Hidden Away: 1971 Mercury Colony Park

Hidden away in a tantalizingly car-filled warehouse or basement in eastern Pennsylvania, reader Pat L. has found us this super clean 1971 Mercury Colony Park. If you wanted a full-size wagon with hideaway headlights in 1971, the Colony Park was the only show in town, as its companion model, the Ford Country Squire, had lost them in a facelift that year. And if you want to take this wagon home, you’d better have hidden away $12,500. That’s the ask here on craigslist; let’s see what other secrets we can unearth about it (archived ad here).

One thing that’s not a secret for once is why we’re only given photos of the car inside a crowded garage: the weather was simply too bad to pull the car outside. As a wimpy Californian, I can accept this, but still—you never took a picture of the car before now? Nevertheless, we can still get a relatively complete view of the car, and I’ve done a little adjusting on the photos to try to compensate for anything hidden by the lousy lighting. I really like the pale yellow color paired with the Colony Park’s signature woodgrain; speaking of which, the Dinoc lives up to the seller’s description of it as “perfect,” showing a nice gloss and perfectly highlighting the wagon’s lines, with no apparent bubbling or other flaws.

Hidden under the hood is the optional 429 cubic-inch V8. It’s not clear whether this is the two-barrel, 320-horsepower version or the hairier four-barrel, 360-horse mill, but either version—with 460 or 480 pounds-feet of torque, respectively—should be perfectly adequate for even this big, heavy wagon. Given that girth, you’ll be glad to have the standard power steering and brakes.

Opening the door, we find this wagon’s hidden flaw: a nasty little tear in the cushion on the driver’s side of the high-back split bench seat. I wish there were more pictures, of the door panels, back seat area, third-row seat, and cargo hold—instead, the only other interior view we have is a close-up of the instrument panel—but if that’s the worst wear in this cabin, we’re not too bad off. Still, with a car that’s described as “restored” and “stunning,” it would be nice to know for sure.

Around the back is the Colony Park’s hidden party trick: the three-way “Magic Doorgate.” It could drop down, or swing open with either the window up or down (prior to 1969, the window had to be retracted). Again we see the excellent condition of the woodgrain trim, as well as shiny paint and chrome. I’m pretty well convinced that this is a very nice wagon, worthy of its asking price, but I’m a trusting soul; what do you think? Have we been able to bring enough to light, or do you think there’s more we should know still hidden away?


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  1. lurch

    Rather have the nomad in background 👍👀

    • George

      \My thoughts exactly!

  2. CCFisher

    Behold the other full-sized wagon with hidden headlamps in 1971: the Plymouth Sport Suburban.

    Like 1
    • Nathan Avots-Smith Member

      Dang it! I knew there was a Mopar lurking around somewhere, but I thought Chrysler, not Plymouth…

    • Miguel

      Those are very, very hard to find.

  3. Dave Mc

    A cooler in back with a case of beer and a few buddies.
    Hit the back roads.
    Good times.

  4. Donald Canada

    Gorgeous wagon! wished I had more space to tuck it away with my other ones :)

  5. Bob

    What most of us want to know is does this have a rear-facing third seat, or side jump seats? That would make it worth the price of admission.

    • rmward194 Member

      Based on the last picture of the back of the car I think I can see the top of the side jump seat in the up position on the left, but my eyes aren’t the best.

  6. Henryfrederick

    This has the side facing jump seats in rear. I had the identical car in high school in 1979. Same color combo. I worked as a TV repairman and hauled a lot of TV,s in it. I have been watching for one of these for along time. All but extinct. My shop is packed with mopars and a corvette but I’m gonna contact the seller and try to land this merc.

  7. Comet

    Whats with the mouse nest of wires and the creatively bent brake lines at the master cylinder? This car warrants a closer inspection prior to any bids near 12K. If that brake line loop is above the fluid level in the master, I think it would be impossible to bleed the system properly. You’re gonna need all the brakes possible to slow down this barge.

  8. Ralph Terhune

    Actually, the Magic Doorgate came out in 1966. I have a ’65 Country Squire with the standard tailgate.

  9. Robert Gressard

    Took a quick of my Merc wagon. Same color as the one in the photo. Yes it is in a barn.

  10. Miguel

    Why is the wood grain tape so shiny?

    They didn’t come from the factory like that.

  11. Steve

    anything with hideaway headlights is cool, much like T-tops.

    • Miguel

      I second that emotion.

  12. Rock On

    Henryfrederick- let us know if you pick it up,

    • Henryfrederick

      Rock on , yes I’ll let you guys know if I buy this car.

  13. KSwheatfarmer

    Have the exact same car(parts only) in inventory row. It was still donating parts just last year when I revived our 72 Colony Park. Some here may remember when I posted a picture of it ready for the Christmas parade hauling a tree on the roof rack.More fun than a barrel of monkeys and making memories with the grand kids. Got my eye on a 68 Country Squire in a local junk yard,one of those thats almost impossible to get any thing out of.

  14. Donald Canada

    Here is a pic of one of my wagons…’78 Mercury Colony Park

  15. scottymac

    Is that a ’60 Olds behind? ’57 Fury beside? ’69 LeSabre convert in front? Does the Nomad have a vinyl roof?

  16. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Same seller as the 59 Olds convert coming soon to a BF listing near you. This wagon shows up in the photos of the Olds. Nice collection!

  17. Twistedcarguy

    I do believe somebody put clear coat over the wood grain to “restore” it. OEM wood grain had a nice satin finish rather than the gloss that is showing in these pictures. For did last use the rear-facing bench in 65 in their full-size wagons

  18. Metoo

    My parents had a 60’s Rambler wagon with the “magic door”. Neatest thing ever to us kids. But speeding down the Garden State Parkway to Seaside Heights while we kids were sitting in the fold up rear facing bench seat was a bit car sickness inducing. And it was worthless at the drive-in movie, naturally.

  19. MJL

    I think I just bought this car? VIN is different, maybe a type-o? The guy I’m buying it from (I Found it on line) bought 5 or 6 cars from an estate which could be from the same listing. I paid less than the listing so my guess is he got a great deal with his bundle. He also had listed a 1969 Mustang convertible that was just amazing that came from the same collection. Inspection is Tuesday and I have to say…I’m pretty excited. This is very close to the 1st car I fell in love with. My parents bought a 69 in the same color combo. I was 4. Been looking for this car sense my brother totaled Mom’s car back in 1975.

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