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Hi-Perf 427: 1964 Ford Galaxie 500


If the Galaxie that we featured earlier today caught your interest at all, then you are going to want to look at this. There is not much left to this full-sized Ford and when we first found it, we were going to keep looking. We figured that it was too far gone and that the seller was just being optimistic about what it really was. Then we ran the VIN… Turns out this is a real deal 425 horsepower 427 Galaxie! The question is, can it be saved? The car is located in Santa Rosa, California and is listed here on eBay with an asking price of $4,900 obo.


The only error that we could find in the listing was that it doesn’t appear to be an XL, as they were fitted with bucket seats. This one has a bench, but the numbers confirm that it was originally fitted with a fire-breathing 427 cubic inch V8 and two four-barrel carburetors. All 480 foot pounds of frame-twisting torque was fed to the rear wheels through a required four-speed manual gearbox. The suspension and brakes also had to be beefed up to compensate for all that power.


Finding an old rust bucket in a field is easy, but digging up something with the right numbers is the hard part. Most cars in this sort of condition just aren’t worth resurrecting  We gave this one a second look though because restored 427 equipped Galaxies are inching closer to the six figure mark at auction. Plus this is as close as you are going to get to a 427 Lightweight without spending a small fortune. Well, it is still going to end up costing you a very large sum of money.


The drive-train is long gone and most of the parts have been stripped. You could use a donor car for the missing parts and rusty sheet-metal,  but it is unlikely that you will ever be able to track down the original engine. It will never be as valuable as a numbers matching car could have been, but there are a handful of guys who make a profit bringing junkyard cars like this back from the grave. We know it would be easier to start with a different car, but do you think saving this high-performance Galaxie could actually make financial sense?


  1. Foxxy

    Look’s like this car was used for parts on a better body car. You compared it to a thunderbolt, but the T-bolt was the smaller fairlane.

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    • Jesse

      You are right, I meant to mention the 427 Lightweight. The link has been updated. Thanks for catching my error.

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  2. Chebby

    Every single bit of the good stuff is gone. The only thing of value is the VIN plate. It will never be original, so why bother. Get a clean car and drop a 427 in that.

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  3. John Chaney

    Throw a 347 in it, and drive it until it’s rusted out.
    Or throw $40,000 and don’t ever let her see the road.
    I love to drive.

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    • Robo

      I also LOVE to drive but you can put a 427 in about any FORD from that era but if its not a “R” code then your just throwing good money after bad. The FORD 427 sideoiler was/ is a mighty mean contender and there are currently forty eight “R” and “Q” codes combined in the “R” code 427 registry and this one would make it forty nine since I was unable to locate its Vin # in the registry. Also it did not have to be a XL to be 427 powered as there is 500 XL’s, 2 dr hardtop/ fastbacks, a station wagon, convertible, and a FORD custom listed.

      I own a 1966 Galaxie 500 7 Litre 428, auto, p/s, a/c, and this particular car is Candy apple red / red and it is a rare car. There are sixteen known examples of the T-85 color coded car known to exist but only one; mine that has a traction-lock posi-rearend. I just told you about my car so you know I have a little bit of experience about rare Galaxie 500’s.

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    Despite the condition this King Kong R code Galaxie is rare. I like the look of the 64 over prior and later models. It is a single design that was done right. The car could be brought back the biggest thing is finding the guy w/a 427. Some Ford guy has one laying around because no one would junk one. It is out there as well as the other missing parts. With the internet the parts are easier to locate…you only need the cash. I would bet the parts were removed when this car was less then 5 years old. It was an old out of style car and the driveline was most likely installed in a Mustang. Given the cars location (California) Cars seem to rust from the top down. The underside could be very solid. The roof has rust thru as can be seen. I bought a 68 AMX and it too was very solid and had a hole rusted in the center of the quarter panel right by the AMX logo.Couldn’t understand it. Very interesting Galaxie. I think I’ll make an offer!

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  5. Utesman

    Say what, BaT?
    What ‘”…………error in the listing stating it doesn’t appear to be an XL” are you referring to ?

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    • scot

      Used: A vehicle is considered used if it has been registered and issued a title. Used vehicles have had at … Read more
      VIN: 4E66R163008 | See the full History Report
      Year: 1964 Engine: 427
      Make: Ford Drive Type: V-8
      Model: Galaxie Mileage: 0
      Trim: XL 500 Vehicle Title: Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed

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      • jim grizzard

        I have 1964 galaxie xl p code I purchased the other day having a hard time finding out how many p code 500 xl red on red were made can anyone tell me how to find any info

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  6. scot

    ~ no title, no door tag, no motor, 4 speed trans, no steering column, clutch/ brake peddle assembly. not a lot beyond the VIN and trim. don’t know – what’s a fair price to you?

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  7. Robo

    I have found that FORDS are date coded and not number matched so getting a date coded engine would be much easier than the exact original. The “R” in the vin # is a very rare vehicle that is worth the extra effort to restore. I am always interested in the 64 Galaxy’s and find many that can be purchased reasonably such as there is a 64 XL on Phoenix Craigslist for $1500.00 that is all there with the 352 FE BB installed and it needs a drivers side quarter panel but has the XL emblems, XL interior, and everything else in decent shape. Yes its a lot of man hours to do it yourself but so rewarding in the end.

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    • Larry

      I have been looking for a 64 Ford Galaxy in decent shape for a long while. This was my first new car and, I loved it. It was red ext black int bench 352 auto black vinyl top. I am getting up in age and can’t do the work I could do in earlier years. I will look at the car you saw in Craig’s list in Phoenix Thanks buddy…

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  8. jim

    seller needs to get a title in their name first then relist.

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  9. paul

    To big
    To big of a car for me.
    To big of a project for me.
    To big a price for this mess.

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  10. Slim Chance

    No title = No value.

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  11. Larry

    No “heavy” rust !! Very true, rust is not heavy, but it sure has alot of it. this is a “light weight metal” car. :-)

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  12. Chris in WNC

    looks like a parts car at best and seriously overpriced.
    this one will be a bottomless pit if you try to restore it.
    after you blast the rust off, this body will have more swiss cheese than the Subway warehouse……

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  13. fred hughes

    Am I the only one who notices that Ford Motor Company has produced some cars over the past 60 years (but few) which look (or have the capacity as with this one) as modern sitting in a parking lot of a mall as anything around it. There is just some that have timeless beauty. Oh sure, the tires are always a dead giveaway but the cars are still sharp. When I see a ’56 Ford Thunderbird tooling down A1A in Palm Beach County it looks as elegant as it did when the wives of the well heeled used to head out for a morning of tennis!

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  14. shawnmcgill
    • Jesse

      That would be a better car for most, but it is lacking the 427.

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      • shawnmcgill

        Well, we can take care of that!

        It IS an XL, though, and is mostly original and mostly all there…

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      • Jesse

        Ah, that is more like it Shawn! That would be a fun project.

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      • jim

        car and 427 for about $28400 plus cost to r&r motor minus what you could sell the 390 for. a much better way to go i think.

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  15. FRED


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  16. Chris

    How do you “run the VIN”? I’m trying to trace my ’69 Skylark’s history.
    I’d be grateful if some one can enlighen me.
    It’s not as easy as a trip to the DMV for me, I live in Australia, and the only records my DMV
    have is when I titled it here.

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    • Jesse

      If you email the vin to me Chris, I can find some information. mail@barnfinds.com

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    • Robert owens

      google Sky Lark club of America, see if there is one like all the other clubs we have here.

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  17. Patrick Calhoun

    I think it could be saved and only because of the 427 code. You wouldn’t have to worry about being numbers correct so you have more latitude in what you make it into.
    If it scares you just say pass but she’s a rare bird and deserves a better fate, its going to take a person with deep pockets but you will have something very few will be about to claim to own.
    Personally I’d go nuts and make it look the part 60’s style Banerd T. Badass….
    Geez some of you guys sound like you have soccer mom stickers on your rides…

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  18. AMCFAN

    It sold for $2800.

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    • Jesse

      Not sure if it was sold or well bought, but hopefully the new owner is able to do something with it.

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  19. Robert owens

    All 427’s were R-Code in the vin. number.

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    • Ralph Terhune

      Not so, Robert. Some 427’s had the Q code in the VIN. That designated the 427 with a single 4 barrel carb and was rated at 410 hp.

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  20. ted

    These were a nice car for the year and body lines and chrome were great,a lady friend of mine used to have a red 64 2 dr hard top turned out she swapped it for a Nova much worse shape that the Ford

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