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Heavy Hauler: 1951 International L162 Flatbed

1951 International front

After seeing so many old trucks on Barn Finds at relatively high asking prices, this one jumped right out at me. And how often do you see a 1951 International?This L162 with a dumping flatbed is available for sale in Lima, New York (south of Rochester near the Finger Lakes) here on craigslist. The ad has been up for awhile, hopefully this truck is still available, as the asking price is only $750!

International side

At that price, it is an easy entry into collecting big old trucks. According to the seller, it’s been in a dry barn for 30 years. The truck has a two speed rear end, the glass is good, without any cracks or fogging. Doubtless the tires are old but they all hold air. These L162’s are heavy duty trucks – the GVR on these is 16,000 pounds. The L series was introduced by International in 1949 to expand their truck line and kept the series running through 1952. The engine in this truck, if it’s still the original, is most likely the reliable 240 cid “Silver Diamond” six, which seems like a relatively small engine for hauling the big loads this truck is rated to carry.

International under

According to the seller, the floors are solid, the bed is diamond plate, and he’s installed a new battery and is working on getting the truck into running condition. After 30 years in a barn it will certainly need a thorough mechanical refreshing.

1951 International L162

You can see some rust in the front around the grille, which is real issue, and there may be some rust elsewhere as well. The truck has traveled 88,000 miles, so it was well used before being put away and probably was put away because it needed some work that will have to be addressed by the new owner.

International Interior

The interior looks decent for having sat so long. Have to check for mouse damage though. This truck looks like it could be some fun. It’s relatively rare, should be simple to work on and would definitely be an unusual hauler to have. Not too many of these in service anymore. Is anyone out there ready to take it on?


  1. Avatar photo Jamie Staff

    I know it doesn’t make sense, but I really like this one!

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  2. Avatar photo Brian

    It’s a cool truck, but a long extensive and expensive project even with such a low price. Something this old from a long-gone company will be hard to find parts for what most people would replace, like the fenders and grille. I know from experience with even 51/52 Ford F Series and Cab-overs finding parts its a challenge and most of the time it ends up with a lot of metal fabrication. You either patch or recreate the parts.

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  3. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    The “L” model was a replacement for the aging “K” model, which served us well in the war. The redesigned “Comfo-Vision” cab with one piece windshield went on to become one of the most popular truck cabs, and was used in many different makes, including REO, Diamond T, and Hendrickson, to name a few. I believe it was used into the ’70’s.
    This truck was the “standard Issue” for most farms, and most likely had sides for grain hauling. While the SD 240 may have not been the most powerful motor, it had a lot of torque and could be held “wide open” for hours at a time with nary a complaint. No matter who you are, trucks like this touched everyone’s lives, in one form or another. Good luck finding a front grill piece, as most of these rusted around the turn signals. If I had a place to put it, I’d buy this in an instant, and it’s great to see these still surfacing.

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  4. Avatar photo jim s

    it does seem like a lot of truck or truck parts for the money. great find.

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  5. Avatar photo Blyndgesser

    Great truck for a restomod. Turn it into a rollback hauler and stick a Cummins under the hood, upgrade the brakes, and enjoy it.

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    • Avatar photo Mark S

      Blyndgesser you have nailed it the Cumins is the way to go. How ever I would also add a 5 speed manual overdrive transmission. Shorten the wheel base and lose the deck put on a fifth wheel and some fenders. You would have a great hauler.

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  6. Avatar photo Keith IH

    It’s easy for me to love pretty much any Binder, and this is no exception. Seems like a good deal too.

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  7. Avatar photo Karl

    Found a big old Diamond T in Los Gatos, CA the other day. Cool, sad, and no room to park it in suburbia! Large trucks are not the weekend toy of many collectors, unfortunately!

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  8. Avatar photo geomechs

    My dad had one very similar to this one. His WAS a Black Diamond; Dad told me that it was a new engine for the L-series. He said he learned that when he and his buddy, who also happened to be the local Binder dealer, took the train out east to drive/piggyback Dad’s new truck and a couple of others back home. I understood that the Silver Diamond, also a new engine in 1950, was the 220. The BD was 240, 308 and later enveloped the 220 and added the 264.

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  9. Avatar photo Mike

    My Grandfather who lived and farmed in the Boot Hill of Missouri had one of these, this one was most likely just like his, the dumping flatbed was actually the grain bed with the side boards taking off, you can see the stake pockets. Grandpa would take his off to haul grain sacks to the fields, but come harvest time they were back on hauling either Wheat or Soybeans to the grain elevators. I learned to drive a 52 GMC 2 Ton Grain truck at the age of 9, I always thought that truck was huge, but I learned to put it anywhere it needed to be and not hit anything. Best way in the world to learn to drive by mirrors, Grandpa always said. Man I miss those old days, especially now that I am in my 50’s.

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  10. Avatar photo Kevin

    Not a 1951 truck. A ’51 would have a split rear window and the door windows would be shorter. More than likely a ’54 or ’55.

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  11. Avatar photo Matt Tritt

    Karl: What’s ther deal with the Diamond T?? Is it for sale? Do you know what model/GVW it is? I DO have room (but I’m down in San Luis Obispo area).

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    • Avatar photo AlphaRoaming

      It is a long flatbed. The residence seems vacant, with alot of fencing and signs. Not likely you’ll find a willing seller. The property is worth $500K near Silicon Valley. It’s on the right side of Assiniboine Trail. There are two “normal looking” neighbor homes across the street if you want to look them up. (Also, you could contact the Chemeketa Park homeowner’s association. I’m sure they’re familiar with the owner)

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  12. Avatar photo Kurt Herold

    I am the new owner of this truck. kind of funny finding it on the internet after the fact. It does have the silver diamond 240 engine. Exact model year is pretty much irrelevant unless you are replacing the back window.
    Currently looking for a starter motor rebuild and I have all the new tune up parts and it looks like it needs a rear brake line. The oil looks great in the engine but when I tried to top it off with water it leaked out the heater hose.
    I just pulled the starter apart and cleaned it and it does turn but Bendix does not kick out on its own so something is messed up inside.
    May entertain offers over $1,200 or old car or truck trade. New location is Spencerport New York . Thanks.

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  13. Avatar photo Kurt Herold

    The truck now has a rebuilt starter, new solenoid, full new tune up and just needs a better battery – it cranks too slow to start. I have not had much time to fiddle around with it.

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