Hot Rod Dreams: New York Junkyard Cleanout

I like to think I know where every junkyard with classic cars is hiding when it’s in my neck of the woods, but this one is an unknown to me. Located somewhere near Newburgh, New York, this listing appeared on craigslist offering muscle car hunters the opportunity to pick up a whole carcass for restoration purposes. Newburgh isn’t far from where I used to call home in New York’s Hudson Valley region, but the pictures posted here on craigslist are the first I’ve ever seen of this place.

Try as I might, Google has not turned up any info for a place called “Scrams” in the Newburgh area. Regardless, the listing claims there’s a treasure trove of vehicles from the 1930s thru the 1980s, with all the popular marques represented: Studebaker, Mercury, Hudson, Packard, Buick, Mopar, and more. Of course, me being me, I’m curious about that W124 Mercedes in the background.

The seller says prices begin at $500 and that package deals can be made for buyers taking home three or more vehicles at a time. Paperwork is unlikely for a car that’s been a junkyard inhabitant for any number of years, but you don’t have to take a whole car: the listing and photos show plenty of vintage truck cabs, too, if you’re looking for an easier way to sink your teeth in. If you’ve been to Scrams, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

Frames, hoods, doors, and fenders are all mentioned as some of the parts you’ll find on site; however, this being the northeast, very few will likely be usable as-is. That’s not to say it will be completely rotted out, but I suspect surface rust is covering most everything in some fashion. With 15+ acres, Scrams seems like a great place to wander around and get lost in, and I may have to plan a visit the next time I visit my folks.


  1. 71FXSuperGlide

    Wow – interesting find, despite what must be an inordinate amount of rust among the vehicles.

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  2. Little_Cars

    Could this place have been hit by Hurricane Sandy upstream from the coast? Everything looks corroded. The door on that 55 Chevy looks to be one for a 56. Love those skirts on the shoebox Ford coupe. Sweet.

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    • don

      No , this is a typical old time New England junkyard ; they all look the same , and little, if anything is salvageable . Having lived here all my life, I can tell you the story of those Chevelles – They likely ended up there in 1979 ( 10 years average life span up here ), and then were picked apart for a few years by young kids who were trying to fix up their $300.00 first car , and after that , they sat ,and will sit because anything good was pulled years ago and the rest just rots away . The same could be said for the rest of the cars there -There’s no gold in old New England junkyards, just miles and miles of rust .They are best just to go and look around in, just don’t get your hopes up !

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  3. Fred H

    I submitted this but didn’t get credit . Thanks. Barn Find . This will be my last submission.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Sorry Fred, sometimes we add things to the list and they get written up before the reader tips come in. We do our best to give everyone credit though.

    • SumtingWong

      Don’t go away mad.

  4. Sal

    I don’t understand these kinds of northeastern junk yards. All of the ones that know what they are doing have long gotten rid of ‘old stuff’.

    The rest are pretty much all the same. They hoard stuff that looks like it was launched off the side of a mountain and refuse to sell for anything less then a mint. So instead it sits open, unprotected, and forgotten while they hope it will some day grow exponentially in value. Fast forward 20, 30, or 40 years and this stuff is so rotted they can only ask $500 for it. Which is probably less then what someone offered them way back in the day! (without even factoring in inflation)

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    • Nick p

      There is a 66 gto near my hometown that my father and I found when looking for my first car. It was up on blocks with the numbers matching motor removed but the owner wouldn’t sell it because he was gonna restore it. Everyone around knew about the car. It still sits there today, not much left that could be used. My own son is now 21

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  5. Will Fox

    The upper east coast looks as kind to old iron as Nebraska is. Sorry but I don’t see one redeemable piece in the entire yard. If the top side of these look this bad, they must all be “Flintstone-mobiles” with rotted out floors.

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  6. Tyler

    Don’t see anything worth $500!

  7. Andy

    Just this posting on facesuck, and came right over here to submit, only to find out I’ve been beaten to the punch! Anyway, I used to work with a guy who is a member of the family that owns this. Keep telling myself I should go over and take a wander…

    Here’s the post from facesuck…

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  8. Clayton Bryant

    “Stack em’ deep and sell em’ cheap………………

  9. TimM

    These cars are about 40 miles from me and I need to go check it out with some cash in hand!!! New York cars are not always in the best shape but anything prior to 1968 was before tons of salt were put on the roads. Most road materials were just sand back then!! Now they use calcium chloride and nothing running in the winter stands a chance!!! I’ve seen 2 year old vehicles with the brake lines gone!!! Just because the car is pre 68 doesn’t mean it wasn’t on the road after 68!!!

  10. larry newkirk jr

    my name is Larry and this is my fathers junkyard. for my entire life for 30 years i watched my dad pull every car into this junkyard by hand. it was just his personal hobby. Scrams is not a business just a personal private junkyard and me as his son put a couple ads up to try to help him downsize. my email is if any are interested but the negative comments are just unnecessary

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    • theGasHole

      Hey Larry kudos to your dad for doing this! I know some guys will say there’s nothing worthwhile there but don’t let them get you down…if you sent all of these cars to the crusher those same guys would crucify you for doing that, too.
      BTW, if you happen to have a 1958 Oldsmobile, let me know.

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    • CrazyGeorge CrazyGeorge

      I’ve been there ! Maybe 20 years ago. But I was there.
      And I met Mr. Larry Newkirk.
      He is a gentleman and he has the greatest HOARD in New York State. The beauty is it’s all legal.. They can’t touch him , he’s grandfathered in.
      I tell you I saw vehicles from the teens to the 90’s in all states of disrepair. Some solid and some religious ( very holy )
      There was a Gold 1973 Javelin a 1948 Oldsmobile convertible. . A 1946 Lincoln limo. A nice light blue 1967 Mustang coupe with a melted dash and a 302/4speed these cars and maybe 2 dozen more were fixable , Lots of Packards , Hudsons ,Nash, DeSoto, Studebaker, Kaisers and one Checker, Fords especially Mustangs,Cougars ..Chevys Pontiacs , Oldsmobile’s Cadillacs and a LaSalle. A section of old 30’s to the 60’s Large Trucks … All Intact, no scavenging allowed. The older stuff is just rust colored, no paint left, chrome pitted.. the stainless is ok. But these cars exist and parts are getting scarce. ATTENTION CUSTOMIZERS ! There are grills and side trim and tail lights. And they are in decent shape. Where else you gonna find em ?

      NY winters take their toll. Cars, dirt and dampness spell death to floors, fenders and lower quarters.
      Larry used to bring in wrecks and junkers but he never sold anything they would scrap some but keep the good stuff . The yard has Everything from the 30’s to the 90’s and probably beyond looking at the pictures But here’s the catch, THE CARS ARE COMPLETE. THEY NEVER SOLD ANY PARTS. At least when I was there. ….
      Too bad I was there before the dawn of cell phones and digital cameras ( I have memories but no pictures) I went there on a whim . I was with another friend Wayne P. who knew Mr. Newkirk.
      Larry asked me not to broadcast the yard or it’s contents.
      I was ecstatic to see this place of urban legend so out of respect I have kept quiet all these years.
      Larry actually offered me anything I could use from the Javelin . ( I thought Wayne was gonna plotz ) I had a few AMX’s and he knew exactly what I had and extended a helping hand . I regret not taking him up on his offer. My AMX still sits, undone, for 40 years. ( I’m gonna fix it up someday ! yeah, right.. ) Larry’s AMX didn’t look that bad in fact it looked better than mine.
      Believe me , these cars are worth the trip, even if you only see them.
      ( Note to Larry : charge admission )
      You can see the yard from the NYS Thruway but finding it is another story altogether. The yard is in the woods off a dirt road next to a landfill, ( the perfect neighbor to have if you gots lots of junk ! ) many have seen the Willys Coupe in the woods off the thruway in the winter but few have actually touched it ….

      Kudos to Paul Z for the directions ( A guard lives in the house-trailer and does his job well. Your not gonna get past him .)

      Hay Jeff, please give credit where it’s due …
      Thank you “ Fred H “ Ya done good !
      After all he did find this…
      I still can’t believe what I’m reading. Larry’s gonna part with a few.
      I’d go quick before he changes his mind.

      Finally, to Larry Newkirk Jr. Your dad is a true gentleman and a real nice guy.
      Please give him my regards. He knows me as the yellow AMX on Road. Does he still have the white Plymouth coupe ?
      I will always remember the day I spent with CrazyWayne looking at the history of transportation in Plattekill …

      I moved away years ago. I love NY but the taxes and the cost of living make life miserable… and the Government at the state level, well, if you can’t say anything nice. But by all means go to this yard , bring cash AND TAKE A CAMERA !
      There’s History in them there woods….and parts cars are hard to come by especially if they’re complete.

    • Peter T Glass

      Larry: Your brother Lenny gave me a quick tour a couple of years ago. Who should I be talking to? You or him? Pete Glass at 845.332.5478

  11. TimM

    I left the comment above yours!! I hope you don’t think I was bad mouthing your dads yard cause I wasn’t!! I always try to give everyone the respect I think they deserve!! To me most any car can be saved!! If not it’s parts can live on in something else!! I’m forty minutes away off exit 20 on NYS Thruway!! I’d love to come take a look!! What are your hours of operation???

    • larry

      i hear ya, its no problem. we’d lovde to have you. theres no regular business hours its just by appointment we live 2 minutes away. shoot me an email and ill give you my number and we can schedule!

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