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Hey, Bimbo! Vintage Ferrari Electric Car


Every once in a while, I feel as if I’m on the verge of striking gold on craigslist: the words “Ferrari” and “barn find” come together, and a classic shape emerges. However, that happens quite rarely, so this child’s electric car – affectionately known as a Bimbo Racer – will have to do. It’s listed here on eBay for $2,200 and craigslist for $1,800 in Phoenix.


Hemmings did a nice write-up on these rich boys’ toys, modeled after the Ferrari 375MM and clad in V12 badges and shiny red paint. According to Hemmings, “…a 12-volt car battery in the trunk provided power, and it appears that early cars used friction drive, then soon switched to chain drive. Nicely finished and trimmed; a top speed of 5-7 MPH was claimed with up to a 30-mile range.


This example does not have its running gear, so that dilutes the value a bit. Plus, the paint is in very rough shape. Still, assembling some sort of an electric-drive motor shouldn’t be too hard, and painting should take all of an afternoon. It would be fascinating to learn the history of expensive playthings like this, and to see who the lucky child was that drove this baby-Ferrari home.


While the name “Bimbo” isn’t the most flattering moniker, these classic electric cars are intriguing collectibles for the Ferrari owner who has everything. Since they’re fairly well documented, it’s unknown just how rare this find is, but a YouTube video gives you an idea of how pretty a restored one can be. If you’re dying to own it, mention the price in the craigslist ad.


  1. Dolphin Member

    ‘Bimbo’?? Really?

    OK, maybe it means something special in Italian, so I ran it through a translator, and ‘Bimbo’ in Italian translates to—wait for it—‘Bimbo’ in English.

    Who names anything that?

    Anyway, it does look like a kid’s small Ferrari 375MM. I’m sure I would have been overjoyed to have it as a kid, goofy name and all.

    I just wouldn’t have called it Bimbo.

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    • Toast54

      Groupo Bimbo of Mexico also owns Hostess, Dolly Madison et al.

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    • Pietro Giglio

      Bimbo is baby in Italian

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  2. JACKinNWPA Jacob P. Member

    “painting should take all of an afternoon” However to do a paint job worthy of a childs Ferrari it should take all of an entire week. This comming from a man who is restoring a second “1957 Thunderbird Jr.” body.

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  3. dj

    I restore pedal cars when I have the time. Some of them you can get repo parts for. There’s no way on this earth you’re going to find the missing parts for this thing. You could come up with a drive train. But the hubcaps, grill, steering wheel are items I doubt you will find.

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  4. Leo

    I think who ever buys this will be the “bimbo”! Guy has been smoking crack as its going to be impossible to find the parts missing from it (grill,etc). As such its going to end up just a crude representation of one of the original toys. I do not see $2200 dolars worth of frame and body

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  5. Donnie

    What abought the great patina do you realy want to paint it.Just joking.

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  6. Jim

    Bimbo means ‘child’ in Italian, thus Child Racer. One restored Bimbo sold at a recent Mecum auction for the hammer price of $25,000.
    And it was not restored correctly. Yes, finding some of the parts will be very very difficult.

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  7. Keith A

    Electric cars like this were given away on the kid’s show “”Wonderama” hosted by Sonny Fox over (in NY) over 50 years ago. Glad to see this as no one seems to remember them!

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  8. E.M.

    ‘Chasing Classis Cars’ had one on a while back. Nice!
    In it’s current condition, hopefully it won’t be rat rodded. Ugh.

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  9. Jjay

    I have a bimbo racer like the one seen in the pictures but in better condition. It is solid it would be a great restoration project contact me if your interested.

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    • Max

      Jay, do you have your racer still? Interest as project for my son.

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      • Jjay

        Yes, Max I do have the bimbo racer still please contact me by way of email so that I may send you pictures and give you more information. If you would like.


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