Harley Davidson Edition: 2005 Ford F-150 Crew Cab

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The Harley-Davidson edition Ford F150s were good-looking trucks when first introduced. Despite having a somewhat lukewarm response at first, the enthusiast market has warmed to these special edition models despite being a largely cosmetic upgrade package. This 2005 example is listed here on Barn Finds Classifieds with a clean Carfax and under 100,000 miles for $16,900.

The collaborations between different manufacturers to create a special edition trim line are practically as old as the industry itself but also mark a slightly more intelligent approach to creating limited edition offerings. Ford obviously did some homework that proved either Harley owners predominantly drove Fords, or alternatively, didn’t drive Ford products and needed a reason to do so. Whatever the motivating factor was, the resulting truck was fairly understated in final form.

But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a looker. Upgraded wheels and tires, a firmer suspension, special badges, and dual exhaust set the F150 apart from lesser models and certainly created the ultimate fan boy vehicle for anyone who truly loved the Harley Davidson brand. Black leather seating surfaces and other luxury appointments likely made even the burliest biker-type eager to slide inside after a long day of raising hell and breaking rules. And given the model has lived on through multiple F150 generations, there’s clearly an audience for it.

A powerful 300 b.h.p. V8 resides under the hood, and the tauter suspension should help put that power down with authority. The truck comes with four new tires and a locking bed cover, but otherwise, doesn’t appear to have been messed with too much since leaving the factory. The Harley Davidson edition trucks may not seem like a potential collector’s item, but I do believe it has some room to appreciate yet before we say it has plateaued.

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  1. Dusty Rider

    I’ll bet that you’re fun at parties…if you ever get invited to one.

    It doesn’t have anything to do with status. I’d explain it to you, but you couldn’t grasp the feeling.

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Back to the truck…

    Jeff’s first sentence is correct, these were good looking trucks. The black/chrome theme is eye-catching. The various upgrades made for a nice package. And as he points out, there were several subsequent editions, so the tie-in must have worked.

    This example looks like it has had good care, and is very useable as a driver and/or a collector vehicle. It wouldn’t surprise me that it increases in value in the future.

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    • Derek

      The bonnet looks to be at around shoulder height, which ain’t that good for pedestrians. Is there enough room in the bed for a bike? Looks a bit short.

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  3. John EderMember

    It is amazing how Detroit thinks that gluing a few plastic badges on a vehicle turns it into something other than what it was already.

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  4. Chris Certa

    What do you ride by the way, that’s better than a Harley. Been riding them since 75, outstanding.

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    • Rank

      Do you wear a helmet? Seems like Harley riders almost never do. Again, status, or what is perceived as such.

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  5. qmmq

    What does it matter, what someone likes…they like it and purchase it. Apparently there has always been a market for people that purchase sticker marketed items. There is plenty of history on just about every product we have all purchased having a marketing ploy at one time. Personally not a fan of any of them. I enjoy the looks of what any original designer dreamed up.

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  6. RV Benny

    Is this a 4×4 or rear wheel drive?

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  7. Eagle cc

    Is this a 4×4 and is it air conditioned?? What is exact mileage? Under 100k can be 30k or 99,999!!

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  8. Autoworker

    One positive about being a special edition they seem to survive better than a standard model. Nice looking truck.

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  9. John EderMember

    Does it leak oil profusely? I thought that it might be in this truck’s DNA.

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  10. Guardstang

    Earlier F150 HD’s had basically the same supercharged engine as the Lightning but with a larger pulley. Ford and HD teamed up because they were both formed in 1903.

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    TOO bad it did not come as a 2 door not all of us need to haul a family etc. Around, I’m blessed to have a 2012 4.8 4wd that is rather rare in these parts,

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  12. moosie moosie

    The seller says its a 2007 you say it’s a 2005 ? What ever the year it’s a good looking truck but seems a bit overpriced, but what do I know . EBAY listing has it as a 2007 and sold to the highest offer, I wonder what it sold for.

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  13. Dan

    Here is a warning. Many F150’s of this time had the 5.4 3 Valve engine not the 2 valve. So? The 3 valve (Triton) had MANY Issues. So much so, that there is a Ford Tech named Maculoco on You tube that tells you how to navigate all of the problems. Just Google it up….the engine name is 5.4 3 Valve Triton ford engine. If this truck has it, you need to educate yourself before buying it.. No joke here.

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