Holbert Superwide: 1980 Porsche 924 Turbo


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I often lament that I was born in the wrong time period. The 80’s were chock-full of big hair, big bands and big fenders, and this survivor-spec Porsche 924 Turbo here on eBay wears a variety of components that represents the accessories catalog of my dreams. Holbert Racing was the brainchild of father and son duo Robert and Al Horbert, who built a long and successful track record selling, repairing and racing Porsche vehicles in the U.S. This 924 Turbo is equipped with a variety of desirable factory options as well as a Holbert Racing “Superwide” bodykit, replicating the modifications made to the team’s SCCA racing vehicles. 


Period-correct in every way, this 924 Turbo sports awesome factory sport seats with  tartan inserts and the requisite VDO gauge cluster found in 924’s of this era. The interior remains in excellent condition, as the car has only 51,807 miles from new. I don’t think the seller’s asking price of $26,000 is out of line, especially considering the rarity of the Holbert modifications and the tastefulness of the upgrades: wide BBS wheels, MOMO steering wheel, CGT-spec turbocharger, Billy Boat exhaust and more. The seller notes that his research has revealed that the Holberts’ shop took a handful of 924 Turbos and added the performance enhancements and lightweight fiberglass body kit.


As mentioned, the engine has received its share of enhancements such as a Calloway micro-fueler computer that adds fuel via a 5th injector bung in the intake manifold when the car comes on boost.  The car also sports an Audi 5000 large throat throttle body, a larger oil cooler and an air-to-air intercooler. All of the original parts are included and let’s not forget what the desirable factory M471 Sport package included: ventilated disc brakes at all four corners, sport shock absorbers, Euro-Turbo model-specific anti-roll bars and other cosmetic enhancements (the latter of which are not present here, likely due to the body work that took place after delivery).


There are some minor cosmetic defects, mostly due to the fiberglass body kit cracking in a few places. The Martini-style side stripes were added by the Holbert crew when the widebody kit was installed, so don’t think that’s some tacky personalization by the current owner. In this picture, you can see another aero modification in the form of the genuine Carrera GT hatch spoiler. The car is also available here on the Pelican Parts forums for $23,000 or best offer. Personally, this looks like a phenomenal car with history, pedigree and the option to use it on-track as intended or as a sunny-day driver.

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  1. Salt Man

    Dude’s been trying to unload that thing for a year and a half – I really like this funky car but it might be overpriced?

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    • Matt C

      I’ve been following it that for long as well, which tells me that the market still hasn’t caught up with his asking price. Maybe now that the Porsche bubble has hit 914’s the 924’s will be next and he’ll find a buyer, but as nice as this car is (and as much as I would like it) I think he is probably still several thousands over the market. And speaking of such – what is the market? Although it looks like one, it isn’t a race car. You wouldn’t want to risk the elderly fiberglass by using it as a daily driver. So in reality it is a car show 924. How many people have you met in the hobby lusting after one of those? Short answer – none.

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      • Bobsmyuncle

        You had me up until your last sentence.

        I’m sure you are correct, that the 924 aficionados are few and far between, but if 914s, 944s, Opels, Golfs, Rabbits, etc are of interest so are these.

        It is an interesting car that you won’t see another of. This would make a great affordable car for the rallies, and Cars and Coffee mornings and would definitely have a great interest vs investment ratio at any German car show.

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      • Matt C

        Yes, you’re right, it shouldn’t be none, after all, if it was 15k I would buy it. Then again I’m a former Edsel and current Citroen and Glas owner, so it shouldn’t be a surprise I’d like this as well.

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  2. DolphinMember

    Other than 308s, Saleen Mustangs, and the 1st gen. M3 I don’t miss the cars of the ’80s very much—-mostly boxy and soft except for a few cars like the 944 and this Holbert 924 Turbo.

    I remember the test that Road & Track did on the regular 924 Turbo back when it was new: 150 mph IIRC, although it’s possible that I’m not remembering correctly, in which case it might be the competition version that could do 150 mph.

    Anyway, this Holbert version looks even better that what I remember the 924 Turbo being like. The Holberts were such great drivers and car men that this car might be pretty good even though the regular 924 wasn’t up to much. I think if anyone could make a good car out of the 924 it would be the Porsche competition dept. and the Holberts. The 924/944 body has always looked good, and this one is even better with the Martini stripes. It’s just not worth $23K to me, but if you are a Porsche man you would be sure to get a lot of attention with this at any Porsche meet.

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  3. jimbosidecar

    I was racing in Cleveland when I heard that Al Holbert’s plane crashed. He was such a big part of IMSA. I owned a 944 in the 1980s and loved it. So much more car than the (stock) 924 back then. Funny to think that a 2800 lb car motivated by a 160 HP 4 cylinder motor would be considered really fast back then.

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  4. Van

    I was born in the wrong time too.
    98% of all cars in the 80s suck.
    I’d go for 1885, drive a steam loco, see the first electric lights, indoor plumbing, the automobile, airplanes, the phonograph, Scott Joplin. Your life could take you to watching the moon landing on your own color TV.

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  5. Bobsmyuncle

    I actually really like this car (those seats!) but its just a body kit that anyone could purchase. Does it REALLY demand the high asking price?

    I’d love to hear what the experts have to say.

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  6. Luki

    If I had more garage space that baby would be mine !!!!!!!!
    I keep seeing it on Pelican and would love to own it.

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  7. Ian

    The 924 is Porsche’s PT Cruiser… You can put all the body kits, stripes, engine hop up parts and beefed up suspension parts you want. You’re still driving a 924. 914s get more respect.

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