Hoof To The Mouth! 1972 Ford Bronco

Consider my jaw dropped to the ground! $72.5K Buy It now for a 1972 Ford Bronco? Yes, it’s an Explorer model. Yes it has dealer added on AC.  Yes, it is mainly original, in a great ’70s yellow/butterscotch color. But man, was I under a rock when these off roaders hit Porsche money? Find this bucking Bronco here on eBay in Fairhope, Alabama.

Factory 302 with a three-on-the-tree means this tough dude should scoot just fine over hill and dale. 4X4 is in working condition and the white top makes a nice contrast with the original looking paint and brown seats. This truck has been lifted to a more modern height, but the original suspension parts come with the sale if one chooses to lower it back down.

There is some bubbling on the back tailgate, corrosion under the side trim, added on gauges and radio, and patina sprinkled throughout. You can leave it original, character and all, or dive into a huge aftermarket geared towards these first generation Broncos. Judging by the condition underhood, especially the cool model specific air cleaner and mounted jack, this one would be best left alone and enjoyed. We just need Marshall Lucky from New Deal Used Cars to take care of that price!


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  1. RoKo

    The seller is out of his mind.

    • john dump

      $7250. Extra “0” in price

    • Jerry Brentnell

      these rust buckets were ugly and cheap looking when new so do suppose it gets better with age? not likely!

    • Davey

      I would say pure unadulterated
      greed RoKo!!!

  2. GA

    Twice what it’s worth, nice but not that nice.

  3. chad

    the jack’n ac don’t look right along w/alot else…

  4. Dan

    Looks like an automatic to me….

    • Todd Zuercher

      Three on the trees sort of look like automatics, but the slightly longer shift handle and a clutch pedal are dead giveaways :).

    • Herbie Rock

      Guess you didn’t see the clutch pedal.

  5. Todd Zuercher

    Looked this one over a few days ago – that quarter panel rot and bubbly tailgate knocks it down a lot for me. Add in the cracked dash, non-original AC, questionable add-on gauges, and that janky foam on the AC line along with the jack that chad mentioned and I’m a lot, lot lower than 72K…..

    • BCG 1

      THE expert has spoken.

  6. David Ulrey

    Price is insane! Even more so than the insane average price of these. Love the vehicles, hate the prices.

    • Dave

      Barrett Jackson don’t sell them for that. In perfect condition.

  7. JW

    These first generation Broncos are way over priced, was just scanning ebay yesterday looking at them and average asking price is 25K to 36K which is BS as they are nothing but off road toys or plow vehicles. This seller is insane if he thinks he will get even close to what he’s asking.

  8. Alex

    I have a 1987 Ford Bronco and only paid 1,400 for it and everything looks like it just came out of the factory and it so amazing that they look so great no matter what year

  9. SDV

    Good luck with that price!!

  10. Metoo

    It sure won’t sell at that price. Or even 1/3 of it.

  11. Rustytech Member

    If that’s a misprint, and the real price is $7250.00 I’m all over it! After complete restoration it’s worth about $32,500 from what I’ve seen of auction results.

    • Jeffro

      Maybe he meant $72.5 million. He’s over priced anyway, so what’s the difference?

  12. Jay M

    My Dad bought the twin of this new.
    I learned to drive on it, and it was fun off road, horrible to drive on roads.
    I’ve always had a soft spot for them, but they really were pretty rough and crude.
    I can’t believe anyone would think they are worth this much.

  13. Thad

    that’s too f*cking high!! 🤠

  14. lawyer George

    Absurdity requires no comment!

  15. ROTAG999

    Fairhope Bama i say no hope @ that price …..

  16. Reid Hall

    My Dad had a blue on white addition, original, with no fender cutouts,and or flares. This was a custom upgrade many trucks of this Era had received, so it’s kinda hard, and or rare to find one in this good of condition .Although l don’t see 20k-30k,maybe more like 10k-20k on a good auction day, and or night.

  17. Craig

    Ebay is not Barrett Jackson. This thing isn’t 73K even if it was perfect.

    • Nrg8

      Not even pebble beach

  18. Srt8

    A buddy of mine had one just like this, he got drunk and flipped it end over end. He was ok, the Bronco…….not so much. He probably cries every time he sees the prices on these things (although this one has “smokin crack” written all over the ask).

  19. Reese

    Seller may be high on price but in the end it is everyone’s right to ask whatever they want.

    • Wrong Way

      Just remember that anything is worth what someone is willing to pay!

  20. Wrong Way

    It’s amazing how we of the generation of the bronco and some of us older than the first broncos saw these as cheap 4×4’s! I would have never imagined that they could or would become something of a collector status! I have some wild memories of these cruising along the beach south of Tampa! Oh yeah, that was before the beaches were bought up by big corporate companies and became no trespass beaches! Times have changed for the worst!

  21. will

    This is your mind on DRUGS!

  22. DL

    If you’ve lost your mind well, why stop there? http://classicfordbroncos.com/builds/

    • Nrg8

      Lol. And to think I feeling guilty offering up the three I got asking 2500 each for the 3 driving complete but really rusty ones I have in the back40. All v8’s one standard. One is a half cab even. This is what’s wrong with the hobby. Where it use to be a family thing, it’s now a stupid money investor thing…..

      • Todd Zuercher

        Nrg8: please…no guilt!! I can assuage your feelings by taking them off your hands…

  23. John

    Love these older Broncos, been looking for one these for a while but the price damn…I know these are up in price but no way.

  24. Maestro1 Member

    I think the seller meant $7250.00. Even that figure is too high. I don’t get why this product is so overpriced in general. I’ve owned a Bronco, which is what this is, and it was servicable and boring.

  25. Marauder

    Now that’s what I call entertainment!

  26. Tyler

    Maybe if it was Panelli Jones’ Big Oly Bronco…

  27. Greg Member

    I almost bought one just like this one in the 80’s….for $2000! I bought a 78 Plymouth Trailduster Sport with a 440 and AC instead. Loved that truck! I can’t believe Broncos go for this kind of money 💰! A day will come when the market bottom falls out for these, and it’ll be funny all the schmucks that paid this kind of money for them!

  28. chad

    The prices went up as the net grew, not sure Y but I observed the climb starting in bout ’92 (when a buncha geo-centric on-line ‘clubs’ formed & started connectin across the country). The $180K one linked has prts readily avail from a doz. bronk specific aftmrkt places. They put it 2gether like a modular unit (carpenters do this now w/houses!). There’s reasons besides this (like buyers who saw them growin up, havin $ now – look @ Porsche prices). Beside these 2 I can’t think of too many more reasons.

    As an ol contractor I used for paintin in the 80s described ‘a deal’ :

    “If it’s good 4 me, great, pretty nice…
    If it’s good for you, swell, may B even beddah.
    But unless it right for bodah us – there’s no deal, sale, agreement.”

  29. 1st Gear

    Did this seller take a stupid pill?

  30. Nrg8

    Those style mirrors did not come on the scene until the mid eighties. Paint on the hood stops. And look at those wheel tubs, right one looks half repainted. The outside rear quarters below the top moulding is all blistered. Inner quarters seams look like duck tape on them to wheel tubs. Looks like crusty blisters on all of the inside seams. Blisters on the outside gate and a hole on the inside of it. Never seen a hard top inside look like that, usually a cardboard style panel on the roof and nothing around the door frame. This guy either has been fed horse pucky or he is despensing it

  31. Mike

    A really nicely restored Scout can be had for 25k. Really???

  32. Mike

    I think his ol’ lady said it needed to go down the road…but he doesn’t want it to…

  33. Big Mike

    Makes you wonder what that guy is smoking!!!!

  34. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Thankfully the auction has ended. No suckers.

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