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Hoarders Thursday?

Chevy Hoarder

We recently received several great submissions from David C (aka eBayholic), one of which includes a large number of old Chevys. Seeing as this seller could be considered a hoarder by some, he proposed that we make Thursday Hoarders Thursday. We think it’s a great idea, as we can see more cars at once this way and pay tribute to all those individuals who have hoarded cars over the years. Without them, we wouldn’t have nearly as many classics still around. So let’s pay homage to those who make our hobby possible the best way we can, with photos of gloriously rusty cars and plenty of banter! So take a look at the seller’s ad here on craigslist.

Chevy Hoarder 2

It appears that this collection is more a salvage yard than a private collection, but without more information we can only speculate as to its story. The seller doesn’t list much information, but does state that prices range from $3,500 all the way up to $12,000. With prices reaching this high we would hope that means some of the cars are in complete and solid condition. Then again we have seen this situation time and time again. A collector decides to sell, so they look up the value of a car and decide that their car should be worth what book says, even if the book price they are looking at is for a restored car. While we fully understand the thought process, it makes it hard for any of their cars to go to new homes. Some figure out their pricing error and adjust accordingly, while others hold out in hopes that someday they will get book for it. We can hate and complain about those that hold out, but if you stop and really think about it their idea might actually make sense. What continues to happen to the value of any desirable classic? The value just keeps climbing, making even an expensive restoration justifiable to some. Someday their unrealistic asking price might not be all that crazy. It’s a massive gamble to take that leaves the car paying the price, but you can’t blame them for hoping for a nice retirement fund.

Chevy Hoarder Bel Air

We would love to know the full story of this collection! Was it a salvage yard or a hoarder’s collection? We are sure the seller could shed some light on the situation, but without their feedback we will just have to speculate. Given the condition of many of these cars we are going to guess it was a salvage yard, but anything is possible. We don’t know too many salvage yards with ’57 Bel Airs and Camaro Convertibles still in them, so we are sure there is more to this story! Hopefully someone that knows this collection or the seller will get on and give us more details. For now let’s thank all the hoarders out there for holding on to so many old cars and if you know of someone with a massive collection or even an old salvage yard, be sure to capture some images before sights like this are gone forever!

We know the photos aren’t the best, but can you identify some of these Chevys?


  1. rusty

    absoulutely excellent tittle and subject..gonna love this…

    although I am selling up my hoarde after 35 years before the rust devours them and me I still love a good hoarder and tips me lid to his passion and wonderful folly.

    I found that I’ll health and not being able to weld and spray anymore quickly put paid to your dreams of restoring more [yes I restored / rejuvinated a lot] and worse still not being able to push cars around nor carry a box of parts ends the want of my “as found museum”.

    I am happy/grateful to be able to walk and seem “normal” in the daytime. If I risk restoring I may not be able to do that anymore.

    So half my collection is gone and replaced recently with a registered going modern but rarish micro car sportscar to have fun in.

    But I still love a good hoarder and his dream/folly/absurdity/or wonderful passion..

    The true holder of the flame for those cars that should have/ would have been refridgerators by now..and recycled a few more times in that guise.

    bring it on.

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  2. paul

    Hey it worked for Lambrecht….. I always did like those pancake roof GM’s, like those 2, 60 Chevy’s.

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  3. jim s

    i see a yellow 65 Bel Air ( i think) and pickup truck that does not look like a chevy/gmc. nice find.

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  4. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    If it weren’t for car hoarders we’d have nothing to discuss !

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  5. Rotarydave

    I have been accused of being a hoarder….. I don’t want a 12 step program and you better keep those LORDs of the Hoard guys away from me.

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  6. Horse Radish

    This is not too far from me.
    Anybody seriously interested in these cars ??,
    I can do a PPI for you, and get to check them out for myself at the same time….

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    • bernie

      Could you check out the Camaro convertible and any other Camaros on his lot?

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    • Josh Staff

      If you could grab a few photos while your there, we’d love to post them up on the site! Let us know how it looks!

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  7. Blake

    Cool that they’re for sale, but I don’t see anything there worth $3500. Maybe the ’57, but without doors? Good luck. I feel bad for these guys, because when they die, their heirs scrap their “priceless” collection and no one wins.

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  8. ron

    For the life me, I can’t understand why folks ( collectors) allow themselves to approach their eighties or older and still want to hang on to their collections. I can understand it if they have an interested in law or son or daughter that would love to inherit the stash, I see it on American Pickers all the time poople who can barely answer the door have the biggest collections and as Blake stated, most likely their heirs will ” clean up the Junk” and all is lost….forever! Pickers and collectors…….as much as we all hate to admit it….it would make more sense to take a look in the mirror once in a while….determine our “life status” sell it all off and enjoy the money while we still can…or at least leave something behind that our relatives won’t bury with disdain……! Cash is a Godsend…a back yard full of “whatever” is just another chore……….

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    • rusty

      yep ron chore is was American Pickers who affirmed to me my previous choice to sell it off was correct..I had started the selloff years before when I got sick..but seeing American pickers [it started to be shown here in Aussie a few years ago] was an eye opener..I could see how I was heading when I was healthy into old life…my resolve is not to let the stuff be buried with me and have that seaside life I wanted…I am only 55 and I am over being out of breath just carrying parts to the shed..I have seen the light!! hee hee . But i’ll try to keep a small “collection” not hoarde. but if not stuff it who cares if they are gone now..I had them once.hee hee

      But I am not like a reformed I still worship hoarders..for their saving of unwanted cars that the “normal” people disposed of 30 years agp…no matter what ever way or condition they are saved whether restorable or for parts. Without them very few cars would be saved..even worse now as new cars are stockpiled..soon governments will force our hands to buy new every year or two…mark my words.

      It will probably come to pass that no saving of old cars will be allowed as the production of new cars cannot stop for economy reasons and there is literally more [new or newish] cars in the world than drivers in total. Then there will be no car hoarders. Just a few isolated museums deemed by the government to be allowed a collecting liscence. Viva hoarders.

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  9. Chuck Foster Chuck (55chevy)

    I always tried to stay to two cars, but lately have failed LOL. I also don’t see much worth $3500, maybe the Firebird, not Camaro convertible, and 57 2 dr ht, both desirable cars. I just added a 1980 TR8 to the tarp testing yard, err, junkyard. I really am going to restore it someday, really! The older I get, at 56 is inversely proportional to my ambition, I did finally change the tranny on my 56 Bel Air, now if I could just get the newly added dual master cylinder and stubborn lines bled.
    56 Bel Air 4dr ht driver(4sale), 57 Chev BA 4dr ht proj, 61 Catalina conv proj (keeper), 68 Chev C10 shortfleet ?, 65 Mustang Fastback (wife’s), TR8 ?

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  10. ron

    I’m 69 Chuck and I am presently restoring a 1976 TR6 and having just as much fun now as I did doing restorations for my customers over the last 40 years……don’t ever down grade your physical abilities ( they increase and decrease with enthusiasm and accomplishment) ….lol…..ron

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