Hollywood Cachet: 1965 Ford F100

FADE IN: EXT. OUTBUILDING – DAY. In the Nevada desert, a classic blue Ford truck rests amidst a collection of antique radiator shells in a weathered metal-sided barn.  Inside the barn, walls are adorned with old hubcaps that hang alongside vintage metal signs.  An old gas pump stands in the foreground like a sentinel to a time once forgotten…

I’ve always wanted to write a screenplay.  If the staged photo (above) of this 1965 Ford F100, available here on eBay with a BIN of $5,500, isn’t enough to pique your interest then perhaps the seller’s claim that this truck “was used on several film sets” will do the trick.  Located in Las Vegas, Nevada bidding is up to $3,500 at the time of this writing with the reserve price not met and three days remaining in the auction.

Is it me or did the truck lose a whole lot of charm after being plucked from the old barn and placed in a strip mall parking lot for this picture?  Isn’t photo marketing effective?  Although the seller uses the “p-word” to describe the condition of the exterior, I am refusing to type it in this post.  To the contrary, I’ll go out on a limb and just say this truck needs a paint job.  There are times when 53-year-old desert-baked paint is appealing but perhaps not when it shows up alongside primer spots.  The seller claims the truck is “in great shape” and the body does certainly appear solid.  Assuming this truck has spent its life in an arid climate is encouraging to potential buyers as is the seller-provided photo of the truck’s underside, revealing only surface rust on the frame.

Cramped interior photos reveal a cab that looks to be in completely original condition.  Issues the new owner may want to address include restoring the trim around the gauge cluster, painting the floor, and finding a replacement center cap for the steering wheel and one of the dash knobs.  A different photo shows the vinyl covered bench seat in fairly good condition although a significant portion of the top of the backrest is torn.  The rubber seal trim around the windshield looks well preserved and it would be nice to see pictures of the interior door panels and moldings, but none were provided by the seller.

The seller claims the presumed to be original 300 straight six “runs great” and is the recipient of a fresh oil and filter change, as well as a coolant flush. The listing reveals the truck has 160,000 miles on the clock, but details are few and no historical information is provided. The BIN price of $5,500 is comparable to other fourth generation F100s on the market and it will be interesting to see if the seller lets this truck go at auction for even less. By the way, are there any B-movie fans out there who recognize this truck?

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  1. AZD

    That first photo is almost perfect. Only the radial tires are out of place. I want everything I see there: the truck, the barn, the lifestyle, etc. Oh, to dream…

  2. Dean

    Interesting extension for the shifter

  3. bob

    Two speed rearend ? Overdrive maybe ?

    • Bubba5

      Makes shifting with arthritis easier….my uncle would push up to 2nd with top of his wrist because griping hurt his hands.

    • wjr

      Ebay description says 3spd. with 2spd. read end.

  4. Bob C.

    What’s up with the shifter extention? 160,000 miles? That engine is just breaking in.

  5. Miguel

    What a shame it has a 6 cylinder engine.

    Also it looks like bondo on the hood.

    Bondo is not patina.

    • Jeff

      I agree with you on the bondo, but the six is perfectly fine with me!

  6. Gaspumpchas

    repaint it turquoise and run it, think that’s a 240 engine? Probably the price is right for a rust free desert truck. Just finished a 64 f100 that I drug out of a junk yard in PA, this thing was so rotten that I had to get a cab and nose from Arizona. Fixed the box, 302 auto. 100 foot paint job. love it!!!

  7. Don H

    There’s nothing wrong with a 6 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

    • Miguel

      Yes there is.

      This truck need the low growl of a V8 with dual exhaust and glass packs.

      • Jeff

        I also love the sound of a V8, but the 300 six can sound pretty sweet with the right exhaust. And keep in mind, that’s roughly the same displacement as a 302. Plenty of torque!


      • Miguel

        Jeff, when you hear a 6 cylinder, you always know it is a 6 cylinder.

        As far as the displacement, I would rather have a V8 that doesn’t starve cylinders 1 and 6 for fuel.

      • Ken Member

        No, actually, it doesn’t. I’d take a high-torque six any day of the week.

        What it needs is a camper.

      • CanuckCarGuy

        I agree @Miguel, that’s the set up on my ’71 F100…390FE with true duals and glass packs – a low, rolling rumble when you come off the gas at speed, there’s nothing better. I drive windows down, radio off everywhere I go.

  8. Andy

    This is my favorite of all Ford pickups. This was the first year for the outstanding 300 six and the famous twin I-beam front suspension (both of which stayed with the line in some form until 1995). Plenty of arguments and maybe a few fistfights have broken out comparing this to the Chevrolet of the same era (also excellent pickups). This conjures rose-colored hindsight of days spent bucking hay, the small round bales stacked in a pyramid in the bed and on the 14′ trailer behind. I still see trucks of this vintage going up and down the road here in the KC area more often than any other vehicle of that era. The period-correct V8 would be a FE 352, I think. The FE is wonderful, but I’d take the torque of that six any day. I have NO IDEA what that thing is attached to the shift lever. It looks like a piece of a large wiper blade. Probably just some aftermarket handle.

    • Skorzeny

      Twin I-Beam was junk.

      • Dean

        Mr. Majestyk would beg to differ.😋

  9. AAAZDAD Member

    I believe it is a kitchen skillet handle just improvised for an extension, haha!

  10. Kenneth Ellegood

    300 was introduced for the 1965 model year witch started in Sept. 1964. It was
    an improved version of the 223 “Mileage Maker Six” (later 240).

  11. KawiVulc

    26, 27 years ago I bought a ’64 short bed 6 cyl 3 on the floor from a neighbor for $250. Used it to haul wood & as a backup to whatever I was driving at the time… sold it for the same $250 about 9 or 10 years later. Woulda coulda shoulda. These are great looking trucks, even with a long bed.

  12. Wayne

    Upgrade to the. fuel injected 300 six. ( the best thing that ever happened to the 300 6 banger. ) Proper amount of fuel to each cylinder, no more loose carburetors and no more loose intake manifolds. Put in a T5 transmission and you have a great little truck.
    You could even add a few Clifford goodies for some extra oomp!

  13. half cab

    Cool ole truck. My pappy had a ’64 F100 292y block straight axle front end.

    That waa one tuff motascooter👍

  14. Ken E.

    Ford used the 292 through a least the 66 model year.
    Only in pickups.

  15. CanuckCarGuy

    What a sweet old Ford…a coat of paint and some elbow grease would make this a winner.


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