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Hot Rod Project: 1934 Ford Pickup

front truck

This old pickup is listed on craigslist in Santa Rosa, California with an asking of $9,500. It’s described as an early hot rod project, but the only non-stock item mentioned is the conversion to hydraulic brakes. There appears to be another hot rod project next to it, and doors stacked against the wall, perhaps it’s a 1930s Ford Coup? Wouldn’t you love to dig around in that shop for parts?

right rear

This pickup appears to only have surface rust, but needs a floor for the bed. Except for the wheels, the rest looks pretty original. I think the truck is certainly worth saving, hopefully in a stock form, but what is it really worth? There’s no word on the state of the engine. These prewar trucks are holding their value much better than cars, but the owner may be in for a disappointing surprise when he discovers how little people are willing to pay for this. A couple of similar trucks sold recently on eBay. A running one sold for $6,300 and one with a buy it now that the seller accepted a lower offer.


  1. Avatar photo JW

    Cool old Ford truck but a little steep on the price, also a little more detail on what’s been done to the truck already might help sell it, just not at that price.

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  2. Avatar photo DENIS

    I’d like to own it, but not at that price….

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  3. Avatar photo RandyatBBY

    Funny I watch Bobs Craig’s List post all the time. He has a lot of projects and parts. He is a regular on Craig’s List. At one time he had about 8 32 ford chassis. I do not know if they are all gone but he is not cheap from what I have seen.

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  4. Avatar photo Matt Tritt

    Note that it’s got a chopped top as well. The seam is very visible on the back of the cab. The steerring wheel is also not right.

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  5. Avatar photo Rick

    Awesome old project. A blank canvas that you could build any way you wanted. Makes me think of the old AMT ’34 Ford truck model kit that I had in the late 60s. Wish I had the time, money and inclination for this one.

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    • Avatar photo randy

      That’s all it takes Rick, money, time, and inclination. Easy peasy!

      I wish I could grow and bottle all three.

      I would put a very quiet and smooth running V8 in it, something comparable to a Northstar. I could pull up next to someone, they would not even know the engine was running.

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      • Avatar photo Jason Houston

        But they’d sure know it wasn’t authentic… the cobbled roof gives it away.

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    • Avatar photo jim s

      just checked ebay an no complete kit for sale right now but the instructions sheets are and it show 3 in 1, stock, hotrod or tow truck. the AMT 3 in 1 kits were always fun to build plus you ended up with a lot of extra parts.

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  6. Avatar photo Danger Dan

    good for bob. everybody wants cheap.

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  7. Avatar photo MountainMan

    Great looking old truck but I agree that the seller , Bob is ASKING for more than its worth. I have seen similar running and driving examples for sale recently offered for less money. Maybe Bob will find a buyer who really wants this truck and will pony up the cash. It does say “asking” in the ad so who knows, maybe the seller would come down to a price comparable to what other similar trucks have sold for. The ad says it has a flathead…maybe it runs? Lots of info that potential buyers will need to know has been left out of the ad. It does look like a goodplace to start if you want a mid 30’s truck.

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston

      The CL seller who is actually committed to selling anything is ONE IN A MILLION. The rest are Doofus The Daydreamer and just on a fishing expedition.

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  8. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    The seller is asking plenty for it which makes the total investment after completion that much more. However, how many ’34 pickups do you see for sale as of late?

    Not the original engine, I see 21 stud, center outlet with 18 mm plugs. It’s got to be a ’37 engine, first of the modern flatheads.

    Restoration for me. Not concours quality but nice driver.

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  9. Avatar photo Jim

    It’s pretty complete which makes the overall project easier no matter which way you build it. It does look cool, I’d stick with the flathead or an old Caddy or Olds v8, overdrive trans and modern rear, I drive my cars and need to be able to keep up with traffic. For all the guys whining about prices if all the cars on this site, you don’t have to buy it if it’s too much, keep looking, most projects cost too much by the time it’s completed anyway, I meet guys at shows all the time comparing prices of everyone’s cars, usually they came to the show in a mini-van cause the wife won’t let them have a toy if they’re own. My favorite is at a weekly show here in NY(about 100cars) a guy tells me I shouldn’t waste my time with my 69 Torino Gt 428CJ cause a Chevelle is worth more!!! Yes it is I said but I’m restoring it cause it’s what I want, he procedes to pull a pocket size price guide out of his pocket, I tell him to put it in a dark orifice behind him. This car will be with me a very long time, its not a flip and I’ve probably spent more than it’s worth already but I’m happy. I’m sure if you flip cars price is everything but most projects are a labor of love for the owner, our cars will never bring a profit and it’s ok!! This pickup for example, will the difference of a few thousand dollars matter in twenty years when you’ve spent fifteen or twenty thousand already and you’re getting ready to freshen up the engine? I wish all the car “experts” should listen the cars they have built already before they indulge us with their knowledge, like I said earlier, most of the biggest complainers at shows don’t even have hot rods. Have a good day everyone. Yes 69Torino GT 428CJ and 72 Monte Carlo 402 drag car. Here comes the hate mail

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    • Avatar photo geomechs Member

      Hi Jim. In the motorcycle world we call those ‘experts’ sidewalk commandos. I sure agree with you about restorations. It’s the journey, and that’s all in the eyes of the beholder. I have no intention of selling my projects; that’s up to my kids (and grandkids) long after I’m gone. I like to fix ’em and drive ’em; above all, enjoy ’em. Your Torino sounds like a great project. The only Chevelle I’m interested in is another ’69 300 2-door with a six and 3-speed manual…

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  10. Avatar photo Dave Darby

    Mild chop, lowered front and back. Non stock steering wheel non stock wheels, non stock headlights on what looks like 30 Model A headlight bar.

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  11. Avatar photo Kenny Flinders

    The 1934 pickup is it still for sale and is there any more project pickups

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