Hurst 4-Speed: 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

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This unrestored factory M Code 4 speed Ford Mustang Mach 1 is located in Mount Hope, West Virginia. Listed here on eBay, the Mach 1 was originally Grabber Green and came with a shaker hood and scoop from the factory. There are just over three days remaining in the auction and the Mach 1 is listed at a Buy It Now Price of $19,999. The seller does offer the option for an interested buyer to make an offer.

The factory black interior does not look too bad but will need restoration. The dash is badly cracked and the seats are showing a lot of wear over its 49-year life. The seller states that the car is complete but has rust in the floor pans and torque boxes. The trunk floors and rear frame rails are said to be solid and just covered in surface rust. The seller includes some nice pictures of the bottom of the car to give the buyer an idea of what they are getting.

The factory M Code 351 Cleveland V8 engine is said to be the original engine and the motor is backed by its original 4-speed manual transmission and rear end. The M Code designated the 5.8 liter Cleveland engine with a 4 barrel carburetor. The H Code engine came with a 2 barrel carburetor. The M Code 351 cubic inch V8 engine was rated at 300 horsepower and 385 lb-ft of torque in 1970. The car has retained its factory buck tag and dash VIN. The seller states that he has a Marti Report but it is not included in the host of pictures.

The exterior has been repainted blue but is in need of new paint and some bodywork. The 1970 Mach 1 looked similar to the 1969 model with a few exceptions including dual-beam headlights and no faux air scoop on the quarter panels. With 11:1 compression ratio, this car was a performer in its day and had the looks to go with it. Do you think it could be a worthwhile project?

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  1. Steve R

    Someone will restore it. It’s a good color combination with a desirable engine and transycombination, add the shaker to that and you have a winning combination.

    It’s bit surprising to see the original Hurst T-handle, it’s a one year only item that isn’t reproduced, they typically fetch $300+ when one pops up on eBay.

    Steve R

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    • triumph1954

      Steve R. Is that Hurst T Handle rare because they came on The Fords from the factory? I put a Black flocked one on my 1971 El Camino SS around 1975. Remember the flocked ones?

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  2. Pat

    A $10K car with a BIN of $20K 😬 Restoration costs must have dropped dramatically during the shut-down 🤔

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    • Jim

      Yes….the cost of restoration is now negative!

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      • Mark

        I honestly think that a lot of people on this page think every mustang that is posted is over priced and yet they always end up selling. Probably explains why they almost always end up overseas! news flash hamburgers are no longer 15 cents….

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  3. jokacz

    Is this one of those super rare Boss 302 Cobra Jets? LOL

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  4. Marvin

    Had one! Ordered in April 1970 and received in May. Grabber Blue, White Interior, Sport Slats, Shaker Scoop/Hood, 351 M with a 3 speed manual and 3:25 gears. Ran air shocks with 70 pounds and individual air lines. Slow out the hole until I hit second gear and it was all over for the competitor. The first time I was challenged with it I was leaving Baltimore and a family in a 1969 Firebird kept blowing me away at each light and the family in it would laugh at me when we reached the next light. The Mach only had 349 miles on it and wasn’t broke in. Finally I got mad and at the next light I dragged him so bad that when we reached the next light the family looked the other way. Last race was in 1971 against a 1970 Camaro Z28 that I smoked really bad and a rematch was scheduled for the next Friday. The owner swapped out the 302 in the Z for a 427 Chevy for the rematch. Unfortunately , someone rear ended my Mach and pushed me into the back of a truck which totaled it the Tuesday before the race. The drivetrain setup was awesome and practically unbeatable. I raced a 428 1970 Cobra Jet Torino GT 4 speed that beat the Mach by 1/2 a fender. It put out more than 300 advertised hp stock! If I wasn’t working on on a 1967 XL500 427 Sideoiler convertible now I would seriously consider buying this one that’s for sale

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    • z28th1s

      A 1970 Z28 had a 350 LT1 not a 302. A 1970 Torino Cobra Jet was a 429, not a 428.

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    • jokacz

      I remember racing one of these things in 1969. Roll ons on I-95 in Miami, about a half dozen of them. I had a 69 Z-28 with headers and a big double pumper Holley, think it was an 850 but I may be wrong it was a long time ago. Anyway we were dead even until I had to shift into 4th gear where he would leave me for dead. I had a wide ratio trans and the gap from 3rd to 4th was just too big. It was faster than I expected, but I was giving away 50 cubic inches.

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    I took delivery of a 1970 MACH I with a 4-speed stick, 351 Cleveland, 3:50 gears on 10 Oct. 1969 in medium blue metallic. The ONLY factory option was the AM-FM Stereo radio. No power steering, no A/C, no fold-down rear seat. It was $4,000! I still have the original sales brochure & the window sticker.
    It proved to be a lemon however, and after 2 years I traded it for something more practical.
    It seems to me that this vehicle here has been through some hard times. For one thing, it is my memory that the scoop on the hood was purely decorative. The functional scoops were used ONLY on the 428 COBRA JET models in the ’70s. And, it was also my understanding that there were only two transmission options … the 4-speed manual with the HURST shifter & the FoMoCo 3-speed automatic. Also, I can tell you that my MACH I had two broad black striped from the front of the hood to the rear, and the fold-down of the trunk lid had MACH I in bold chrome applique. Of course there was also the broad trim panels with MACH I down at the rocker panels from front wheel to rear.
    Mine was a transition vehicle, some parts were ’69 MACH I, some parts ’70, and therein was the basis for my discontent, since I had ongoing issues with the speedometer cable which the dealer could not solve; the radio was in & out at least 6 times for repair. I just got fed up with it, and was glad to trade it.

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    • z28th1s

      A ‘shaker’ hood was an option on the 351 in 1970.

      You could get a 3 speed manual with the 351 in 1970, it was the ‘standard’ transmission.

      The 4 speed and the automatic were options.

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  6. Roy Blankenship

    This goes for every ad I see where they say “Hurst 4-speed”. A lot of people think Hurst made the transmission, no, they made the SHIFTER. Just like the generic “original miles” terminology universally used in the car biz. You mean “ACTUAL MILES”…..

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