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Help Identify Jason’s Mystery Car

Jason's Myster Car

A big part of what makes our hobby so great is meeting new people. Being a car guy means instant membership to a community of dedicated car nuts worldwide and most of our fellow motor heads are just down to earth people that share our passion for automobiles. A good friend of mine in Wyoming recently tipped me off to a 1970 Mustang Coupe that was for sale and since I was in town for a few days and the price sounded good, I decided to swing by and take a look. I won’t go into detail about the Mustang, we will save that for another time, but I met with the owner, Jason B, to have a look at the car. He is one of those car guys that just loves cars, it doesn’t matter what it is or where it came from. While talking to him, he mentioned that he had a ’64 Oldsmobile Starfire with just 38k miles on it in his garage. After showing it to me and seeing that I was a car nut myself, he pulled out some photo albums and started showing me photos of some of the cars he has owned over the years. I spotted the photo you see above, which is of Jason as a baby and his father with a very beautiful car.

1970 Mustang Coupe

Jason wasn’t sure what make of car it was, but expressed interest in knowing for sure what it might be. As soon as he said that, I pulled out my phone and grabbed a picture to share with you guys. I told him the amazingly knowledgeable BarnFinds community could identify it for him in a snap! Now that I have had time to look at it closely, I know what it is, but it’s always fun to let everyone look it over so we can determine a definite answer with the year, make, and model. So let us know what you think this is in the comments section below. Oh and about his Mustang, it is pictured above. I’m still not sure if I’m going to buy it yet, as I already have too many projects going the way it is. It has a 302 V8 paired to a 4 speed toploader though. It has rust issues and some poorly done bodywork, but it runs and drives. If I pass, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me listing it here for one of you to jump on! No matter what happens with his Mustang, it was good to hear some of his stories and look at some of his old photos. Sharing stories and memories is one of the things that makes this hobby so much fun!


  1. Sean

    Jaguar XK150 FHC

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  2. John Cole

    Absolutely a Jaguar XK 140 or 150 fixed head coupe. Mid to late 50’s – great car!!

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  3. Delace

    Jaguar XK 150

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  4. Pete

    Jaguar xk-150 somewhere between 1949-1961

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    • paul

      the 150 was made from 57 – 61.

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      • Pete

        Sorry my google search failed this time

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  5. Bob Lederer

    Too easy! This is of course a Jaguar XK-150 Coupe (non-“S”) – probably 1958 model year.

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  6. Pete

    Dammit beat me to it

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  7. Willem Westenberg

    That’s a Jaguar XK150 fixed-head coupe – they made the XK140 to 1957, and the E-type arrived in spring 1961, so this XK150 is from between those cars.

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  8. Barry Thomas

    I’ll leave it to the brighter car spotters, who’ll comment, to be more precise, but I do know that it is a late ’50’s Jag XK whatever. One of their most beautiful models and one where the coupe is every bit as good looking as the cabrio.
    Barry Thomas’ “Wheel to Wheel” blog

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  9. Guy Loveridge

    It is an XK 150 fixed head with a 3.4 litre engine.

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  10. Peter

    Definitely an XK150! Too easy!

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  11. DonM

    …and behind that a 58 Cad 2-door Eldorado and a 57 Ford wagon.

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    • Tim Moore

      58 eldorado had different fins. That’s a series 62 I believe

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  12. DonM

    Sorry… 4 door

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  13. Don

    As I recall, it is an XK150 fixed head coupe’

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  14. Rich Behrends
  15. bob13122

    ’50s Alvis?

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  16. Art Fink

    Behind the Jag is a 58 Caddie De Ville and a 58 Ford Ranch Wagon…Just in case you were wondering ;o}

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  17. paul

    The 140 coupe has a lower belt line at the door, same as the 120, the 150 had a higher line as this one the car is an XK150 fixed head these were the first Jags to get disk brakes. This car is also not an S ( 3 carbs ) the S badge was on the top front area of the door, just below the wind wing.The S model only appeared on the XK150 & not the earlier versions.

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  18. Rick

    It’s so far away and the photo quality becomes quite grainy when enlarged to make precise identifcation possible – it’s really hard to say exactly, but I am going to go with ’60 Chev as my first choice, or else a ’59 Buick.

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  19. DT

    but what about the 2 cars behind the ford wagon

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  20. Jimmy

    Funny, the upper corner of the windscreen looks very square- maybe its just the old photo.

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  21. stuart

    nope, look at the grill, definitely not a jag.

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  22. Bill

    A Jag as a mystery car?? What’s the next mystery car, a VW bug or a Ford Model T?

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  23. Horse Radish

    Definitely, positively and without a doubt:
    a Jalopy Supercharger, 1957 and 1/2 , with the rare 3/4 muffler-bearing option and lockable glove box.
    Everybody who bought one got a free Baby with it !

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  24. Martyn

    XK 140
    58 Chev
    57 Ford

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  25. Andrew Minney

    Definetely an XK150. It has a one-piece windscreen, 140s & 120s had splitties.

    (cooking in a very warm southern England)

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  26. Connor

    My guess would be Jaguar XK140/XK150

    As for the mustang, personally I would do an engine swap with your project mustang.

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  27. gary

    triumph herald?

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  28. jim s

    if you buying the second mustang for parts for the BF project i like that idea. the 4 speed, wheels and interior parts that fit would be nice. sell the V8 and the rest to get your money back. the car in the top picture looks like it has an upright spare tire cover which would not be xk, i think.

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  29. Foxxy

    I thought it was a jag also, but the more I looked at it, the less it fit. I think it is someones attempt to make a jag out of something else. Like maybe a MGA. It just looks smaller than the jag, and someone mentioned that it had a one piece windshield. I think the body lines are not the same, but the pic is not very good so it is hard to tell.

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  30. M C Feltham

    No way is the car an XK 150 FHC: the roof line is much larger on the 140 than the 150; furthermore, the rear quarter and wings are typically XK140. Quite an ugly car and lacks the usual Jag flowing balance and line.

    The car shown is an early Jaguar XK 140 FHC. The headlight nacelles are one of the best clues.

    Jaguar made the same mistake with the E Type 2+2 FHC. Passenger compartment roofline much too high, same as the XK140 FHC.

    Goggle Jaguar XK 140 FHC and 150 FHC and you will see immediately.

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  31. Marv

    Curved windshield XK 150 FHC – no question. 140 had flat glass 2 piece windshield.

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  32. Barzini

    The breadth and depth of the Barn Find posters’ knowledge continues to impresse me. There is seemingly no way to stump this group.

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  33. Chuck Black

    Appears as a XK 150 Jaguar
    Cars behind are 1958 Ford Station wagon and 1958 Cadillac Coupe … Possibly DeVille
    Behind Ford may be 57/58 Ford Custom …

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  34. Rich Neary

    EARLY XK150 FHC (fixed head coupe). 1957 or 58.Telltale is tail lights. Early 150’s shared the 140 lights. Later 150’s had their own (larger) tail lights and rear bumper guards were moved inward a bit so as not to block the lights.
    Cars behind, 1958 Cadillac Sedan DeVille and 1958 Ford Wagon.
    I have a bit of an edge since I was a teen when they were new and today I have an 1956 XK140 FHC and a 1957 Cadillac Fleetwood. ;-)
    Lots of sharp eyes out there guys,
    Good Fun,

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  35. Jimmy

    Ok, this is not an XK150. The squared off windscreen plus the fact that the guy appears 8′ tall suggest to me that its a copy based on a Sprite or similar. The lines of the body arent quite right as its been scaled down.

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  36. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Folks, stop trying to make this too hard :-) It’s an XK150, look at this picture of one from almost the same angle: http://www.allsportauto.com/photoautre2/jaguar/xk150/1957_jaguar_xk150_coupe_16_sb.jpg

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  37. Bryan Cohn

    Reading the comments has been fun, my favorite one’s are “Gary” guessing Triumph Herald and “Bob13122” guessing Alvis!

    I’m not making fun, just a laugh at all the different cars everyone thought it might be.

    As noted by the masses, its an XK150. High door line for the roll up windows, curved windshield, tall greenhouse and not yet mentioned, a HEATER that worked! My grandfather traded his XK120 on a new XK150 specifically because it had a heater that worked. It turned out to be a terrible car sadly. The XK120 was reliable, relatively cheap to repair and maintain where the XK150 broke and broke and broke over and over. In the first year he owned it the car spent almost 6 months in the shop. Not consecutive days of course but in total. He finally got sick of it and traded it off on a Chevy of some kind. He drove the damn things for the rest of life.

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  38. tara p

    It looks like a Jaguar XK 120.

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  39. Julian

    I think perhaps Jimmy is right. The guy leaning on the wing is out of scale – almost too big to get in the car.
    It looks like a 150 body that has been reduced to fit something smaller. The bonnet has been shortened. Too good a job with the chrome and the wing vents to be a copy.
    Not a bad hot rod. The wheels fit the arches, so it hasn’t been lowered, but it is just too low and too small.

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  40. nglshmn

    Could it be a Bristol if it’s not an XK150?

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  41. Jimmy

    It does look like Richard Keil stood next to it!

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  42. Brahm Zuckerman

    I knew right away it was a Jaguar. The real Mystery is, who is the Kid in the window?

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  43. Dolphin Member

    Height of 1957-1961 JAGUAR XK150 3.4 FHC: 1400mm = 4.59 feet

    Average height of American males age 30-39 years in 1963: 5.74 feet

    Difference = 1.15 feet

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  44. rancho bella

    And yet…………not one person has mention the rear of the car. If it is a Jaguar, I’ll be surprised. The back section from the door back doesn’t look like a Jaguar to me. The roof and rear look different

    My take is, it isn’t a Jag………to obvious. But, I ain’t gotta a clue what it is.

    I’ll pretend to be Richard Dawson for a moment…………..”and the answer is?”

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    • paul

      I am cheating here but my brother-in-law back in the early 60’s had this car in BRG it was an XK150, the door handles & top leading edge of the door is about a foot lower in the 120/140 the 150, if you look at the pictures posted by others here you can see the difference.

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  45. boxdin

    I’ll go w the Alvis. It is definately NOT a Jag. All the proportions are wrong and its too small.

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  46. rancho bella

    HELLO………….did I miss the answer?

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  47. Justin

    Whenever the topic of early Jags are mentioned , I cannot help to refer to the TV mini series “Mad Men”.
    They were an advertizing company that landed Jaguar’s account in the early ’60s with “Big Red’s” help.
    It was hilarious to see that for their great efforts to land the account, that the company received a discount to purchase their cars. Throughout the show, they bad mouthed the cars on how unreliable the cars were. They would try to justify their marketing techniques by telling each other that it was a big money making account.
    They show one of their new owner’s trying to start his newly purchased Jag in the parking garage, to the point that he ran down the battery. LOL

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  48. Justin

    It cannot be a Jag! Their is no one under the bonnet or anyone under the car!
    Wait! He could be waiting for the tow truck! LMAO

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