Heavy Chevy Package: 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle

The “Heavy Chevy” was an entry-level performance Chevelle introduced midway into the 1971 model year, billed as “heavy on looks and light on price”.   The concept was an affordable car that would be inexpensive to maintain and insure.  The Heavy Chevy gave the buyer a domed hood with hood pins, a blacked-out grille, and graphics on the trunk and down the sides.  1972 was also the only full year of production, with 9,508 units being produced, so it’s kind of a rare specimen in the Chevelle lineup.  If you’re looking to take on a Chevelle project, this 1972 Heavy Chevy might be a good car for you.  Located in Millen, Georgia, it can be found here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now price of $4,500.  There is also an option to submit your best offer. Thanks go out to Larry D. for the tip on this one.

The engine was originally a 2 barrel 350 Turbo fire, but the seller tells us that the motor and automatic transmission were removed in 1976 and that the car hasn’t been on the road since.  We are also told that the car has rust issues, including frame rust, and will need extensive repairs.  Fortunately, the seller has posted quite a few photos, including some close-ups which do show some of the rust details on the body.  While there is a significant amount of body rust, the good news is that the body does seem to be mostly all there, although it will take a lot of work and hours to get it back to ready-to-paint condition.

Sadly, the interior is quite a different story.  A whole lot of the inside is missing, including the door panels, rear seat, and most of the dashboard.  The front seat is still there, but underneath the floor mat covering it, there are lots of tears showing.  We can also see lots of rusted-out areas on the floorboard.  The speedometer is still present, which is a plus if the odometer can be salvaged, as the car is said to have only 35,000 miles.

Taking on this Heavy Chevy is not going to be a project for the faint of heart.  With no motor or transmission, barely any interior, and both body and frame rust, it will certainly be a major undertaking.  There are plenty of Chevrolet restoration parts readily available, and with an initial investment of $4500 or less, if the buyer accepts your best offer, it may be possible to make this work if you see the glass as half full.  The car also comes with a salvage title, so it would have to be proven to be roadworthy to get that changed to a rebuilt title.  What are your thoughts on this Chevelle?  Do you see some potential for this Heavy Chevy?


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  1. Steve Clinton

    With the rare ‘Patina Package’ option.

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  2. timothy r herrod

    saw one of these sitting for sale in st. joe back in the early 80’s 350 4speed with fat tires and a tired look. At the time I thought the heavy chevy stickers were added by a previous owner

  3. Joe


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  4. Ralph

    Then cost to bring this one back is gonna be “heavy.”
    Thank you, I’ll be here all week…tip your waitress well please.

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  5. mike b

    Heavy on surface rust, light on interior.

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  6. XMA0891

    I‘be always liked these. Could Heavy Chevies only be had with an automatic transmission?

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    • Buffalo Bob

      I had a ’72, back in ’83. The SS style hood was optional, as was the 350 and auto. Mine was a 307/PG with a flat hood. Grass Green with black graphics, & body color steel 6-hole wheels. Hated that car, couldn’t get out of it’s own way.

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      • Steve R

        All Heavy Chevy’s came with the domed hood and this cars graphics package when new.

        There are some 396 and 4spd Heavy Chevy’s out there. They have been discussed on Chevelle forums extensively. Most came equipped with non-performance small blocks.

        Steve R

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      • Rabbit

        That would explain why the paint was a bit off when you bought it.

    • BigBlocksRock

      In 76 my girlfriend at the time had a green one like this. It was all stock & had a bench seat & a 4-speed. I remember because it was always getting in the way…
      if you catch my drift.

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      • ErnieSC

        Why did you have a Floor Shifter in the Back Seat????

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  7. CCFisher

    Proof that low mileage means nothing without proper care and storage over the years.

    I’m curious about this one’s backstory. 4 years/35,000 miles is early for a rebuild. Was the drivetrain pulled for an upgrade? Big block swap? And why did the project stall?

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    • Steve R

      The backstory is the seller is making the claim to increase the amount gullible buyers might be willing to pay and this site tends to never question those claims, even in the slightest. I’d be happy if the just included, “the seller claims 35,xxx mikes, but offers no proof”, as written, the sellers unsubstantiated claims are tacitly endorsed.

      Steve R

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      • Don Eladio

        Right on, Steve…more mindless babble. So uninteresting and cheesy.

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    • Don Eladio

      Do you really care about the “backstory”? Do you really have any interest in this car at all? Why even waste everyone’s time with this babble.

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      • JB

        DON, I think Steve R is trying to watch out for his fellow car people. So the only one spouting mindless babble is YOU DONNIE BOY. Maybe Donnie you could attempt to use what extremely limited common sense you have and realize that? Ya tool.

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  8. Purple sky

    Needs an LS5 5 speed trans and stock appearance! Maybe a decent restomod sleeper?

  9. Bunky

    Friend of mine has one of these that he has spent big bucks on. (396/4 speed)
    Same color. I had no idea it was a particularly rare car. 🤷‍♂️

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  10. Denny

    I bought a 71 Heavy Chevy new ,it was a 402 auto. I liked the car but had break problems from day one .After four years of fighting with GM t traded it in for a new Camaro RS.

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  11. Steve Knight

    put it back in the field

  12. Larry

    Bought a 72 heavy Chevy 3 in the floor 350 2 bbl.in 79 for 600.00 red in color black interior good cond.now in junk yard cond. No motor worth 4500.00 unbelievable

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  13. Steve Clinton

    I would take an AMC Machine over a Heavy Chevy any day!

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    • Don Eladio

      There is no comparison. The Heavy Chevy was a low-budget stripe package…the Rebel Machine was an all-out muscle car.

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  14. 433jeff

    350 2 bbl , thats not that “Heavy”, Another SS clone in the making

  15. John Oliveri

    Always curious on why a 4 year old car winds up parked, and stripped, and left to rot, it was only a 350 car, so it wasn’t a valuable drive train, would be nice to bring it back, but at what cost?

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  16. Frank Alister

    WHOA! Lots of work, time and money to restore this dilapidated Chevelle. Why subject yourself to time, headaches, money, etc. when there are so many cars available elsewhere for sale. The expenses to restore this car will probably exceed the price of a completed car…

  17. Shawn

    The Heavy Chevy and the Rally Nova were dressed up cars that looked the part of the SS, but didn’t have the badges or insurance rates to match. I always liked the Heavy Chevy looks, may favorite of the Chevelle’s 71/72 years.

  18. JB

    DON, I think Steve R is trying to watch out for his fellow car people. So the only one spouting mindless babble is YOU DONNIE BOY. Maybe Donnie you could attempt to use what extremely limited common sense you have and realize that? Ya tool.

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  19. Denny

    Bought my 71 Heavy Chevy new in March of 71 , and had to repaint the whole car in fall of 73. Paint was that bad from the factory.

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