High School Car: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Todd FitchBy Todd Fitch

Mach 1:  767.269 Miles Per Hour. When traveling near the speed of sound (which fluctuates based on temperature and altitude as discussed here on NASA.gov), compression dynamics exert pressure on the fuselage that affect lift and drag. This 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 may not reach supersonic speeds, but it certainly looks like it could. Offered from Sioux Falls, South Dakota with a listing here on eBay, the car was recently re-discovered in a barn by a previous owner who had driven the car in high school.

This first-year, 351-equipped Mach 1 came decked out as you see it. Ford saved new owners the trouble of “Day 2” upgrades with a factory parts package including a simulated hood scoop, dual exhaust, chrome styled steel wheels, upgraded suspension, high back buckets, racing mirrors, console, teak wood-ish trim, and matte-black hood with hood pins (some details courtesy of mustangattitude.com). The Mustang itself was all-new for ’69 with four headlights and a new SportsRoof profile. While maintaining the previous Mustang’s wheelbase, the ’69 grew four inches in length, mostly in the front. Read more about the 1969 Mustang at shnack.com. This South Dakota Pony Car will need significant metalwork before attempting a run at the sound barrier, or even a trip to the soda fountain. The description and pictures in the listing document structural and cosmetic rust.

Aside from the stereo the interior seems to have been spared the plundering of grave-robbers, and you can 1-800 Hot Rod just about anything for these cars. When restored, this Resale Red color scheme will look as compelling as it did ’69.

A 302 stands in place for the long-gone 351. Though not in driving condition the engine runs. Buyers will need to factor in the cost and delay of  tackling (at least) serious body and frame work, a date-correct engine, and a buffer for inevitable undiscovered needs. With more than 75,000 Mach 1 Mustangs built in 1969, this is not a rare car, but nearly any ’60s Mustang rates as collectible, and that will only become more true over time. What do you think of this Mount Rushmore State Mustang?

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  1. Jon

    Close to me, but too much work.

    • Mike Gullion

      In 1976 (my high school days) I bought a used Mach 1 that could have been a twin to this one. Same year and color,but in prime condition for $1000.00 thats right it was only 7 years old. Boy,do I miss that car.

  2. JamestownMike

    FINALLY a true “barn find”!!!!…….but too far gone for me! It’ll still bring too much money because of what it is.

    • jeremiah

      So buy it

  3. poser

    Those guys are out of their minds, the cars already up to 10k and its gonna need another 10-15k put in it for a car that’s only worth 30-40 in good shape

    • Poppapork

      Just the paint will be 10k on the low end…

  4. Brian Gould

    Travelling twice the speed of sound, it’s easy to get burned.

    • JMB#7

      Currently in North America we are already traveling at approximately Mach 1 due to the rotational speed of the earth.

  5. Gordon Moore

    Actually by the engine pic, it is a 351W in the car, which very well could have been the original to the car, since 69 was the 1st year for it as well

    • Robert

      sellers said its a 302 in the car now and the 351 is long gone

    • jw454

      I’m no Ford guy by any stretch but, I think it’s a 351W too.

  6. Superdessucke

    Despite its shoddy condition I bet it bids stupid high. The rough barn finds are starting to become cool!

  7. Al D

    Looks like the quarters may have been replaced and never had the side marker lights cut back in.. Some old and sloppy floor repairs done in the past. Lotsa ugly there. Can o’ tin worms.

  8. Randy

    The old mustang could really be awesome, but I have been looking for a 76′ camaro. My high school ride.

  9. Christopher Hale

    Not a rare car…buy the best one you can and make sure it’s turn key or very close…you can buy one of these in good condition for the price of a loaded new Honda Accord…why spend 60.000 dollars…countless headaches…3 or 4 years…..here’s your sign….buy a nice runer….for under 40.000

  10. Vince H

    Corrected ad says 351 W. Why would anyone bid over 10k with all the rust which includes frame rust?

    • Frank

      Right too much for my budget, careful not to get burned.

  11. Nova Scotian

    Rotisserie restoration. Look at the eBay pics, the under body is shot. Probably not worth rotisserie even. Maybe, most likely a Dynacorn body replacement candidate. Yes, that’s exactly how I would restore this top shelf collectable. And it will be once it’s put back to showroom condition. This is a parts car. I would just add some fat crager mags to blow- my- mind!

  12. Jay E.

    It wasn’t that long ago that when you found a car like this it was old but driveable, and sold for less than $5000.00. So when I saw this I thought here is that kind of find. Then I read the ad, the rear springs have gone through the old rusty floor, and a price of over $10,000.00. What is going with prices for cars like this? Are they just being parted out and the parts are worth so much? Its not restoreable as an original, and running driving examples sell for not much more. Or spend 10K on a 2011 version and get a better car in every respect. This is the new normal I guess.

  13. Mike Johnson

    it’s not that the car went up in value it’s the dollar declining so now it takes three quarters of a dollar more to make the same thing happen as it did 10 years ago.

  14. Joe Haska

    Always had a bit of a problem understanding Mach 1 and how other factors effected the final result of what, Mach1 really was. I have also had the same problem with the car!

  15. Karguy James

    Rust is strong with this one. Left Rear Frame rail and spring perch broken clean out of the frame. Looks a lot better than it really is. Having said that, the rears of these are pretty easy to replace, including frame rails.

    The “H” code 351 could have been either a Cleveland OR a Windsor but this one obviously had the small block from the factory and it may be the original engine, not that it matters much on this level of base engine.

    $10k is too much for me for what it needs but more power to the buyer if they want to save it.

    • z28th1s

      351C wasn’t available until ’70, this one came with the Windsor motor.

  16. hodgepodge

    I registered for the Cicago Mecum auction and saw a ’72 302 Boss Mustang with original engine in excellent condition go for a paltry $18,000 last night ( https://www.mecum.com/lots/CH1017-296729/1972-ford-mustang-mach-1-fastback/). A pristine 1970 fastback went for $30k.

    Cars that cheap are rare, but they make the idea of restoring this car a huge gamble for anyone who thinks it could be profitable. You’d really have to love this to spend the money to restore it.


      There is no such car as a 1972 302 Boss Mustang. The Boss 302 was only available in 1969 and 1970. The car in your link is a 1972 Mustang Mach I. While it may share the name with the car this thread is about it is a very different car with very different monetary values. That being said though 18K for it seems like quite a bargain.IMO the featured car is WAY overpriced given the condition and how the car was originally equipped.

  17. RoselandPete

    The 69 Sportsroof is my favorite Mustang. It doesn’t even have to be a Mach 1.

  18. 1st Gear

    I’m not a Ford guy by any stretch of the imagination,and a staunch non-mustang person at that, but these ’69 Mach 1s have always done it for me.A friend oh mine in high school had a ’69 428 SCJ that was almost in-driveable on the street. Damon thing ran low 10’s with just swapping slicks on the rear.Was at ol’ Fremont raceway on grudge night,and with a monster tune,ran a 9.65.No S–T. I did most of the tuning.Still remember the time slip. That shut him down after that.No shoot and only a 4 point cage.

    • Jay E.

      Grudge nite was on Wednesday wasn’t it?

      • 1st Gear

        Wednesday was it (I think) This was 40 or so years ago. I wish my memory was as good as the picture in my mind of that time slip.

  19. ACZ

    Remember, just because someone places a bid, the check isn’t in the bank yet.

  20. Rob S.

    This thing is first year mach1 cool but it needs ssooo much more that the price of admission exceeds the the price of completion. So much rust repair, ugh!! So many on the market at lower prices than the finished price on this one. Too bad, this could be a good 30K ride.not sure why someone would spend this kind of money for “memories of someone you don’t know”. I guess the picture of it in the “barn” make it too hard to pass up. You have to be mad at your money to put this in your garage, and I’m a ford guy!

  21. Troy S.

    I always thought the best looking mustang from then, or maybe of all time, was the Boss 429. Just has a bolder look to it, especially if one pulled up behind you with that big hood scoop and all. Engine looked like a piece of art work too but that engine was never meant for everyday street driving.

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