Hot 340 V8 – Free Dodge Pickup Attached!

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A brown Dodge pickup from the ’80s rarely causes much excitement, even among the Mopar faithful. However, this 1982 Dodge D150 in Lashmeet, West Virginia swallowed a high-revving 1969 340 cid (5.6L) V8, Chrysler’s weapon in the late ’60s Trans Am racing series (de-stroked to 305 cid). The vintage 340 giant-killer engine, wrapped in a plain brown wrapper, seeks a new owner here on eBay. Seemingly priced to sell, the pickup has attracted more than eight bargain-hunters driving the value beyond $1500. If you want that 340 in a complete running pickup for $4500, simply click Buy It Now to end the auction early.

This original-bore 1969 340 wears an updated carburetor, intake, valve covers, and exhaust headers. Otherwise, it’s factory including the (rebuilt) factory heads. Originally rated at 275 HP, the mighty 340’s true horsepower likely approached 330 (thanks to for some details).

Tidy yet imperfect, the relatively stock D150 makes a stealthy sleeper. Steel wheels and stock-looking exhaust complete the look. Sporty-looking trucks of this vintage with stock motors should generally pass on a showdown with this angry old Prospector. A bulletproof three-speed 727 automatic handles gear-changes behind 340. El-Cheapo tires and wheel-spin combine to defend against potential drive-train damage.

Luscious carpet invites you to drive barefoot!(1)  Show some respect and toss those muddy boots in the bed before taking this nicely outfitted truck for a spin. As the seller mentions, you could install a low-budget 318 and sell the truck to recoup most or all of the Buy It Now price. Then drop the hot 340 in your classic A Body or E Body. What’s your favorite part of this package deal?

(1) Comment not to be taken literally. May not be legal in all areas.

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  1. Nevadahalfrack NevadahalfrackMember

    We’ve been throwing the word”Qship” and “sleeper” around on this forum for awhile now when talking about surprising with the unexpected: here’s a real-deal sleeper with a bed attached!
    Kinda tough to hookup the tires with no weight in the back (depending on the suspension and gearing of course) but still a hoot to drive I’ll bet. Well, wrong coast and it’s not free so I’m out..😢

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  2. Moparman MoparmanMember

    Having personally constructed a 340 powered A-100 van “Q-ship” back in the day, I LIKE it!! :-)

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  3. CanuckCarGuy

    Beauty truck, the Dodge is a refreshing change from the usual bow tie and blue oval offerings; nothing better than driving an underestimated tire fryer.

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    Canuck car guy, you said it perfectly. Like the idea and the truck looks like its in good shape, these are unobtainium around here in the rust belt. That 340 was one hot setup, Like they say, MOPAR meant massively Overpowered and respected!! Good luck to the new owner.

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  5. Del


    Looks like he will get what he wants

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  6. scottymac

    Ultra rare 8″ Magnum XE GT wheels, too?

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  7. Wayne

    I like it! Can’t have it!
    But I still want it. ( even with the automatic)

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  8. Jake Jake

    I own an ‘82 D150 Prospector in Kansas, brought home to Illinois and everyone who’s looked at it tells me they never see these because they turn into rust up here. This is a sweet truck from what I see and a reasonable price.

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  9. BigDoc

    Great looking truck.

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  10. stillrunners

    What a boss did back in the day – to his short/wide 350 4 speed Chevy (about 1973 ) and what we did was take the bed off – get some BIG thick plates – like they cover the holes in the street – cut the metal plate and put holes in it – and put the factory bed back on top ! Most never looked up under….the extra weight did help !

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  11. Lee Ann Riffe

    Patrick, Get a hold of me please, Rooster

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