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Humpback Wagon: 1937 Dodge Panel Truck

1937 Dodge Panel Truck

Now this is one odd and interesting looking truck! It’s a Dodge Panel truck with a “humpback” roof, which makes standing in the back of it much more comfortable. If you ran a delivery service back in 1937, this was the kind of rig you might have wanted in your fleet! It has more than enough space to haul everything from milk to appliances. Sadly, it has some rust issues and the engine doesn’t run. Thankfully, the engine turns and it is quite complete! It’s going to be a big project, but it sure would be a conversation starter and one amazing parts hauler. Find this Humpback wagon here on eBay in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania with a current bid of $6,900.


  1. Howard A Member

    These are so rare, it’s not even funny. Back in the day, these were hardly collectible. They were work trucks, and they were used to death, and then became someone’s tool shed out back. Very few survived. The most famous one, I feel, is the late Terry Ehrich’s ’36, of Hemmings. I believe it was Terry’s personal vehicle ( along with the Ford and Chevy) and he had them painted up like Hemmings delivery trucks. I only hope the new owner ( with deep pockets) keeps this stock. One of the few times I’d say no to the modern drive train. Very nice piece. If I remember, only the Chevy ( far end) is operational, as the Dodge and Ford had parts robbed from them for their other vehicles, but remain in their museum. https://assets.blog.hemmings.com/wp-content/uploads//2014/01/60thtruckshoot_02_2000.jpg

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    • brakeservo

      I’m not so sure they’re so rare – there’s one that pops up with regularity on Craigslist down here in New Mexico.

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  2. Van

    New trucks don’t look this good today.

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  3. David Montanbeau

    We have 14 of them and had about 100 go through our company in the past 30 years.
    They were produced from 1933 to 1938. 1/2 ton to 11/2 ton? Here is one of our 1935 3/4 ton Red Cross truck.

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    • Scott

      Hi Dave, are any of your 14 for sale? I would like a good base for a delivery truck.

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    • Mike Swiney


      I have a 1937 dodge 1 ton truck. I am looking for splash aprons, front fenders and a grill shell for my truck. It looks a lot like this picture of the Red Cross truck. I am fixing my truck up to use as a roll back to pick up customer cars for my restoration business. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  4. Pat lamb

    Like this….

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  5. Rob

    Reserves been met.. ‘n now at $7600., it is a good candidate for a restoration, ‘n tho some may say its sacrilegious, they can be made into kewl StreetRods too, as in this example.. but I’ve my ’40 Ford pick-up to finish (HotRodded Flathead), so I’ll pass.

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    • Van

      The only problem with customs is they become dated. Hotrod styles change every 10 years or so. Every thing can be changed again but when you want to sell you don’t want to redo the truck then. This truck does look cool though. I think resomod is hear to stay.

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      • David Montanbeau

        Not!!! LOL
        This was built in 77. 40 years ago.
        1934 Dodger Panel. 392 Hemi with 871 air compressor
        350 Ford 9 in
        Air, steering, brakes, air ride and a 36 gal gas tank.

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  6. David Montanbeau


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  7. Jeff Hayes Member

    I could be wrong, but the one pictured looks like it a hearse to me.

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    • David Montanbeau

      This is a 34 Dodge Hearse.

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      • David Huskey

        I just bought this hearse from Mrs. Dyer, could you possibly tell be a little bit about it. I

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      • dave
  8. David Montanbeau

    Our back yard 10 years ago.

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  9. Pat lamb

    And the guy that drove it probably look like this…

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  10. stillrunners


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  11. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’ve always been a fan of the humpback panel. Definitely a need to fix this one up. It’s too complete and there aren’t enough of them around to even resto-mod one. Sure hope the buyer fixes this one–and uses it…

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  12. David Montanbeau

    1938 1/2 ton

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  13. David Montanbeau

    Under construction. 1936 Dodge Humpback at our shop.

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  14. David Montanbeau

    Our yard 5 years ago

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  15. David Montanbeau

    Under construction. 1937-38 Dodge Humpback depends on the front end you want to use.

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  16. David Montanbeau

    What trucks cost in 1936 (Dodge)

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  17. Jeff

    My 32 sedan delivery.

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  18. Doug Towsley

    Davids yard sure looks nice to me. Some would say rusty junk, But I say Art deco beauty.
    I am going to show my wife as it makes me look almost rational.
    The one on ebay listed here closed at $12k and change so clearly there is demand.

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    • David Montanbeau

      Thanks Doug
      They are treasures.I think that we have the record of Humpbacks in one spot.
      Pictured is a 1933 Dodge window panel. Very rare!!

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  19. Doug Towsley

    really nice looking old iron, thanks for posting all the pictures. Enjoyed seeing them.
    That last one I would be tempted to kind of guy for the Munsters-mobile look. My wife does not look at all like Morticia though. And where could I find Lurch to drive it?

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  20. Bill Furrer

    I have a 37 in my garge

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