Have Plow Will Travel: 1959 Willys For $400!


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How often do we find any old car in almost driveable condition that can be purchased for only $400 anymore? Thanks to reader Peter R., who has sent us many good leads before, we are able to present this amazingly solid looking 1959 Willys station wagon, that is advertised for sale here on craigslist in Bristol, Connecticut for only $100 a wheel. A plow is even included in the deal!


Having been used for plowing, this truck has probably lived a hard life. The seller says it still works, but has no brakes, so we have to assume the engine runs, the transmission shifts, and maybe even the four wheel drive transfer case is in operating condition as well, but as the pictures show clearly, this old wagon needs some work.


The seller tells us that the rear floor is rotting out and presents a photo to show it.


My view is – who cares what is wrong or even right with this Willys Jeep? For $400, it’s a bargain, even if you do have to trailer it home. And my guess is that someone will grab this off Craigslist before this week is out, so I am writing it up as fast as I can, and our good editors will post it right away too. I hope one of our readers might take a ride to Bristol and bring this baby home. You can stop off and get a tour of ESPN studios while you are there.


These Willys wagons were manufactured from 1946 all the way through 1965. They were the first all steel station wagons sold as passenger vehicles in the US market. Many of them saw long lives on ranches, farms and in the woods. When first offered, the Willys wagon came with a four cylinder engine, but later various six cylinder engines were offered. I am pretty sure this ’59 model would have come with the venerable flathead Hurricane six engine.


This one needs alot of work, but as it sits, will be a great base for any kind of rebuild you want to do, and as long as the frame is not rotted too, the bodywork is not insurmountable. Sell the plow and use the funds to help finance working on the Willys.


A friend of my dad had one of these at his farm in New Hampshire. Every year more of the body rusted away til about it was eventually mostly a frame with seats. As a 12 year old, I basically learned to drive in that Willys on the local dirt roads. No one seemed to mind when I put it in the ditch a few times. Basically, these wagons seem like they will run forever, as our subject ’59 has done. I believe this one will end up back on the road very soon. Any takers here?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. another Bob

    I’d be a taker if it was closer to Kentucky. You’re right, in that neck of the woods, I’d say the plow setup would bring about $400.
    Be a good idea to thoroughly check the frame though. Those plows were notorious for trashing frames if not used carefully.

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  2. alphil

    I had a few of these.The only one that ran(and well but terribly underpowered) was a beautiful Turquoise and white two wheel drive F-head four.They’re pretty spartan inside but nice,the oak runners on the rear floor added a great touch.I really liked that thing,but no 70MPH driving. I got the other two(4x4s,L-head sixes)as donors to make mine a 4×4,I figured an easy, bolt-in swap,NOT.The front suspension,spring perches,etc.,nothing lined up.I don’t believe we had to do any welding,but it was a fair amount of work.Just so you know about the frames.Sorry guys,that was 50 years ago so don’t remember much.They are heavy,and maybe the straight six was ok,but not the 4cyl.,more HP a must.Posi somewhere too.AFA this vehicle,even with a hard life of plowing,runs and drives,$400.its well worth it.just my opinion

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  3. Fred

    I’ve seen much, much worse for over $2000. Someone grab it and let us know what you got!

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  4. geomechs geomechsMember

    This would be an interesting project. I’m not too fussy about the cratered rear floor but it might a lot easier to simply scrap the floor pan and replace it than to try to fix what’s there. If it’s running the six it wouldn’t be the most powerful machine in the world but then, a lot of 4×4 enthusiasts get into trouble mainly because they are running too MUCH power instead of adequate. Given another place and time I would like something like this.

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  5. Doug Towsley

    Somebody snapped it up already and no surprise. The plow could easily net the purchase price. These things are so cool looking. Around where i live in the Pacific NW they are well loved and coveted. Some nice restored ones show up at events from time to time, but theres a lot of interesting customized ones. I know a guy back in the 80s and 90s who converted a few. Some with Chevy drivetrains (4×4 and 2wd,) and some he used wrecked Toyota 4wds. All of these old willys in their various configurations are simply so cool looking that im sure the guy was bombarded with offers.

    I hope it goes to a good home

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  6. jim s

    a $400 jeep and free jeeps. this is more like it was back in the early 1970’s. great find.

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  7. grenade

    I’d have paid triple that amount for that thing.

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  8. Doug Towsley

    I am merely guessing on th exact model, most of my issues of Old Car price guide dont list these and many websites are so full of cookies, popups and advertising its not even worth using the sites. (Too much aggro) However here is a W.A.G on exact model and heres some general info from Haggerty (I dont have the patience to look further)

    See: https://www.hagerty.com/apps/valuationtools/1959-Willys~Jeep-F4~134?id=166058

    with a #1 at $27,900 and a #4 at $5700 so, it would appear this one at $400 was a heck of a deal. Im hoping some flipper didnt just swoop in and you will see it relisted at a higher price. Instead Im hoping someone got one heck of a deal and we will see it on the road someday soon.

    Heres a willys pickup with tip bed (Stake bed-flat bed) for $6500 see: https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/5508802653.html

    Another local on CL, really nice conversion, $15,000 See:https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/cto/5480886880.html

    Seattle CL Original motor but real nice condition $9250
    See: https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/cto/5502869736.html

    Central Oregon, Rough but a runner? Looks promising $4550
    See: https://bend.craigslist.org/cto/5436677528.html

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  9. Mikey

    It’s gone oh no

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  10. Dan

    Great buy. http://Www.OldWillysForum.com is the place to go on the interwebs for support.

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