We had a good name and lots of enthusiasm, but that was about it. Luckily, that enthusiasm has been enough to carry through the hard times. For the first few years we actually lost money every month, but we stuck with it and now we have a team of dedicated writers and a reader base numbering in the tens of thousands – many of which we consider close friends! We want to thank all of you for making this site what it is today. We couldn’t have done it without all you. Who knows what the next five years will throw at us, but it’s nice to know that we won’t have to do it alone. Happy Birthday Barn Finds!

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  1. 8banger DaveMember

    We share a birthday! I knew there was a reason as to why I’m all over this site.

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  2. Tom Rennell

    Happy Birthday!! I for one, am glad you all stuck with it. Love Barn Finds. Best wishes and continued success.

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  3. PerMember

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You do a great job.

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  4. Cassidy

    Happy birthday! Keep up the good work!

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  5. Terry J

    Hey! Happy Birthday, Barn Finds. One of my all time favorite sites! : ) Terry J

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  6. Badnikl

    Happy Birthday! 5 great years!

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  7. Marie

    🎉Happy Birthday BARN FINDS!! Congrats on 5 years of writing great articles Jesse and Josh and working on amazing car projects, my favorite still being in June of 2014 with your 1965 Mustang!!!

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  8. Blindmarc

    Posted on fb,…..if I only had the e-mail to send tips before Jesse kicks me off the site!

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    • Jesse JesseAuthor

      Blindmarc – what are you talking about?

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      • JTK

        There used to be a “Other Finds”\Submit Finds section. Now there is only a place to pay for an ad? Did you get too many people sending in “tips” that were really just their own ads on craigslist / ebay?

        “Other Finds
        We can’t possibly know about every good find, so please send in your own discoveries! Just write up a short description and send it to tips@barnfinds.com. Be sure to include any relevant links and a name to give you credit.

        Here are just a few of the things we are looking for:

        Online Finds – Any interesting cars, trucks, or motorcycles for sale online.
        Tall Tales – Stories about your own derelict discoveries.
        Sightings – Photos of curbed classics spotted out in the wild.
        Project Updates – Share the process bring your own barn find back to life.”

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      • Jesse JesseAuthor

        You’re exactly right JTK. We had a lot of dishonest sellers trying to pass their own cars off as tips. We were also overwhelmed with the quantity of emails coming in so we shut it off for a bit. We are still working on a better way to handle all the submissions.

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      • Blindmarc

        I was sending stuff via messenger and got a text that said I need to send to an e- mail address. I was sending to tips@ barnfinds.com and thought that was correct,

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      • Jesse JesseAuthor

        I see what you are saying. You were texting your tips to the email so they came in funny. You need to just email them to us instead of texting them. Hope that makes sense.

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      • Blindmarc

        I will try from my desktop tomorrow. The phone doesn’t let me. Thnx Jesse, you guys are the only site that I contributed to.

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  9. PhxBarbie

    Wow, Barn Finds you don’t look a day over two! 🎂🍾

    You guys do an amazing job. You provide not just a service, but great entertainment, all at no cost to all of your lucky subscribers. You make me laugh, smile, and remember the good times and not so good times in all the cars I’ve owned. Your writers do an impeccable job of storytelling while giving lots of interesting and pertinent information on the vehicles. I find myself getting sucked into reading about vehicles I don’t even like! Now that’s some good writing right there!

    You guys rock! Thanks for lifting my spirits on a daily basis. Keep up the good work!


    PS I promise to do a better job of hitting forward not reply, when I send off your stories to all my friends.😁

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    • Laurence Harwood


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  10. JW

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS, great to have you in my inbox everyday !!!

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  11. Cody

    Congrats. Thanks providing for a great site.

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  12. DolphinMember

    Best site I read every day. The guys who run BF had a great idea, and they executed well. I’m glad they stuck with it and that it’s a success.

    Congrats on being 5!

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    • Jesse JesseAuthor

      Thanks Dolphin! You’ve been a big part of the site and we appreciate all your insightful comments and contributions!

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      • Lisa cramer

        Happy birthday

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  13. Texas Tea

    Good job Barn Finds crew. Keep up the good work.

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  14. Rocco

    I second what Dolphin wrote.
    Congrats on the b-day!!!!!!

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  15. Dave UK

    Many Many Many happy returns Barn Finds job well done.

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  16. Jim

    Happy Birthday. I enjoy checking my emails everyday seeing what you have found for everyone to comment on, or share some really great stories about. Keep up the great work

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  17. Olaf E

    Happy birthday, wish you many, many more years!

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  18. PaulG

    Wow 5 years…Great site and please keep up the great work!

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  19. Rock OnMember

    Good luck on another five years!!!

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  20. Jean Lecointe

    Bon anniversaire Barn Finds.
    C’est un plaisir de recevoir toutes ces images en France.
    Dommage que ce soit si loin, j’aurais succombé à la tentation très souvent.
    J’écris en français parce que c’est ma façon de vous souhaiter un très bon anniversaire du fond du coeur.
    Merci et continuez.

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  21. Todd Zuercher

    Happy birthday! Keep up the good work!

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  22. nighttrainx03

    Happy birthday to Barn Finds and its crew. Keep up the good work as I look forward every day to checking my emails, its become an addictive habit lol.

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  23. Barzini

    Barn Finds is one of the few websites that I go to every day. Some of the reader comments (particularly those from Howard A) are as interesting as the stories. I’ve learned from both.

    As an aside, today is also my dog’s first birthday. So happy birthday Lacey and Barn Finds.

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  24. Robert White

    Happy Cake & Ice Cream Day, BF.


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  25. Mike kerns

    What a great idea this site is..
    Wish continued success…

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  26. Jim

    Happy Birthday, Barn Finds!!!! Many happy returns!!

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  27. Puhnto

    Congratulations and commendations all around!
    I check it at least twice every day.

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  28. Carlos

    Here´s to many more years of great emails, shared finds, and a great site for car lovers, cheers! All the best to your team, and thanks for doing such a great job.

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  29. Allan Powers

    Happy 5th and honestly am very thankful you guys do wat you do, I check your site daily its great!!!

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  30. Hervé Smagghe

    Comme le français Lecointe, qui doit être “ed min cuin” !!!!
    Hervé 59130

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  31. Ed Willaims

    From an 83 year old Barn Finds fan…… Happy Birthday and many more! You bring back many memories for me and I hope you like some of the comments that I have submitted in the past few months.

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  32. geomechs geomechsMember

    Way to go, guys! Happy 5th and I hope that you have many more. BF will always be a place to stop. I’ve met a lot of people and seen some very nice iron. Keep up the good work.

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  33. D.Barnett

    Picked up our 1970 Buick Estate wagon via Barn Finds and eBay.

    Question/issue: when using you email posts, I can link to eBay/Craigslist, etc., with no problem. When using your FB posts I can not make that happen (IPad). Am I missing a step?

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieStaff

      Generally, you need to click on the FB post to come to the BF page, and then the links will be there for the ad–hope that helps!

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  34. Brian

    Five years is wood. Does that mean you’re going to find a Morgan stowed away somewhere?

    Happy Birthday Barn Finds!

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  35. Peter R

    Happy Birthday!! As already said many times this is a Great Site – keep doing what you are doing!!

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  36. C brand

    Hapy B Day!! And MANY MORE !!! I always look forward to getting my daily Banfinds fix. Great writers and great people on this site (with tons of knowledge). Keep up the great work and thank you all.

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  37. Chris

    Happy Birthday, Barn Finds. I like the info on all the strange stuff you find. Best wishes for continued success in the future.

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  38. SidMember

    Jesse and Josh

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  39. St. Ramone de V8

    Happy Birthday to my second favourite morning ritual!

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  40. Tirefriar

    You guys are a class act and a joy to read! Happy 5th anniversary and many many more to come!

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  41. john

    wow 5 years..congratulations from a sunny corfu greece..thanks for my morning read, barn find and corn flakes each morning…

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  42. Kieron

    Happy birthday to you all
    Pweeeee that’s the candles getting blown out
    From over here in the UK

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  43. Dennis

    Happy Birthday BF!!
    Daily addiction of mine….

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  44. Van

    Hasn’t your father in law put his hand on your shoulder with an uncomfortably firm grip and said “isn’t it time you got a real job”
    (Hee hee hee)

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    • JoshStaff

      Haha not yet, but I’m not sure if he even understands what it is we do!

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  45. BMW/Tundra Guy

    EVERYDAY READ!!! I have learned so much from this site! I consider myself a much more educated gear head than I was prior to happening upon this site!!! To all the Barn Finds crew – Thank You for your humor, insight, information, and most of all your PATIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Birthday!

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  46. junkmanMember

    Nice job men, a place to go at the beginning or end of the day and learn a bit or teach a bit, I wish you the best for the next five and beyond, I tell every gear head I know to check you out and everyone raves. Congrats!!

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  47. 67 fastback


    Love your site – insanely addictive and informative .
    Appreciate the diversity .
    Some jokers in Australia with a funny eBay listing – hope this isn’t seen as offensive – I thought it pretty funny .

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  48. michaelj

    happy birthday keep up the good work one fantastic web site thanks mick. ps all way from Tassie/Australia

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  49. Eugene

    great job happy b day love barn finds makes my day lets keep up many more thanx

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