Honest Survivor: 1977 Chevrolet K5 Blazer 2WD

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While it will never come with guarantees, a history of long-term ownership can be a fairly reassuring sign when you go to purchase a classic vehicle. This 1977 Blazer has just such a history. Its original owner kept the Blazer for 30-years, and the second owner held onto it for a further 12-years. It is now on the search for its next owner, and with bidding currently sitting at $9,000, and the reserve having been met, that day is coming very soon. If you want to be this Blazer’s next owner, you will find it located in Laguna Hills, California, and listed for sale here on eBay.

I guess that if you were to write a story about this Blazer’s history, then it could probably be titled “A Fortunate Life.” It has spent all of its 42-years either residing in Texas or California, and that’s a good thing when it comes to protecting a vehicle from the ravages of rust. That’s not to say that it is completely rust-free, but what is present is pretty insignificant. There are a few small spots appearing from under the dress strip on the driver’s side of the bed, and a spot on the driver’s side where that fiberglass canopy meets the top of the bed, but the rest of the vehicle looks to be solid. The paint in some areas, notably the hood, is showing some signs of being baked in the sun, but the rest of the photos indicate a vehicle that is as solid as a rock.

While some of the paint looks like it has copped the rigors of the sun, the interior has survived this ordeal remarkably well. The cover on the driver’s seat has obviously been replaced, as it isn’t as faded as the rest of the upholstery. It’s doubtful that the rear seat has ever been used, as it still has the factory plastic on it. The door pockets on both sides of the vehicle are a bit saggy and baggy, but these can usually be repaired at home without having to enlist an upholsterer to do the job. The headliner is also said to be sagging, so that will need some attention. Any other faults inside the Blazer are really “nickel and dime” items, and should also be able to be fixed by your average person. For added comfort, the Blazer was optioned with a tilt wheel, cruise control, tinted glass, and air conditioning

Under the hood is a 305ci V8 engine, and this sends the power to the road via a 3-speed Turbo Hydramatic transmission, while you also get power steering and power brakes. The owner says that the Blazer starts right up, but that it does need some care. Unfortunately, he doesn’t elaborate on just what that might mean. Given the relatively under-stressed and bullet-proof nature of the Blazer, especially in 2WD form, hopefully, that won’t mean much more than a good service and tune-up.

One of the great attraction of this 1977 Blazer is the fact that it really doesn’t appear to have anything to hide. It would be quite easy to tidy it up, hide the flaws, and make a lot more money from the sale than will probably be made as it is. The owner has chosen not to follow that particular path, and I respect that.

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  1. Steve

    Nice. The fact that it is a 2wd makes it even more rare. I had a friend in high school who had one similar in dark blue and white. Not sure of the exact year, but it had the pre 82 “Square” front fenders. Another pair of friends, twins, had one as well, it was around an 84 or 85 Jimmy in medium blue with silver on bottom in 4wd. We routinely tested it to see what it took to get it stuck…

    I “inherited” an 85 Jimmy 4×4 when my dad passed away. Solid white with blue interior. It has the original 305 and 700r4 overdrive. Pretty gutless, but the ac still blows cold. It is mostly original, with only running boards and a grill guard deviating from stock, but with some rust issues, which seem to plague 4x4s. Guys seem to like to offroad them, but not take the time to wash any of the mud out from underneath. Coming from the Texas Gulf Coast like “my” Jimmy makes the rust possibility even likely.

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  2. Joe Haska

    I would think it will ba a long time before you could find another one this nice. I would love to have it. Auction is not over until Sunday, I am betting it will go higher than the $9 ,000 it is at now. Someone is going to get a nice Blazer!

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  3. PaulG

    Lot of cool survivors out there, this being 2wd makes it a nice daily driver.
    There’s a nice 4wd survivor ’79 Jimmy w/ 99K miles on eBay from AZ.
    For some reason I can’t put the link on here…

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  4. markp

    The small amount of rust present is odd to me. This car was in should have been in San Antonio most of its life it should have been hot and dry. The rust where the corner of the removable top and body bothers me the most. The rust under the trim is not that bad.

    Still a nice truck I would love to own and drive as is

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    • Tim Ray

      The square body Blazer top 1973-1975 were full removable fiberglass tops. 1972 and earlier were the same as well. 1976 up were only removable half tops. The top above the driver and passenger up front was not removable.

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  5. mainlymuscle

    Really nice unit but a long ways from being the super clean driver,which most buyers would want.My expertise is in the first gen Blazer.What years were these square body units full convertibles ?
    The high prices of the 69-72 series is really pulling these ones up especially the rare 2wd.Very appealing truck,but one which the selling dealer consider more dear than we will.

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    • PaulG

      Full convertibles on the “Square bodies” was ’73-75.
      It’s funny how these trucks took off recently, and how many survived, unless it was near the rust belt.

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  6. Sam61

    Brings back memories. Best friend in high school had one…think twice before taking the roof off…PITA…need 4 strong guys. My friend had a PA system…we would drive around and yell at people…ah stupid pleasures of high school.

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  7. local_sheriff

    Highly underrated K5! While it may not be able to serve mud monster duties, a 2wd Blazer with locking differential will take you where ever ‘normal’ people would drive. I’m talking of personal experience as I DD’ed a very similar 77 C5 Custom Deluxe for years. With quality studless winter tires I think I put on snow chains only 3 times.

    You get the Blazer look and decent MPG (for a 40+ car)as it weighs less and the suspension is alot better for road duty than the 4wd. Considering parts prices/availability and ease of maintainance I’d never hesitate claiming this was the cheapest and least complicated vehicle I’ve ever owned.

    Only behemoth would be …rust. This one has surprisingly much for its whereabouts, but would be fixable. Wouldn’t mind picking this!

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  8. Gary Numan

    What a rare find.

    So few 2WD Blazers and Jimmys made in that era. Plus it is the one year only ’77 having the dull yellow chrome trim paint.

    The wheel trim rings are not original, nor the radio. The doors were hacked for the speakers sadly.

    Neat to see. Hope it has a careful and proper restoration. Quite a lot of items need to be addressed due to surface rust and fade.

    Still very cool to see this truck. I had a 1979 2WD Jimmy around 1984 that was well loaded and a 350. Put headers, duals plus some Quadrajet tuning and ignition timing. And boy o boy it did wake it up!

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  9. Miguel

    It is odd that a pick up is worth more with 4WD but a Blazer is worth more with 2WD. They are the same truck.

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  10. Busyditch

    In 1975 during college l had a summer job driving for a pump company. The pump mechanic Clint traded his 1967 Corvette ragtop with an early crate 350, mechanical cam for a new 1976 Blazer. The Chevy dealer only gave him $3000 on the trade (which l would have gladly paid him for the Vette) The Vette had a rough idle issue.
    A week late l drove past the dealer and saw the Corvette in the showroom with a $7,000 sticker on the windshield, next to a Cosworth Vega. They solved the misfire problem because the valve lash was all wrong. Needless to say, Clint was a bit disappointed

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  11. Stevieg

    When I was in college (trade school…whatever lol) I had a 2 wheel drive 1975 Blazer. 250 inline 6, 3 on the tree, factory heat delete (originally from Lousiana). Boy was that cold in our Milwaukee winters lol. But like Local Sheriff said, she went through the snow with no issues at all. Never once got stuck. What a simple truck to maintain too! I really miss it & wish I had another.
    I took the top off many times. Used to keep it off all summer long, rain & all lol. All it took was a friend & I to take it off & remount it. I later rigged up a chain system hooked to a come-along to the garage ceiling and rafters, then it became a 1 man operation lol. That top would hang there, swinging in the breeze all summer long lol. I would just back in the garage at night & park under it.

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  12. BuickNut

    A friends mother had a 4wd 78 Blazer. I loved that truck, it just had street tires but when he started driving it was the beginning of the end. The thing was spotless till we started taking it thru the woods, never got it stuck. It came to an end running from a mall cop, the cop came upon the wreckage and didn’t know it was the same truck. He hit a couple of poles, ended up on its side with it still idling.
    I can see this one being bagged and LSed. It will look good. I would love to have a 2wd or 4wd. You can pick one up a lot cheaper than the trucks.

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