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Highly Optioned: 1977 Chevrolet C-10 Scottsdale

It seems like ages since I’ve had the chance to write about a classic pickup, so this 1977 Chevrolet C-10 Scottsdale makes up for that by being a cool classic that stands out from the crowd. This is a vehicle that has loads of character and combines wonderful looks with practicality. It also features some great optional extras that combine to make it an attractive package for a new owner. Located in Huntington Beach, California, the C-10 has been listed for sale here on eBay. It has attracted its share of attention since it hit the market, and this has pushed the bidding along to $12,700. However, the reserve hasn’t been met.

I’m quite fond of the genuine aged look, and this Chevy has that in abundance. The Pickup is finished in a combination of Hawaiian Blue and Light Blue, but this has worn through in plenty of the usual areas. It appears that the seller agrees with me on the appearance because rather than treat the vehicle to a repaint, he has treated it with linseed oil. This should help keep the corrosion at bay, which is a plus in a classic that appears to have very few rust issues. The owner admits that there is a small spot in the rocker below the fender, which seems to be about it. If the Scottsdale has spent its life in California, this isn’t surprising. If you’ve noticed the low stance, then you’ll probably realize that this isn’t an optical illusion. It has been fitted with a set of drop spindles at the front, and the rear has been dropped to match. This combines to give this classic a tough stance. The panels look straight, the doors open and close easily, and the chrome is in excellent order. The C-10 was ordered with tinted glass, and this appears to be free from cracks or defects.

This Pickup shouldn’t lack anything in the performance stakes because it comes equipped with a 350ci V8. Backing this is a Turbo 350 transmission, while power steering and power brakes are part of the package. While a power figure of 175hp might be pretty handy, it is the 260 ft/lbs of torque available at a mere 2400 rpm that is this classic’s party piece. That would make it an accomplished tow vehicle, or one that should lug a full load in the bed with relative ease. The C-10 has come in for plenty of TLC in recent times. As well as being dropped, the suspension has been treated to new shocks, ball joints, and wheel bearings. Throw in a new master cylinder, new front discs, and new rear drums, and I think that you’re probably getting the picture. There has been plenty of other work performed, and the upshot is that this is a Pickup that is in sound mechanical health. The owner says that it starts first go, the engine feels strong, and the transmission shifts smoothly.

The owner is a man after my own heart with this Pickup. I’m always a sucker for a vehicle with loads of patina on the exterior but an interior that presents perfectly. That’s what we find here, and it is for an excellent reason. Almost every piece of interior trim has been restored or replaced, and there isn’t much left for the buyer to tackle. The only non-functioning item is the air conditioning. The compressor and bracket have been removed but are included in the sale. The rest of it is complete, and the inside of this classic looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. In addition to the A/C, the C-10 features a sliding rear window and an AM/FM radio.

I know that we will have plenty of readers who would like to park this 1977 C-10 Scottsdale in their driveway, and I don’t blame them at all. If I were in the market for a Pickup, then I would find it mighty tempting. The thing about classics is that it is hard to rationalize why you should buy one, so here’s an idea. Christmas is just around the corner. Don’t you deserve to buy yourself a present? That would work for me.


  1. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    :),,,any more of this arm twisting, I’ll have no choice, but my truck runs so nice, I’d be a fool to start all over with something. It’s no wonder why people are attracted to these, they really are simple vehicles, and it never ceases to amaze me, with all the choices and options in pickups today, people want a 40 year old design and willing to spend 5 figures to get one. Thanks to these folks, I wouldn’t sell mine for less than $5g’s. I’d probably never get over how much I gouged someone, though and 33 people bidding? Hmm,,,I don’t like the truck THAT much,,

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  2. Avatar photo FordGuy1972 Member

    An good-looking truck, fairly well optioned with an attractive color combo. The interior looks great but for those who don’t like worn out paint, get ready to spend a good bit of change for a new paint job. The 350 is a reliable engine that’s easy to work on and parts are plentiful. I like the body color finish on the wheels with the bottlecap hubcaps, they really suit this truck. A/C repair isn’t cheap, though. My ’95 F150 had R12 which gave out after 25 years and the A/C repair shop I checked out sold R12 by the gram like it was gold or something. It was cheaper (but not cheap) to convert to 134A. I like this truck but it’s not for me as I don’t care for the lowered look and it needs a paint job. So when you add all of that to whatever this pickup sells for, you may want to consider looking for one that’s been fully restored.

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  3. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    I like it. It’s just right. Put a new rotary compressor and updated valving and dryer in and you have AC. Not as expensive as it sounds.

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  4. Avatar photo Skorzeny

    People that lower trucks should be flogged. Ugh. Return to normal ride height, and enjoy.

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  5. Avatar photo John B. Mc

    I could not agree more with Skorzeny; I have and daily drive a lowered truck and it drives me crazy. My truck “drags” everywhere often in places you can’t imagine. They may look good to some people but they should have to drive one and they would get their fill of it!

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  6. Avatar photo DayDreamBeliever

    Add my vote to the “No Low” voices. Have seen lowered duallys. Silly, taking a “look” over usefulness. Makes no sense to me, but utility > style for me.

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  7. Avatar photo mike henry

    I’d buy this and the 67 C-10 above and swap the motor with the 468. Perfect Street Outlaw sleeper.

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  8. Avatar photo Fredd

    Yes, I agree. No lowered trucks. exactly like lifted cars. trucks can be lifted, cars can be lowered. Not the opposite.

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  9. Avatar photo Jcs

    Love it. Great write-up, Adam. Nice job.

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  10. Avatar photo Jcs

    Question for all of my Barn Finds friends. I recently found my bucket list car, an all original, totally stock Black Plate 66 Toronado that has never been touched other than the carpet being replaced with NOS ten years ago.

    The paint and interior are all original (other than the carpet) and the 66 Lacquer is in amazingly good shape – she has never been hit and has had zero paintwork. No rust whatsoever (thanks CA). Light fading on the top and a few very minor scratches here and there but makes no sense to paint it IMO, I’ve been looking for over a decade and have never seen one as nice that is not totally restored.

    I’ve been wondering what the best thing to do is to help preserve the amazing finish the way it is. I am terrified to use modern products on it for fear that it may harm or change the color of the lacquer. Champagne Mist is the color, think light silver with just a touch of gold. Same color as the one my Dad came home with in 66, when I was already a budding gearhead. I thought it looked like a space ship.

    I’ve done some research on the subject and have come up empty so far. I’ve never heard of using Linseed oil and am intrigued. Have any of you heard of this before? Any advice or shared knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

    Again, killer truck!

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    • Avatar photo Steve R

      Search “vintage car wax” on eBay, you will find hundreds of listings. If you don’t trust modern day car car products you might find something there.

      Steve R

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      • Avatar photo William

        Turtle wax, all the way. If Walmart don’t sell it, I don’t need it.

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  11. Avatar photo Joe Haska

    OK, as usual I will take the other side, I like this truck especially, because its lowered, would save me the time and money. I have had lots of cars and trucks and they were all lowered. The 3 basics of a car or truck (custom build), Stance, Color Tires and Wheels. Stance is attitude, how low can you go? At a car show one day a friend told me he saw a car that was too low, I said I will look for it. It was a 3-day weekend show, at the end of the event , I hadn’t found it! I know allot of you are saying crazy kids and their lowered cars, well I get it, I will be 78 on my next birthday, maybe I will mature then.

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  12. Avatar photo Maestro1

    I lend my support to all those not wanting a lowered truck or anything else. Restore this to its appropriate height and enjoy.

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    • Avatar photo Mike

      I agree. Lowered trucks look like crap.

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  13. Avatar photo Johnmloghry

    In the top ten of my overall favorite trucks, but agree ride height must be brought back to factory specks. Ride height effects front end alignment and tire wear, often requiring replacement of control arms and bushings. Once one has been lowered (if done properly) to bring it back may require more than just raising the rear of the truck.
    God bless America

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  14. Avatar photo Tort Member

    Nice truck but it would be a lot nicer if it had a new paint job in its original colors and the stance back to near stock. The stance definitely hurts even more than the patina.

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  15. Avatar photo John L.

    Where are all these HIGH options? Truck is just a basic C10 with a 350, and Turbo 350. The firewall looks like there never was A/C. Is the author of this the owner?

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  16. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    Sure a lot of folks that don’t know or understand the difference between a cruiser and a hauler when talking about lowering, modifying, hauling, etc. I wouldn’t even think about making a work truck out this rig. Want to haul tons of crap go buy a truck that hauls crap. Want a truck just for transportation or fun, buy something like this.

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  17. Avatar photo stillrunners

    Soooo tinted glass is the BIG option here you stated ? So surprised being in Cali and all…

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  18. Avatar photo john hugh

    wheres all the options ? lindseed oil ? lol its not a coffee table 8K maybe

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