Hemi Field Find: 1954 Dodge Royal

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Field discoveries can be just as interesting as a barn find, or a garage find. You just have to be willing to accept the fact that the elements have taken some toll on the find. Appearing long forgotten, this 1954 Dodge Royal is a not so shabby looking, and still has its original 241 Hemi V8. Parked for who knows how long, this Dodge could be yours for $1,200. Check it out here on craigslist out of The Dalles, Oregon. Thanks to Roger for sharing this interesting field find!

Dried leaves surround the engine bay, but for a field find, this engine compartment doesn’t look too bad. The 241 Hemi is quite complete, and may still hold some life.  The seller has described the drive-train as complete, and the only thing that appears to be out of place is the spark plug wire covers for the valve covers. Although this is a small Hemi, this engine would be sweet for a hot rod project.

Sadly this Dodge Royal looks to have been a very reasonable condition machine before being parked. I would guess that the interior is original, but by this stage is in need of work. The dash and upholstery give hints to the car’s past, but its history seems a bit mute after sitting in a field.

While no one single part of the exterior looks to be an issue, I can only imagine what the floors look like in this Dodge. The seller has pointed out that the floors are completely rusted out. So sadly this Royal may be a parts car or perhaps a project for someone who has the passion and interest to revive this Royal. The exterior trim appears quite complete, and all of the glass looks to be in fair shape as well.  Even the bright work isn’t too shabby on this old Dodge. Would you revive, hot rod, or part this old Dodge?

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  1. canadainmarkseh

    Firstly it’s amazing what a differance a year makes in terms of body styling. When you compre this to the 1955 royal posting it really make this 1954 model look quite outdated. It would be nice to have the engine out of this for my 1951 but I don’t know that it would make that big of a differance other than the cool factor. If this were a 2 door I’d say it would have a better shot at being restored, but this will likely be a donor car. That’s a bit of a shame but not the end of the world. What really would be tragic would be to crush this with the engine still in it. I hope it’s fate will be favorable no matter who buys it.

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  2. Fred H

    Another car that has found its final resting place.

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  3. Joe Machado

    My wifes dad bought a 54 2 door post Hemi Dodge. The next year, his neighbor bought a new 55, 265 Bel Air 2 door ht. He blew the Chevy away in a special drag race. Special because, wifes dad told Chevy guy to get directly in front of his Dodge. Take off and he will pass him. They did and he did. Later I had a 55 with the 265. What a piece of crap the 265 was. Today, those cars have 350’s. Wonder why? When a 64 Dodge beat my 55 Chevy, I traded that thing for a 57 Dodge and never looked back till today. The Dodge, even in 4 door trim, is extremely rare.

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  4. stillrunners

    Put we down for two motor thief’s from these good old – from the time – boulevard cruisers…..oh I did pay for them….and the 3 speed standard was a fun engine pull (no) !

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  5. Kenneth Carney

    Looks like another project for coldwar
    motors. If anyone could breathe some
    life into this poor old Royal, they could.
    They’ve taken worse cars than this one
    here and brought them back from the
    dead. If you guys are reading this mow,
    go and get it before it’s gone!

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  6. Wayne

    I can’t believe the similarities between this and a Checker from the rear. Do a comparison and see!

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  7. Del


    The trim and that trunk emblem will be worth a bit

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  8. Eric_13cars Eric_10carsMember

    The 1950-54 boxes replaced the wide-mouthed initial post-war cars. 55 and 56 were like the 58 chevies…basically place holders for what was to change the auto industry, i.e., Exner’s ‘forward look’ 57s. My Dad had a 54 Chrysler Windsor which was the same basic body, but it was a very pretty car when new (2-tone, black roof, medium blue body) and very luxurious inside. The dull Dodge was just the step up from the plebian Plymouth and below the distinctive Desoto and classy Chrysler. Unless you’re looking for parts for a convertible project, this one is a $300 parts car for a mopar dealer…IMHO of course.

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  9. Danny

    Restore as much as the future owner would suit- it’s a unique car by today’s standards. Who gives a crap about future value, put it back on the road better than it was when it was parked- that’s true hot rodding. Enjoy it for what it is!

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