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Hot Rod History! 1933 Ford Standard Coupe

There might be more radical vintage hot rods, but this 1933 Ford Standard Five-Window Coupe in Cassadaga, New York comes with tractable history from time spent in Southern California serving a U.S. Marine during the early ’50s. Best of all, the car has barely changed since then! Collectors with an interest in a running, driving Ford drenched in period touches should look here on eBay where $45,000 can make it yours. Thanks to Patrick S. for suggesting we feature this classic slice of Eisenhower-era Americana.

The largely original Henry Ford body did have its top filled with metal back in the day, a common upgrade over the original wood and fabric top insert. Other upgrades include a ’40 flathead V8, ’40 hydraulic aka “juice” brakes in place of the original mechanical brakes, a ’36 manual transmission, ’48 wheels, ‘and 41 hubcaps.

The red interior came from the ’50s and extends to the rumble seat area. This ’33, with its full fenders and rumble seat, would have looked decidedly anachronistic alongside newer cars, as evident in the photograph below.

This picture shows the owner sometime during 1952 or ’53 on the base at US Marine Corps Air Station, El Toro, CA as contributed to a page with more of this car’s history here on jalopyjournal.com.

The 1940 Flathead V8 included numerous advances over the 1933 version. Check out this and other details on the excellent page describing the history of the flathead here on themotorhood.com. The ideal new owner may be someone with a connection to 1950s Marines in California, or anyone looking to honor the car’s history by keeping it running as nearly as possible to its current condition. Swapping or disguising the parts-store battery might be a good start. The auction includes a “Make Offer” button – what offer would you make?


  1. slw71962 Member


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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      I see that. Actually I liked the Victoria that came up instead when I accessed the ad for this one…

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    Nice car to have. I always preferred a 5-window to a 3. Once again it’s way out of my budget but what can I do? Missed the Mega Millions again. That 24 stud engine was a good upgrade from the original. The ’33 engine would’ve still had the Detroit Lubricator single barrel carburetor complete with the lean mixtures at the furthest cylinders. 75 hp vs 90, that alone would’ve really perked it up.

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  3. 86 Vette Convertible

    Every time I see something like this I think of the California Kid. It would be a total shame to mod this one, it’s something I have always wanted to do if I could have found the right shell to do it. This one is too nice to do anything but clean it up, a little fixing here and there and drive it.

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  4. Uncle Bob

    Ad was removed “because of an error in the listing”, which means the seller made a deal some other way without ebay getting a piece of the action. He had this for sale on the HAMB too, so that might have produced a buyer. It would be nice to know what it sold for (if it did) just to have a feel for the market trend. This appears to be a legit car with some desirable features for the genuine traditional crowd. Very ’50s used car/mild hot rod configuration. The documentation is good stuff, and might enhance the value for that just right buyer.

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  5. Joe Haska

    I can’t resist commenting on this car, since I own one just like it. As usual Uncle Bob pretty much said it all. I too would like to know the selling price as cars like this one or not all that common, and for sale. So it is not surprising the listing was taken down. Forty five K could be a valid number, but as Bob said it will have to take a special buyer, that being some one who has a connection with this era of a Hot Rod, and will step up, for a chance to own it. For all of you that think the car has to be original and restored, I believe who ever ends up with this will want it for its provenance and will not change it much!

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  6. Karl

    I hope this car went to somebody who will keep it stock and beautiful just like it is now!!!
    I saw the pic and hate to admit it but I saw a serious hot rod project with a blown SBC sticking out between the rails. That’s why I cannot be trusted with cars like this!!!!!

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  7. Tort Member

    If I was the one that was fortunate enough to buy it I wouldn’t change any thing.

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  8. Karl

    I think the good part is at 45k that’s enough money to hopefully make somebody think twice about chopping it up!

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  9. Leman

    no car that old is worth that asking price.

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  10. Uncle Bob

    Okay, maybe there actually was an error as both the HAMB listing is renewed and there’s a new Ebay ad up now at $42k. Looks like they added contact names and numbers as well as adjusting the price…….might not have been getting much action on the first ebay ad and the HAMB ad has run over a month.

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    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Thanks Uncle Bob – link updated!

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