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Huge Survivor Coupe: 1976 Chrysler Newport


Look at the unique roof treatment on this great 1976 Chrysler Newport! I’ve honestly never seen a vinyl roof like this–a vestige of a time long gone! It’s located in Antioch, Illinois and is for sale here on eBay with a buy-it-now of $4,700, but lower offers are being entertained.


I really don’t understand the idea of this type of vinyl roof; originally a vinyl roof was intended to imitate a convertible top, but this one is completely different. Nonetheless, it appears to be in good shape along with the rest of this car. The ad states that the car has a little over 46,000 miles and is well-preserved; after looking at the pictures I think I agree. You can see the one spot of corrosion in this picture just in front of the rear tire.


I do like the generally clean appearance of the body, and there’s a lot of chrome in the front that appears to be in really nice shape. Even the hood ornament is appropriate for a car this dramatic in styling features.


The interior doesn’t look bad at all; a good cleaning would make it look even better! There’s enough grime on the steering wheel that it makes me wonder how good the seat would look with a good cleaning. To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s vinyl or leather; I would think that leather would be appropriate for a car of this grandeur.


Under the hood is a mixed bag. While there’s some good things–the AC belt is connected, the battery looks relatively new, and the car is said to still have the original 400 cubic inch V-8 and runs extremely well–this car could certainly benefit from some cleanup and detailing to improve the look here. It does have an extremely original appearance, though, and that’s a great thing to see in a survivor like this. What do you think?


  1. Avatar photo Nessy

    That vinyl top treatment almost made me think this was a 74/75 Imperial or a 76 to 78 New Yorker model until I saw the crank windows, basic interior and the non hideaway headlights. I never saw this top option on a Newport. Color is neat.

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    • Avatar photo Alf

      That abbreviated vinyl top was called the Opra top and was an option on my 78 when I ordered it. Loved that car but it rusted out in about 3 years here in Maine.

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  2. Avatar photo Charles

    I had a 76 and a 77 both four door sedans. These old Chrysler’s are good runners. The interiors were the worst part of these cars. This is so tacky it’s sort of cool.

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  3. Avatar photo Mark S

    This is defiantly a factory vinyl top I remember one that my uncle had for a short time, he was the manager of a Chrysler dealership the car he had was black with a red vinyl top red pin stripes and a red leather interior. I do believe that his was a loaded Newyorker, but probably a demo car. He picked us up at the air port with it when we went to visit him in that car, what I remember about It was the ride like floating on clouds. Nice find.

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  4. Avatar photo Michael Jacobs

    Well not a bad driver…plenty of these cars around..they had one of the best AC units going,meat locker type…but I dont mind the shade of powder blue but this is one car that cant carry it off…..

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  5. Avatar photo Ed P

    This is a cool cruiser. A good scrub and some minor rust repair and this one is good to go! I’m not a big fan of white interiors but, at least it is not gray.

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  6. Avatar photo jim s

    nice looking daily driver. looks like it has cruise which if it works would be plus. seems like a low cost way into the hobby. nice find.

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  7. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    What a true GEM. In a sea of dreadful, dark, dreary earthtone browns, greens, and grays, this white-on-blue REALLY stands out! And it looks like it’s had optimum care, too. Highly recommended as an investment or daily driver.

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  8. Avatar photo Wayne Thomas

    Different year, but I see one of these boats by me quite often:


    And, it has wing mirrors….quite rare on an American car.

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  9. Avatar photo Mr. TKD

    I like barges, so this is right up my alley.

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  10. Avatar photo charlie Member

    If I were a rich man…… I would get one each of the Chrysler coupes with the short cab and the looonngg trunk, starting with a late 30’s, a late 40’s and one from the 50’s and the 60’s and the 70’s. Not particularly attractive to me, but if I remember right Humphry Bogart drove a ’38 or so in a movie with a big car/motorcycle chase in the late 30’s.

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  11. Avatar photo piper62j

    Nice big boy.. But, I’ll take the 59 Chevy in the background instead..

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    • Avatar photo Alan (Michigan)

      If I really wanted something else out of the background, it’d be that nice looking building/pole barn. Space to hide toys, work on them, have a brew with buds, work on theirs, etc….
      The type of structure which represents a “man cave” for the BF crowd, I think.

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  12. Avatar photo Steve

    Very nice, would have been at home on the set of the second season of Fargo.

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  13. Avatar photo MountainMan

    What a great old car. The price seems fair and as mentioned these are nice cruisers. The colors actually work well I think and while I am normally not a fan of white interiors on 70’s cars this one looks ok. It will likely gain value so a buyer can enjoy, clean and maintain and should be able to return the monies invested when ready to sell

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  14. Avatar photo Tom

    It’s a Newport custom (interior upgrades). I am puzzled with the white firewall in the blue car!

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    • Avatar photo Charles

      It was probably white originally.

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  15. Avatar photo Bill O Member

    That top is similar to the one used on the 1973/74 Dodge Charger SE; it used louvered opera windows rather than ones like this. This was the St. Regis package available on the New Yorker Brougham and the Newport Custom; according to the brochure, this is probably a vinyl interior. Looks like the Corinthian leather was reserved for the New Yorker Brougham in the full size Chrysler, and as we all know, the Cordoba.



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