In the Horse Barn: 1969 Ford Bronco

I grew up seeing Broncos just like this one on a daily basis. They literally were every where and were being used year around. Today though, there really aren’t many still around. They seem to have a propensity to rust and many were driven into the ground. While they were actually pretty well built, most people drove them hard and put them away wet, so the fact that any have survived is quite impressive. This particular rig is going to need a fair amount of work, but this barn find doesn’t look too rusty and it’s complete. If like me, you’ve always wanted one to take on some off road adventures, be sure to check this one out here on eBay in Lawrenceville, Georgia with a current bid of $3,150 with no reserve.

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  1. chad

    as all ways: wish 4 more pic (to gauge nxt efforts’n price point).

  2. Howard A Member

    Well, it’s rough, no doubt, but certainly better than ANY Bronco barn find in the midwest. We’ve seen midwest Bronco’s come through here, and there’s nothing left, except the drivetrain. This is already past the point of just being a good “yard 4×4 beater”, so it probably will be restored. One off road trip for the new owner, will tell them right away why it’s called a Bronco (don’t forget the seatbelt,,,or a helmet for when your head hits the roof)

  3. Big Mike

    Could you say that somebody took a picture of the a Southbound end of a Northbound Bronco!!!!!!

  4. Dave Member

    ^ har har

  5. tasker

    I’d give it a home….love these little guys!

    • John

      Dude, you need to learn to share😊

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  6. JW

    Well there’s a lot of work here and being only a 6 banger the high bid of $4,300 is all I would pay. Since I sold a perfect one with a 351W in 1995 for $5,500.

    • P J

      Um, 1995 was 22 years ago…. just sayin…

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  7. jim munn

    I just bought a barn find in my town. 1968 Half cab 33500 miles with a pto winch.$10,000. Minimal rust except for inside the bed next to the cab. Pretty good for one for being next to the salt water. Only used for hauling wood to the house.

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