High Above The Flood Waters, 1975 Jensen Healey

'75 Jensen Healey front

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Josh just posted a flood victim Jensen here a few days back. There weren’t many produced and there aren’t that many that you can jump in and drive, some might even say there never were. Listed here on craigslist in Colorado Springs, Colorado is this 1975 Jensen Healey priced at $4,500.

'75 Jensen Healey engine

The Jensen Healey is powered by the Lotus 907 twin cam engine with a 5-speed manual transmission.

'75 Jensen Healey door open

Hugh, the seller says that seats have already been reupholstered.

'75 Jensen Healey rear

Having a luggage rack on this car is a good idea as well if you plan on traveling very far away from home in it.

'75 Jensen Healey right side

There is some paint damage and what appears to be an over-sized side mirror (why in the world did they install this massive mirror?).

'75 Jensen Healey

The seller says the car has been unused for 9 months but still starts right up and drives nicely. There are 74,105 miles on the odometer and there is a clear title with the car. Please contact Hugh with you questions and see if the time is right for a 1975 Jensen Healey.


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. randy

    The owner’s wife might be a Primadonna, and these early model did not have a “vanity” mirror!

    Maybe the mirror is an emergency signal for when the car breaks down in the mountains.

    That seems awful cheap. Am I thinking of something else?

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  2. Scot

    This is about the going rate for one of these.

    By ’75 I think they had the oil weeping issue dealt with, check on that though because it is from memory. With emissions equipment and tuning they were a bit down on power.

    Driving one is a pleasure. I think of them as a TR6 with legs and elbow room. They are quite comfortable. Off the line they are slow as there is little torque. Get out on the highway where the motor can rev and they are very happy.

    Parts are available and these are a low entry price top down hobby car.

    They do like to rust. On this particular car it has the timing belt cover. That is somewhat rare. It is an interference engine that should have the belt changed at 24k and 2 years, I think. I mention the cover as to me it is a sign that the car was cared for.

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  3. 365Lusso

    Always thought of these as the homely step-child to the 100-3000 Series.

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  4. Tom S.

    The fugly black bumpers just ruin this car’s nice lines.

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  5. Steve K.

    Make sure you change the “T” connection between the carbs from the stock plastic to a brass one. Otherwise you will have a fire one day….ask me how I know!

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  6. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    I agree, that’s the going price. These suffered from not enough development time on the engine. Owners groups seemed to have finally sorted those issues, leaving the last big one, corrosion, Not a lot available for these in sheet metal last I knew, could be wrong.
    Never though of these as a 3000 continuation, not with a 4 banger. More of an upgraded Sprite with a larger body.
    White looks good on it.

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    • 365Lusso

      Agreed, JHs are not a 3000 continuation–nor a Sprite continuation. They went in a different direction completely that didn’t work out for imo self-evident reasons.

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  7. Tom Stewart

    Never drove one, but nice looking car. Get rid of the mirrors of course and apply as much por-15 or Eastwood as you can.

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  8. Matt C

    I’d be happy to look at it and take pictures if anyone is interested.

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