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Here Kitty, Kitty: 1967 Cougar 390 GT

1967 Mercury Cougar 390GT

While they might be Mustangs in disguise, the Mercury Cougar is one fun kitty! This Cat, a ’67 Cougar S Code GT, is listed here on craigslist in Bloomington, Illinois and priced at $7,500 could be a good project! The car is said to be completely restored except for the paint.

'67 Cougar engine

Here is the ’67 325 hp Marauder 390 GT V-8 Engine (6.5 litre) with 600 CFM Holley Model 4150 Carburetor, Low restriction air filter, and 10.5:1 compression ratio.  Go kitty, go.

'67 Cougar int

The interior images look sweet and clean including the door cards. More images are with the craigslist ad.

'67 Cougar int. all

The upper and lower ball joints, control arms, rear end leaf springs, shocks, new floor pans, new fuel tank, brakes and lines, carburetor, distributor, cap rotor plugs, wires, alternator, starter and battery are all new.

'67 Cougar left rear

We don’t know why the hood isn’t on the car in the present “restored” images? The owner says that all that is left to do is to paint this cat. So what would your color choice be?



  1. ed

    that lime green/ gold color is the only choice for me …

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  2. Barzini

    Very impressive car and option package but I wonder how you change the spark plugs. Is tight under the hood with that 390.

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    • St. Ramone de V8

      As an owner of an S code Cougar, I can say that yes, changing plugs is an effort! These cars go like heck, so good to see disc brakes up front. Mine doesn’t, so I pick my moments to enjoy it.

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  3. Glen

    Why wouldn’t they have finished it? Wouldn’t it have been worth a lot more that way?

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    • Mark S

      I’d say they probably ran out of money or interest.

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      • randy

        Maybe they found a new toy to play with, I think the Cougar is much more than a mustang in disguise though.

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      • Jason Houston

        and ran into a lot of rust.

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    • Rocco

      Did anyone notice the rust on top of the eng. bay where the fenders bolt down. A very common rust place on these. That is a lot of fix.

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      • Karl

        Yes, you’re right, that looks like pretty nasty corrosion on both left and right sides, with the right side maybe a through-and-through. Apparently the owner’s idea of “fully restored” is a bit incomplete. Or maybe he thinks that’s part of the paint job?

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  4. Vince Habel

    looks like a good deal. would want to see it first.

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  5. Cassidy

    Very nice Cougar! Its almost nice they didn’t paint it, new owner can go with whatever color they want! Mostly, I just want it!

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  6. joeinthousandoaks

    The seller’s definition of “completely restored except for the paint” is likely a lot different than mine but I like the car. The 390 is very desirable. I’d want a PPI and a Marti report.

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  7. piper62j

    I’d like to see the work on the floor pans.. AND, how can it be “fully restored” without paint.. No mention of the interior aesthetics and I agree,,,,, The tops of the aprons appear rusted. I wouldn’t mind finishing it..

    Need more details though..

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  8. Mark E

    I got to drive a ’69 XR-7 back in the day that had a 390 in it. There was actually too much power for the tires, you’d spin your wheels all day if you simply punched it.

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  9. RoughDiamond

    Nice to see one of these. The original birdcage air cleaner present is rare and a real plus. These are awesome cars, but I am prejudice since I own a Nordic Blue non-vinyl top ’68 XR-7 GT 390 close ratio 4-speed with 3.25 limited slip rear. Most of these BB Cats, including mine, lost their original born with at the factory engine years ago. However, they still bring good money with date code correct engine blocks, etc. This one looks like it has a huge amount of potential.

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  10. stillrunners

    Wrong wheels….did I say I gave my XR-7 / 390 away running – with a new NOS signal box for the taillights…???… $1500 running/driving back about 1995…wasn’t a MUSTANG…

    and with the factory styled wheels….and caps….

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  11. snerd

    Sauterne gold metallic – Florentine gold metallic Both FoMoCo colors

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  12. David Frank David Member

    Hmmm, there are a lot of nice Cougars out there for not much more money than $7500. Would you prefer an original or restored Cougar. Could you finish this Cougar for $3000 to $4000? There’s a lot of body work. Here’s an example of a nice, completly rust free original, 2 owner car for $11,000 and that’s probably at least $1000 high. (The owner bought it from her student when it was almost new and at 93 decided she won’t drive any more) Note; this isn’t the best example, there are no doubt better deals out there.

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    • joeinthousandoaks

      I doubt that car has a factory 390 under the hood.

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  13. Nova Scotian

    Always liked the look of these, with the choice of name…with power to move it along. This would be a seller for Ford now if the effort was there to make a modern version.

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  14. Jason Houston

    To call a first generation Cougar a “Mustang in disguise” is an insult to any Cougar owner. The car is a genuine fresh tool, only based loosely on the Mustang/Falcon/Comet platform. A firebird is a Camaro in disguise, but never a Mercury Cougar. It’s one of the finest stand-alone, non-convertible cars Ford ever produced.

    However this one is far from restored, “only needs a paint job”! I guess this misinformed owner thinks it came factory with 1968 wheels, no hood or other very minor details?

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