Super Charged Barn Find? 1937 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery

Here’s a first, it’s a listing with absolutely no description unless you consider, “1937 Chevrolet Other Pickups. Condition is “Used.” to be a description of some sort. That being the case, the images, and an interpretation of them, will have to do the talking. This 1937 Chevy hotrod is located in Dickinson, Texas and is available here on eBay for a current bid of  $9,100 with seventeen bids tendered so far.

Chevrolet offered two different panel trucks in ’37, a standard with a 112″ inch wheelbase and an extended version at 131.5 but this subject vehicle, based on its hood side trim, appears to be a similar-looking sedan delivery. It has a sort of Kermit the Frog has an accident vibe about it with its flames over an eye-catching green base. Unfortunately, the outside could stand a good washing which would better able us to see all of its detail – the passenger side, in particular, has some sort of dark dreck splattered about. This Chevy isn’t described as a barn find but considering its dust quotient, it appears to have spent some amount of time slumbering indoors. That said, the flame application looks to have been well applied as it emanates from its center “hot” source which is supposed to be the grille. The American Racing wheels cap off the exterior, but again, a good cleaning would work wonders for them.

Originally, this sedan delivery would have been powered by an 85 HP, 216 CI, in-line six; it now has a supercharged small-block V8, but which one? Same with the transmission, it’s an automatic but which one? We could speculate all day but an inquiry will need to be made. Whatever the case, the motor doesn’t appear as if it has run in quite some time.

The interior and cargo area have been refinished in a beige fabric that is covering high-back bucket seats as well as the door cards. The instrument panel appears to be all custom and it looks great placed behind an aftermarket, undersized wooden steering wheel. As is frequently the case, the steering column is a late model GM piece. The interior presents surprisingly well!

The cargo area continues the theme, at least with what can be spied. Interestingly, there is what looks like a false floor in place which provides underside storage. It would appear as if someone has motorcycling interest…

This hot-rod has a lot going for it, it’s a shame that the listing is non-existent with detail. Giving this Chevy a good cleaning, getting it started, assuming that can be easily accomplished, and describing its virtues in detail would help enhance its value. But of course, seventeen bids seem to already see its value just as it sits.

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  1. David Frank David Member

    Sad. It looks like Miss Piggy won this time and Kermit has gone down in flames.

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    • Phlathead Phil.

      Hahaha, great analogy!

      P.S. I like the color scheme on your Tudor. Thinking of painting mine in a similar vibe.

  2. Oddballcars

    Ya know… this thing looks really sad right now, but it was clearly built by an amateur back in the day who at least had enough gumption to finish the job… so many of these projects never get completed at all. Now it’s high time for an update, but I gotta hand it to the original builder, as ugly as it is by today’s standards, at least at one time this project was completed and he tore up the streets on his way to the Dairy Queen like a proud papa.

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  3. Mike

    I think I recall this one because I lived down there for 9 years and pinstriped many hot rods. As for wheelbase on these, there was only one size 37/38 Sedan delivery 112″ wheelbase on the car chassis unless special ordered coachbuilt ambulance, hearse, or whatever. The panels had 2 back doors, were bigger and longer with 122″ wheelbase. I’ve owned 5 of the 37/38’s, one panel and there are no long-wheelbase SD models that I have seen in the US. Australia and possibly Euro versions were different on the back and sides and they were a bit longer. That “hidden” floor area is original used for a spare tire and misc stuff.

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  4. David Kirschnick Member

    Info ?? How do you get in touch with seller??

    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      Via the eBay listing.


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  5. DON

    It looks like a model car kit that some 12 year old painted , but it looks really solid and would look great again with the right color and some chrome !

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  6. Mike Hartman

    It’s that 80s pastel look. Be sure the car NOT painted by a kid

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    • DON

      I said it looked like a kid painted model car , not a 12 year old painted this .

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  7. Steve R

    Dated, and not in a good way. It is a desirable body style, but the ad is so poorly constructed I’m surprised it’s been bid so high.

    Steve R

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  8. yankeewatchdog

    I’d pull the SBC out and throw it away….SBF would replace it, just because

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  9. Gray Wolf

    Why do we keep calling door panel door cards? Aren’t door cards what Europeans call their “door panels”? Door cards the new “Bo Ho” term? A hood is a hood, not a “bonnet”. Quit changing what the name given when built! GEEZ, WISS, BANG! Next a kick panel will be a “punt card”! Door handle to “door clasp”! That goes on jewelry! What your door card Captain Kurt!

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    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      You call them what you want and I’ll refer to them as I see fit for the article.


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      • Gray Wolf

        Read some older hot rod magazines, they are called “door panels”, same with reproduction companies in their catalogs. Use the right term for that era. It’s not Motor Trend! Just cause you write it, doesn’t mean it’s correct. Otherwise, nice article.

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      • Jim ODonnell Staff

        Gray Wolf:

        The term is used interchangeably. I have purchased and replaced plenty of door “panels” on my older cars and know that they are frequently sold with that terminology. Once you have written 1,000 articles or so, you start looking for ways to mix the terms up a bit, otherwise, it becomes a pretty monotonous world. You left me with your Motor Trend comment.

        I write in a fashion that I think is appropriate and will engage readers. Any that don’t care for my writing style are always free to disregard my articles and/or go elsewhere.

        Thank you,


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      • Bhowe Member

        Write the way you want to write! Never been in a web site before where some people are more than nitpicky but downright hostile. For crying out loud this is supposed to be a site for people that like older vehicles for the purpose of enjoyment and happiness. For some to sit and argue with an author about this word or that word is ridiculous. Show a little class.

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  10. Miguelito Loveless

    I would make it a Low rider.

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    • Gray Wolf

      Surf wagon! Wagons, panel trucks and sedan delivery’s were charro in our day, nobody wanted them except us surfers. Cheap and great to sleep in and secure your surfboards. Same goes for VW vans, not many people wanted them, now look at them!

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  11. Gray Wolf

    A bit of a “sticky wicket” Jim? LOL! Door panels are for vintage cars!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. Proper terms for proper era.

    • Ian C

      FFS… Is it really that big of a deal? I wish I didn’t have anything better to do than complain about wording on a car part. It isn’t causing confusion. It is called regional dialect. I am sure you and I use wording that others will find odd. Just let it go. Maybe try to get on board next time they are looking for writers. I am sure someone would be more than happy to complain about your wordage as well.

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  12. Bhowe Member

    I so believe in the 80s Monogram had a 1/24 scale model kit of this exact vehicle. It was molded in a similar green color and I think had decals similar to the paint job on this

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  13. larry

    Thank you Gray Wolf !!! This site is the only place I ever even heard the term door cards and wondered what they were talking about ?? If they want to call the foreign ones door cards we really don’t care but on the American Vintage tin lets get it correct…they are DOOR PANELS !!!

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  14. 64 Bonneville

    could that be a S.C.O.T. blower on a 327 w/ aftermarket valve covers? looks similar to these old eyes from what I saw on flatties back in the day.

  15. Gray Wolf

    Geez Bhowe, don’t you see the LOL! It was just having some fun! If you not picked a little closer you would have noticed! I liked his article. If you write in a newspaper, magazine you need some tough skin the bigger the publication the more criticism. If you can’t except that, then you have to put your pen down. Sports world the same thing, take the cheers with the booing! Note trying to be hardline, just having some fun!

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