Hi-Po 1965 Mustang for $5k!

1965 Mustang grill

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Now, don’t get too excited! The numbers clearly show that this is an A-code Mustang. Not that that’s a bad thing – with a four-barrel carb, the standard 289 V8 still put out a respectable 225 horsepower. The seller thinks that the original engine could have been swapped out for a very desirable K-code hi-performance engine though. That could mean that this rusty project car could have closer to 274 horses and would be well worth the $5k asking price. Some investigative work may be in order here! The car is located in West Jordan, Utah and is listed for sale here on eBay. The car is running, but the carb leaks a little. It has a clear title and a few new parts are included in the sale. Now, we just need those numbers off that block…

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  1. JW454

    I got to say… I like the stripped/broken water pump bolt repair. That’s using your ole’ noodle. LOL

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    • jim s

      good catch on the water pump bolt repair. i have not seen the done in a long time.

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  2. jim

    Just check the harmonic balancer. Clear pics would show. I love the “I’ve been told ” !

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    • Rancho Bella


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    • Rocco

      Well it doesn’t have a dual point distributor that came on 271HP eng. It might have a mild cam or something, but there is MUCH more to a HiPo eng. than meets the eye. Those eng. with solid lifters only had a 90 day warranty. Hell it’s hard to find one that was ORIGINALLY a HiPo that wasn’t blown up and repaired(with stock 289 parts), or replaced with a 2 or 4-barrel eng. Wish everyone(seller & buyer) luck on this one.
      Even back in the day, people would rent a ’66 Hertz Shelby GT-350 for the week end and send it back after they swapped the coveted 271HiPo eng., because of the internal components. The heads have markings cast on the corners of the head near the valve covers(19,20,or21) is just one thing that could identify a HiPo.

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      • Shilo

        I agree. Very very hard to believe
        It has a Hi-PO. But it might sell the car
        For the seller who has a low feedback
        Rating already. Gonna get lower if it is not a Hi-PO…..

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  3. KO

    I don’t know much about Mustangs, but I’m in SLC. West Jordan is close. If someone is interested I could get out to look at this car and document what’s needed to confirm the fancy motor or whatever else. Let me know.

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  4. Mark in Medford

    If this car is as solid as it looks it just may be a decent deal. I do not understand why a seller wouldnt at least clean under the hood and assemble the car as much as possible. Slacker.

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  5. JW

    Maybe it’s because I’m a 4 X 4 Truck guy or a Pontiac guy but we have restored 2 Mustangs while owning 2 new ones and they don’t call them Rustangs for nothing. I’d pass on this one.

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  6. jim s

    looks like a new gas tank or tank armor has been installed. it is a automatic. seller is taking offers. interesting find.

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  7. Shilo

    The seller has an 83% feedback rating out
    Of only 10 sales. That is not a good sign.
    Buyer Beware. Bet that is NOT a Hi-PO in
    That coupe but it sure got our attention

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  8. kenzo

    the newly painted rims are a nice touch but wonder about the rock in front of the rear wheel if that is an indication of brake and or the park position in the tranny.

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  9. grant

    In my experience, most people will describe any 289 as a HiPo (or a Hi Pro, lol) and all 302’s as a Boss. Kills me every V8 Maverick Ford ever built was apparently a Boss 302…. And worth 20k of course.

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  10. Tirefriar

    Jaw, I’m with you. I don’t see how this can be considered a solid car – the left 1/4 panel is rusted through at the wheel opening. Could mean that water was getting inside the inner structure. In this case, the rust we see is just a tip of the ice berg. PASS

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  11. DolphinMember

    When selling a car, “I have been told” is one of the few lines that’s less useful than “ran when parked”

    If he thought he had a HiPo in it he would have checked out the engine/head numbers and put the information in the listing, especially with an ID like “themusclecarman1”. That, and held out for more than $5K.

    The seller is actually telling us: This doesn’t really have a HiPo engine. I just made that “I have been told” thing up because I’d sure like to get $5K for it.

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  12. SoCal Car Guy

    A steaming pile of bovine excrement…

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  13. Scott Allison

    I’d pass on this one too.. It’s just a bucket of bolts and buggered up.

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  14. Bernie H

    Rocco, you’re absolutely right, probably NOT a HiPro. The HiPro dod not have vacuum advances on the distributor, straight mechanical only. Lots of guys dream of HiPro’s, but very few left!!!!

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