Hennessey Venom Package: 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10

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When it comes to sports cars needing no introduction, the Dodge Viper is right on top of the list. Crude, fast, and brawny as all get out, the first generation models were downright rude in terms of their scalding performance and devil-may-care construction. They were built to do one thing well, and that was to be scary fast. The Viper would become more refined with age, but for collectors of a certain stripe, the so-called softer models rank far below the original RT/10 coupe. This example here on eBay is a rare Emerald Green model made even more potent courtesy of the optional Hennessey Venom 550 package, a $33,000 upgrade at the time. It’s offered for $44,995 or best offer.

The Viper most often seems to appear in red or black, so the deep forest green is a treat on a car that was seemingly built to be painted the shade of lipstick. The Viper RT/10 has a variety of styling calling cards, from the tri-spoke wheels to the side exit exhaust, along with a typically loose fitting targa-style roof panel. The first generation Viper represents one of the few times a manufacturer built a car that was astoundingly close to the concept model, and the Viper won the hearts of numerous enthusiasts for this reason alone. Throw in the brutish performance and a chassis actually capable of dancing if you knew how to manhandle it and it became an instant sensation.

This isn’t to say it didn’t have flaws – oh, did it have flaws. The whole concept was flawed, honestly, because it needed about another two years’ worth of refinement at finishing school before it was unleashed to the masses. But Chrysler Corp., which was and still is the enthusiast’s brand of choice among the big domestic automakers, instead let the car become a rolling testbed, making improvements as they went. This example has average miles for a supercar, clocking in at just over 46,000 with an interior that still presents quite well aside from the typical scratching in the dash and air conditioning that won’t hold a charge after a few weeks.

Now, this particular Viper has been given a serious shot of unnecessary horsepower, as it was ordered with the Hennessey Venom 550 package, which has – surprise, surprise – 550 horsepower. I’ve driven a first generation Viper GTS in modest anger, and it was a serious handful; this car is likely more of the same in that it demands your full attention. The seller claims it’s been fully serviced and is ready to drive, with fairly recent tires mounted. The body has been polished and ceramic coated, but there are still some defects noted in the hood due to manufacturer paint issues. Hop a flight to Colorado Springs and drive this one home if it catches your eye.

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  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    Hennessey injected even more venom into a very mean snake that’ll bite a careless driver if they’re not paying 100% attention when handling it.

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    • RinconValleyKid

      I’ll never forget the story of the Santa Rosa Dealer who wanted to show the buyer of a special order neon green Viper how to drive his new car.
      On pickup day, he drove the new owner down Auto row and wrapped it around a telephone pole!

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  2. bobhess bobhessMember

    AC comment is interesting. Chrysler’s under dash evaporators failed early on in almost everything they made from early ’90s through 2003. Had two vans during that era and the evaporators failed on both of them. No problem with our ’09 Caravan. For the money required to buy Vipers you’d have thought they would come up with a fix. After seeing the Vipers on display at the ’91 Indy 500 I’ve lusted for one of these ever since. Very high on the beer, chair, and sit and look list.

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  3. Jay McCarthy

    I too lived the Viper the moment I saw it but I NEVER liked those wheels I always thought they looked cheap or belonged on a Peugeot

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  4. t-bone BOB

    Item location:
    Colorado Springs, Colorado

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  5. Howie Mueler

    Two different mileage listings? 41k & 46k?

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  6. bobhess bobhessMember

    Jay… If we all got together to build a car by the time we all agreed on the details we’d all be too old to drive it. I like the wheels and didn’t particularly like the next generation units. Either way, I’d bet we’d agree on the chair, beer, and just looking at the beast. One of the greatest looking cars ever designed.

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  7. Mark

    I have a Gen 1 Viper and it can be wicked… As soon as you get distracted and stump it at 45 mph in traffic it will definitely spin around on ya.

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  8. Bakyrdhero BakyrdheroMember

    This thread inspired me to look up Viper wrecks on YouTube. May they rest in pieces, both the cars and driver’s pride. I wonder what percentage of Vipers built have been wrecked?

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  9. angliagt angliagtMember

    It’s located in Colorado Springs,Colorado.

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