Hundreds Of Muscle Cars On 5 Acres

Now this is my kind of real estate deal! If you buy the five acre lot, you get the 300+ classic cars that are currently parked on it. The property is all the way up in British Columbia, Canada with an asking price of $1.45 million! I know that seems steep for just 5 acres of land, but you are getting 340 cars on land that’s already zoned to be a salvage yard, plus the joy of being able to say you own over 300 cars! And if that price is in Canadian dollars, you can pick it up for $1.08 million US dollars. You can find the real estate listing here on Special thanks to everyone that’s sent this one in!

Finds like this tend to have interesting stories behind them and sure enough, so does this one. The owner, Mike Hall, has been collecting cars most of his life. His career has been working as a rock scaler, so when he isn’t hanging over highways picking rocks from cliff faces, he’s been dragging cars home to restore. He and his wife purchased a 26 acre farm, but she quickly grew tired of him parking cars all over the farm. So he bought this lot, the small restoration shop and storage building so he could keep the farm tidy and oil free.

Now that he’s in his sixties, he’s realized he isn’t going to have time to restore them all. He has lots of cool projects here, ranging from a 1926 Chevy Roadster to Dodge Super Bees and even a few newer cars. While he has a nice mix of things, it looks like he’s focused much of his attention on muscle cars. He does have a few British cars in the mix, but mainly Sunbeam Alpines, as he has always wanted to build a Tiger. Between all the cars and parts he has here, he should have just about everything needed to do it!

As his real estate agent put it, “It’s not just purchasing the cars, land and buildings. It is about a lifetime opportunity to spend time doing what people like: restoring vintage cars and living in one of the most beautiful parts of B.C. That value is more than the asking price.” I’m not sure if the experience is really worth more than the asking price, but I do have to admit this looks like a beautiful area and it sure would be fun to own so many cars! So what do you think? Would you be willing to move to Canada and take over Mike’s collection and restoration business? You can read more about Mike and his collection here on

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  1. terry

    Unbelievable! Gonna buy a Powerball ticket tonight.

  2. DAN

    I see snow in front of each car………:(

    • Dickie F.

      the snow in front of each car is because that section of ground is still in shadow ?

  3. sparkster

    Wow just looked at the pictures, Great job by the drone operator. This guy got all bases covered for most of the muscle cars. I do know now why his wife said they got to go. It appears that everything has value and shouldn’t be thrown away. Field trip time

  4. Rock On

    Some of you Americans are probably closer to this I am. If my Lotto 6-49 or LottoMax tickets ever pay 💰 off, I could move from Ontario and finish off a few of these projects.

  5. SFM5S

    I’ll take that yellow ’70 Dart Swinger with the 340 and the dual snorkel hood! Looks like it is in decent driver condition!

  6. John M.

    The best part is that virtually all of the cars look quite solid. My favorite among them all is the blue 68 Plymouth Road Runner with the blacked out hood in the top photo on the left side.

  7. Squanto

    Hate to ruin the fun, but isn’t BC kind of wet/damp/moist a lot of the time? I wonder how much rust would be a factor. Just curious. Have to admit that is a pretty cool set up. Also probably cheap land for BC.

    • Bruce Best

      It is often cold enough to slow rust down dramatically and while it might be wet they seldom use salt up there. Similar to Idaho, Montana and Washington State. These could be in far better condition then you might expect. I know I have lived up there and seem some amazing cars of the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s with only light surface rust even with very high milage.

      This could be a huge bargain and I do not expect it to last long. I expect the auction to come will be great fun. Start saving now boys and girls.

    • Tom

      you must be thinking of the wet coast of BC , That area is much dryer most of the time. It`s in Tappen BC .

      • Squanto

        Thanks to you both for the info. I agree, that would be a fun auction to attend. I hope we get an update.

  8. Rx7Turbo II

    Correct me if I’m wrong but is that a javelin with fake t-tops and his and her sunroofs in them? Lol!

    • Curtis

      That was the 1 car that stuck out to me. Someone installed them somehow?

    • whippeteer

      “Dammit! I can’t get T-tops! So let’s just pop in a couple of aftermarket sunroofs and put them in sideways!”


      I saw that too. Kinda goofy but its a 71 which is rare. Whats the story on the purple one?

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I saw the Javelins too.
      Didn’t notice any Mavericks though.

      (Thank goodness the Thumbs Down button is gone). ;-)

  9. wuzjeepnowsaab


    Buying a Powerball ticket N O W !

  10. Beeman on Nevis

    Is that an Alpine or a Tiger top right corner ? (next to the Volvo duett)

  11. Gunner

    All I can say is WOW! A car enthusiast buy of a lifetime! Just looking at the pics, I would say 1.08 mil US is a bargain, not to mention buildings and land. How many big blocks, or high optioned cars? Values for the Classic Musclecar will only continue to climb. I would just love to walk to place, and check out all the candy!


    Heaven pure heaven

  13. Luke Fitzgerald

    The owner talks of a “sickness” he’s not cured of, and a wife not exactly supportive of owning 340+ cars – dunno where he’s coming from……

  14. Graham

    This part of British Columbia is semi arid. Rust wouldn’t be to bad if they are local cars.

  15. Bobby Miller Bobby Member

    Vanderbrink to the rescue.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Definitely a Vanderbrink-type auction.

      They are never going to find a buyer for the entire property.

  16. Big Ed

    How much for the early AMX. I’ve always loved the truncated bodies compared to the regular Javelin. My first choice would be the Daytona Cobra though. I’m surprised that they didn’t have one? Did they? Well I did find a nice diecast AMX dragcar to order and I’ll have it soon.

  17. nighttrainx03

    If I did math correctly that’s about 3 grand a car. Wow 340 cars that’s a lot of work to do. Im 55 and have five project’s and feel completely overwhelmed and doubt that I will ever finish them before I kroke. If I had 340 hanging over my head they’d find me swinging from a lamp cord.

    • Jeffro

      340 cars! If I bought the lot, my wife would string me up by a lamp cord!

    • Ronnie Gentry


  18. ags290 Member

    According to the owner: “I haven’t had one offer but it was winter and you couldn’t even see the cars,” he reports. “They were covered in six feet of snow.”

    • Oldog4tz Member

      Seems that significant snow beginning in October and lasts thru March. Not to mention the dirt road. I think I’ll wait for the Mexican find before I buy my powerball

  19. sunbeamdon

    Property is in the south/interior of BC – near Salmon Arm. Drier in summer and snowier than Vancouver. Probably not as much salt used on the roads; condition really depends where the cars came from. One of my old school mates lives less than ten min from this site – I’ll try to get him to give me a report

  20. Adam Clarke Adam T45 Staff

    Being a sane, rational and mature adult, all I can say is: “I want! I want! Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!!”

  21. Doug Towsley

    I thought I was bad, Must fwd this for my wife and relatives to see. I look sane in comparison. (its all about economies of scale) Very cool story. I will be up in that area at the end of the month. In Mt. Vernon there is a combined swap meet and show. (WVMC) does the motorcycle half, and a local car club does the car half. Thats on Saturday and Sunday up in BC in Cloverdale the Canadian vintage MC has a meetup bike show and swap meet put on by my friend Todd Copan.


    So,, ROADTRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meetup for a Beer?? or Coffee at Timmy Hortons?

  22. AutoArcheologist AutoArcheologist Member

    This is the perfect business opportunity for the enthusiast restorer to go full time. There is years of inventory. Simply pick several cars each year. Get them running/driving, repaint and/or restore and then sell. As mentioned, at an average of $3000 initial investment into each car, it wouldn’t be too far off to really make a living from this purchase.. and spend the rest of your life doing what you love…
    I don’t think I could convince the boss lady to move north to Canada though…LOL

    • philthyphil

      If I was 40 years younger,I’d love to move from ON to BC and you could make a living off this and enjoy a great part of the world…..dreams of youth

  23. Big Ed

    C’mon Jeffro, you’ve gotta be waiting for this upcoming buildoff between Gas Monkey Garage and The Street Outlaws. Dallas vs OKC. and as a footnote Aaron Kauffman vs FarmTruck & AZN. Who you got?

    • Jeffro

      Farm truck and Azn

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I was wondering why they moved the racing episode to Street Outlaws until I saw the results of both races.

      They didn’t spent enough time on RR eating humble pie.

  24. Grant

    I’ve been driving past this place for 20 years and never stopped in. He had it set up as a museum of sorts for a long time. Last year on Facebook there were a bunch of his cars for sale. I bet he got sick of waiting to get rid of the stuff (thought there would be a gold rush for it) and now wants to blow it all out for one price.
    Too bad, if he had heard about this site he would have sold a bunch of them I bet. I’m not sure but I think now that he has them listed as part of the real estate sale, he won’t be able to sell any more of them one by one. It would be worth a try though.
    I agree that the cars could be really good – it just depends if they are local or not. Some will be and some won’t.
    It’s good highway frontage and an icon in the area. If I only had an extra million laying around I would buy it.

    • Barzini

      If this was still a museum, I’d gladly pay admission to walk these grounds and view the cars. It’s quite a diverse collection of years and makes.

  25. Larry

    Great setting and story. Until you got to the six feet of snow.

  26. Puhnto

    Lots of things that I want but I’m glad that it looks like I’m the only one who wants the Volvo Duett wagon! (Sometimes it pays to have quirky tastes.)

  27. Don

    Over 300 hundred plastic models cool 😈😵

  28. Toolbox

    That is the Rasta Blasta’s place.

    • brian crowe

      Ya the Rasta Blasta from Discovery channels “Highway threw Hell”

  29. RoselandPete

    I wonder how much he has invested in those cars?

  30. Rod

    Wow if that was only pocket change I would buy it. I need to go back to work.

  31. Fast Fred Member

    Wife said if I buy another car she’ll divorce me what would she do if I bought all these?

    • Moxman

      I can’t resist commenting on this. Does “pushin’ up daises ring a bell?”

  32. Moose Feather

    Between the beautiful country and lifestyle that goes with it and the cars this has to be close to Utopia.

  33. Rod

    Just heard from a friend that these are old pictures. Not as good as it seems.

  34. mike d

    IMHO, although there are indeed some very interesting cars, if you look close, you see where the tin worm has got to a lot of them , and the seller admits that some have been sitting for a while.. bet there was no prep for ” storing” . I am older than the seller, so it wouldn’t behoove me to even try , even if I had the $$$ I spotted a few Dart swingers, a couple of Demons if you go to the site in the write up, it opens up with a Black Super Bee . Most likely they aren’t the muscle cars of yore, probably have small 8s, or even 6s … but fun to dream!

  35. angliagt

    I’d imagine the logistics of moving all of those would
    be a daunting task,plus dealing with US Customs at the border.
    I wonder if there’s paperwork for all 300?
    I’m thinking that they all need to removed by a certain time,
    if the property sells.

    • Dave Wright

      No customs on us built cars…………

    • whippeteer

      Why would they need to be removed? The sale is for the property including the cars.

  36. Dan h

    I’d rather spend $1m on a nice Ferrari and just drive it around on Mullholand Hwy with a big fat smile on my face.

    • Doug Towsley

      Thumb up to Dan H on just buying a Ferrari,I now a few people who have sold it all, bought a sports car and got a girl half their age with daddy issues. Called a mid-life crisis. However in news of the weird, On all the news feeds theres a plot to steal Enzo Ferraris body and hold it hostage by Italian gangsters so assuming he was not suggesting that and instead a nice running model.
      I cant help but noticing however some of the comments on here are seemingly based on very poor reading comprehension.
      In Law Enforcement if you interview 20 witnesses you can likely get 20 variations of what they witnessed. (IE: I saw the whole thing, It was a tall guy, No a short guy, White Dude,, Asian guy, an Albino black guy, etc etc)
      I am no expert but to correct a few things IMHO.
      #1) The deal is simple. MORE than 340 cars and the numbers keep going up. The seller is still buying cars. 40 more since the first listing. The number is at LEAST but MORE THAN 340 cars.
      #2) The sale includes the property, small house/manuf home, work shop, and storage building PLUS the materials to build a bigger storage building. The Sale ALSO includes the cars.
      #3) I have not looked in the last 3 years but I usually go to Canada once a year at least, and last time I brought home stacks of real estate sales books. (My wife and I like looking at propertys) and last I checked, ANY Property in Canada tends to much more expensive than what I am used to in the US, So depnds on location location location, but that seems like a very reasonable deal for the location, size of property and zoning, Adding the cars in is just a bonus,.,IMHO.
      #4) The comments of overpriced and “Most will get crushed” is just as absurd here on this posting as many of the other postings. I looked at each of the websites and all the pictures on each. I saw very few cars that were crush worthy so thats just a ridiculous comment based on the availible info. As to over priced, the property zoned commercial seems like a fair deal but the cars put this well into a viable deal IMHO.
      #5) As to comments on “Tin Worm” and the cars not being valuable,, I have seen that guy at NW and BC swap meets,, He is not stupid, He has a serious Hording addiction along with being well funded but I can promise he is an astute buyer. Almost ALL of the cars I saw in the pix will do well on their own, and will only go up in value. What some might have passed over in years past are worthy candidates in todays markets. Look at the disparity of comments on the Mopar Sattelite the other day. Most knowledgeable people recognize that was a viable project yet you have opinionated posters saying its “Junk”.
      #6) I know a LOT of eccentric and crazy vintage vehicle people from all over the world,. But I can attest from attending events in BC and people watching at these events, that BC Canada has a very large amount of eccentric people. I think its great to read a story like this and learn about people even crazier than myself.

      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        All of that might be true, but there is still the issue of finding that one buyer who will shell at a cool million to buy it all and either move there, relocate the inventory, or start parting it out themselves.

        That’s why I think a Vanderbrink-type caution would be better if he is truly looking to sell all of these off.

  37. olddavid

    Too much. Do the math. He wants not only “blue sky” he wants heaven, too.

  38. RollerD

    Sad to say but a lot of these cars will be crushed on site.

  39. Donald Rice

    Someone loan me 2 million dollars????

  40. Howard A

    Dog gone it, and I just bought 10 thousand Hot Wheel cars,,,,,,
    lot of nice stuff, but again, Americanosis,,,
    If they can sell all those cars at the Lambrecht auction at outrageous prices for rusty cars, they should have no problem here.

  41. Snotty

    Best Barn Find Post: over the top cool, great hoard, awesome, would love to see in person. Whatever folks assume, about the find give the guy credit for having amazing foresight to stash all these wonderful ole cars/trucks…

  42. Mike S

    Wow is all I can say. I think the price is a steal considering what real estate is going for out on the west coast. You need more than the asking price for anything half decent in Vancouver. Great find and pics of the hoard. Love it!

  43. RoughDiamond

    All I can say besides Holy smokes is I need to leave Physical Therapy and retrain as a professional rock scaler.

    • Howard A

      Hi RD, HA! I saw that too. So many wasted years in a truck.

  44. Fred W.

    Buy this and you are virtually guaranteed your own reality show, even if you have the personality of a rock. Just surround yourself with “Chumlee” types and you are all set.

    • Squanto

      Call the show “Junk Yard Boys. Eh?”

  45. Squanto

    Take a look at the real estate agent’s site. Some different images take some of the edge off this “heaven”. Many piles of scrap metal sitting on wheels. If someone started asking questions about the environmental aspects of oils and other miscellaneous fluids possibly dumped on the property, this could get to be an expensive bureaucratic nightmare. I’ll put my million into that house my wife always wanted. The returns on that investment will be priceless!

    • Howard A

      Mmm hmm, you get out there and, waaait a minute, this isn’t the property I saw on BF’s! Don’t have the most love for real estate agents. We must be cautious.

    • Jt

      My thoughts exactly. I wonder how many of the comments are from people who went to the real estate site and looked at all the pictures. After doing that, I want them to pull out cars that they see as “win-win” meaning will bring good money unrestored and great money restored. I just saw many undesirable vehicles in the real estate. I think anyone who visits the site amy think the guy is a bit overpriced.

  46. Jay E.

    Now I know where the white Challenger “vanished” to.

    The neighbors are going to be thrilled when this is sold and cleaned up.

    Most sane people would run screaming from this.

    I like the B5 Demon…

  47. White Post Auto Museum

    JUST TO CLARIFY! The pictures of the cars shown on here are taken at the “White Post Auto Museum and Antiques Mall” in Tappen BC. you can find them on Facebook or online at The museum has a 30+ year history and specializes in bringing in historical vehicles for display, consignment and storage. The business is owned by local Vance Tierney, Mike hall is a customer who stores many project vehicles there. Not all the vehicles shown are owned by Mike Hall. Mikes property is down the road a quarte mile. The land, building and business shown on here is not for sale. However, Vance may consider selling his White Post Auto Museum and Antiques Mall business if the right offer came about. please copy and paste this if anyone needs this info. Thank you

    • Howard A

      With all due respect, I believe we’ve been ( slightly) bamboozled here. I don’t think it was fair to show the 1st pic as a representative of what you’d be buying. Pictures 5-7 show what you really get. It seems, like Squanto sez, you might be taking care of someone’s headache.

    • Josh Mortensen Josh Staff

      Thanks for letting us know. It really is a bummer that the real estate company posted photos of the museum collection in the ad for the property. That was rather misleading and a major disappointment. I hope that the agent will update the listing to at least note that not all the cars are included.

  48. Dan

    Younger me would have been tripping on this place. Older me now says “ugh…so much work”.

  49. Keith

    1) I wish I hadn’t clicked on this
    2) Didn’t know you could have a career as a rock scaler
    3) “Hello? Graveyard Carz? I’ve got a deal for you”

  50. sparkster

    Sixth six comments and climbing, sort of how this guy made his money. Anybody know the record for comments on just one article here on Barn Finds ?

    • Howard A

      Hi sparkster, I think, during one of the “pissed off at Howard A’s comment” episodes, it went over a hundred. :)

      • Jeffro

        I remember that!

  51. Bill

    Most of these are pretty solid (I was there 2 years ago).. i wouldn’t say hundreds of muscle cars, but they are all cool cars. something for everyone, even a Brit car geek like me. This part of BC is actually pretty dry. They do get snow, but it melts quickly when spring comes. They are all a little rusty, but certainly not terminal.

    If my circumstances were different, and I had the cash.. they’s all be mine.

  52. Peter Atherton

    Graveyard Cars would have a field day here(pun intended)

  53. Rx7Turbo II

    Bait and switch as I see it now. Show pictures of tons of cool cars , now it’s ” well, they aren’t all included”….. Misleading and dishonest.

  54. sparkster

    I think we’ll break the comment record on this article by the weekend. Come on 101

  55. Doug Towsley

    Follow this link to a picture of the Owner, As noted, “Rasta Blasta” and you can see him on TV. See:
    I have seen him at swap meets before. BC has its share of eccentric weirdos but this guy stands out. I think its a great story and love meeting people like this, sure beats the grey porridge suburbanites.
    Google Tappen BC and look around, surrounded by beautiful lakes and mountains, I dont think they will have any trouble selling the property as Spring hits. Look up area real estate. I would be surprised if its not out of line for price at all.
    The zoning as commercial with a residence is valuable in itself, You can have a caretaker live on the site if you like. I know a guy BSA-Steve who lives on a similar site up in BC. Around my area in Oregon certain types of propertys like this are hot sellers for commercial Pot growers. Canada just passed a law and recreational pot is legal in 2018 and not inconceivable at all to see investors looking to buy up land like this and they have CA$H. I think its amusing to see all the naysayers on this listing. As I said, I will be up in BC at the end of the month and bit of a drive from Cloverdale but I just might go up and take a look see. US Dollar is strong and everything in Canada is basically 30-40% off with exchange. Worth it just for the scenery alone.
    And special tech tip, ALL of those cars are extra special. They are all “A” models!!!

  56. dennis

    they are mosty parked on a wet grass field it looks like from the footage.if so they most likely 2will be rusted from the bottom badly.too bad some real head turners there

  57. dbigb1

    Any one look at all the pictures of this site?? I think i see a bigfoot to the right of the fire truck

  58. MikeK

    1 Million divided by 340 is $2941.18 per car. Anyone want to cosign with me?

  59. boxdin

    Anyone catch the AMC Javelin with two sunroofs placed sideways?

  60. paul oberman

    Absolutely madness. You could sell the cars for the free property, @mikek. i will

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