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Hyper Pak Equipped: 1962 Dodge Lancer GT

I’m a huge fan of unusual classics. Especially, the ones that we’ve all read about, but rarely see. The 1962 Dodge Lancer GT is definitely one of those unusual American classics, with some really unique styling. That isn’t what makes this particular example so special though, it’s the fact that it’s one of a handful to be equipped with the Hyper Pak Slant Six. You don’t see too many of these Lancers still on the road, but you rarely, if ever, see ones with the 225 Hyper Pak. This car isn’t perfect, but it looks to be a driver and would be a fun oddball to have. You can find it here on eBay in Cave Creek, Arizona with a BIN of $18,000.

Before we get into the condition of this car, let’s take a closer look at what makes it special, the engine. This 225 cui slant six was rated at 145 horsepower in base trim, but if you check the Hyper Pak option, the power went up to 196 horsepower! This significant jump in power was achieved by strapping a long ram intake manifold, a big 4-barrel carb, and a better flowing dual exhaust system. The result was an 8.6-second 0-60 time, which was about 4 seconds quicker than the standard 225. It doesn’t offer as much grunt as a V8, but these smooth running sixes will go forever and it sure is more interesting than every other V8 Mopar around.

This car has seen some restoration and cosmetic work, with a respray in the factory color and new upholstery on the inside. The seller claims to have found it in a barn in Phoenix, Arizona, so I’m sure the paint and interior were well baked. They also installed a 4-speed transmission with a heavy duty clutch and an aftermarket AC system. Both are welcome upgrades, but I wonder what happened to the original 3-speed?

The seller admits there are a few flaws, but that it’s a fun to drive car. There are a few rust spots to address, the speedometer is disconnected, it sounds like the throttle linkage needs adjusting and it’s missing the speaker grille. Major components are available for these cars, but some of the plastic parts aren’t being reproduced and could be difficult to source. Personally, I’d fix any major issues, like the speedometer, install a lighter weight clutch and drive this Mopar as is. With some hunting or some creativity, I’m sure there’s a good solution for the missing speaker grille, but it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying this cool classic! So, what do you think of this Hyper Pak Mopar?


  1. Mikey8

    They are so ugly they are neat looking.
    I like it!

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    • Richard

      I have always loved these cars. Great styling. I think this is but high for my budget. But it is one SWEET RIDE

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    • Charles Henry

      I agree the Dodge Lancers GT was not a particularly a beautiful car but it was dependable and easy to drive. I learned to drive a Lancer GT with the aluminum block 225 slant six and push button automatic transmission. because of the torque to weight ratio the lancer would jump like and eight cylinder. it was a good dependable engine. If I could afford to find and restore a Lancer I would.

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  2. CCFisher

    To get the Hyper Pak, you wouldn’t check an option box; you would visit the parts department.

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    • ron

      i am 83 yrs old i bought new lancer 1962 had dealer put in full kit included jan pistons cam long ram manifold had exhaust manifold split into 3 exhaust wildest sound you ever heard had 3 speed stick injected nitros blu tran all to heck had to put in auto turn in 13s also 225 cu had lots of fun was in 62 bakersfield drags

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  3. 71FXSuperGlide

    One of the neatest cars listed here recently, but not $18K neat.

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  4. slickb

    Leaning tower of power!!!!!!!!!

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  5. John B.

    The slant six was one of the toughest engines Chrysler ever built. I once saw one with a piston rod thrown through the side of the engine block and the oil pan; you could look through the hole in the side of the block and see the highway through the hole in the pan-it was still running! I’m a GM person but this really impressed me and I never forgot it-one tough engine!

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  6. ICEMAN from Winnipeg

    Late 50s early 60s MOPARS had some truly bizarre styling. As in their designers were high on LSD and were working with a Japanese Sci Fi Monster theme. That is what makes these cars so cool now.

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    • Brakeservo

      Not LSD but XNR

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  7. JustTheCaptain

    Wish I’d known about the HyperPak option when I had my Dodge Diplomat. Dog going over the Grapevine southbound, if slowed by a truck could not break 55.

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  8. Dave

    All you need now is a nitrous bottle between the seats and a Humongous face mask!

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  9. local_sheriff

    I’ve been aware of the Hyper Pak setup many years, however I’ve never seen any OE package IRL. Never expected a Lancer GT to be such a complete package in 62 either (seems I need to expand my view then), it’s truly a unique vehicle and I don’t think there are many people around who have driven, let alone owned such a car.
    Definately a Mopar you’ll be the only one to have on next cruise night, but as mentioned above it may not be an 18k car…?

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  10. Tom Henderson

    Why would it need dual exhaust on a slanted inline 6 engine? Isn’t there only one exhaust manifold?

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    • local_sheriff

      Nope, split cast iron exh manifolds. For the most popular sixes both cast and tubular split headers are available on the aftermarket for improved breathing

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  11. junkman Member

    Was the 225 even invented in 1962? I think it was a 199 slant at that time. Someone will correct me I’m sure. Sorry 18k just ain’t happening on this one.

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    • MorganW Morgan Winter

      Base engine was 170 cid, but 225 was available for 62 model year. I agree, I’m not at 18K for this. Cool car, though!

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    • dweezilaz

      Available for full size Dodge and Plymouth for the 60 model year. 199 was much much later.

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      • Marty59m

        You’re close. It was a 198 that replaced the 170 base engine. I had a ’72 Duster with one. It lasted 300k+ miles before I rebuilt it and then put another 100k+ before selling it. I’d drive that car everywhere!

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    • Charles Henry

      Yes it was!

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  12. Jim

    My 61 dart had the 225 /6

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    • dweezilaz

      The 170 and 225 were both introduced in 1960. The 225 for the full size Plymouths and Dodge Darts.

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  13. Billybo

    180 mph speedo?!

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    • Brakeservo

      Maybe 180 KPH??

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      • Miguel

        Yes it has to be KM.

        Maybe the car was originally from Mexico, as Canada still had MPH at the time.

        A quick look on Google shows the MPH speedo only goes to 110

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      • moosie moosie

        Right on Miguel because 180 KPH = 111.847 MPH

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  14. JMG

    I had a 62 Valiant, and now I have a 62 Lancer project I’m selling in metro Detroit (for about 1/10th this price, LOL). Mine is a 225ci Slant with a pushbutton trans. Fun oddities. These 59-62 P-D-C cars were awesome examples of “thinking Aloud” styling. Love them!

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  15. Don Sicura

    The Valiant & Lancer cars design were the end result of Exner’s XNR concept vehicle.

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  16. Keith

    I thought 1962 slant 6’s were aluminum block, but I don’t see it mentioned.

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    • dweezilaz

      Some of them were, not all

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  17. dweezilaz

    “but I wonder what happened to the original 3-speed?

    Replaced with a 4 speed as per your own article.

    ” install a lighter weight clutch” Why ? Set up for higher HP, torque, abuse and longevity.

    I’d love to have a four speed in my 63 Valiant. It needs that fourth gear., [225].

    And again: The dread “H” word nowhere to be seen. Hardtop. There, I wrote it.

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      Yes, but where did the 3-speed go? Is it long gone or still with the car? Did they replace it as a performance upgrade or was the 3-speed trashed and a 4-speed was easier to find?
      As for the clutch, have you ever driven a car with a 3,600 pound clutch? I have, it’s terrible. If you are only going to drive it at the drag strip, sure, it’s a great upgrade that keeps the car going for more passes. On the street, as a daily driver, it gets old real fast.

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  18. scottymac

    Remember seeing one in a junkyard, with the aluminum block, open deck design, IIRC. Was that the 170, 199, or 225? Never thought much of that design (ask Subie drivers about head gaskets), but many foreign companies used it. These lasted, what, two years, before replaced with the small Dart? I imagine lots of Valiant parts will interchange. NASCAR had Valiants, Falcons, and Corvairs run at Daytona, slant sixes ran away from the other two.


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  19. William Potts

    Back in 1962,my folks owned a beige Lancer GT. It just had the 145h.p. engine. Later when I already had my D/L I took it out for a run on a local frwy that was just opened. Had it up to 95mph. At that speed the front end was raising up, I got a little bit scared,so I backed off. That little car was a blast to drive. Too bad they didn’t offer a small V8. I probably could’ve talked my Dad into getting the extra package for power if we knew of it. I liked the Lancer styling better than the Valiant.

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  20. Miguel

    One of these is for sale in Mexico. It has the slant 6 with the factory floor stick shift. Of course it is a four door though.

    For one fourth the price, I will take the extra two doors and smaller carb.

    I see we can’t post pictures anymore again.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      @Miguel – Comment attachments are now a member’s only feature because letting anyone upload created a big security hole. If you enjoy the site, please consider becoming a member. It helps us out and you get some nice benefits: https://barnfinds.com/membership/

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      • Miguel

        Jesse, I will soon.

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  21. Dom Colucci

    Had a 69 Valiant 225 2dr post 3 on the tree… It would wheel out all of first and chirp second it was a fun little car that got 27 mpg…

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  22. p t cheshire

    When I worked for Stillwell Dodge they were in the Dodge parts book as High Altitude Package also called by the Plymouth parts book as “Mexican Export Package”. Kit consisted of long ram intake, around a 390 cfm carb, split exhaust manifolds, dual exhaust and a slightly higher lift longer duration solid cam. I have a NOS kit but can’t post a pic of it. Combine that with the Feather Duster aluminum block, trans case and rear carrier that car would fly.

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  23. Will Owen

    I was very much on board with Exner’s 1962 cars, especially the Valiant, Lancer and Plymouth, and was disappointed at the backlash that flattened sales. The Valiant was my first favorite, except for the silly fake “spare” embossed on the trunk lid, so the Lancer was a real improvement. The later redesigned Lancers and Valiants were more “normal” looking but still very nice.

    I got an earful from a production man who’d been at Chrysler in those days and had just given up on a Valiant restoration, because the rust kept running ahead of him. This, plus my own attempts to find a good solid one, has me thinking that those must be mighty rare indeed.

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  24. TinCanSailor

    Back in the early 80s, I was at spring Carlisle and someone was selling a complete Hyper-Pak engine and trans for $1300. It was a rare and unique engine, but at the time I didn’t appreciate it.

    That was the first and only time I’ve ever seen a Hyper-Pak.

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  25. moosie moosie

    After owning and drag racing my ’69 Road Runner for 18 months and not having any kind of future plans for a race car or street car i conjured up building up a hyper-pac Valiant wagon as a strictly track car, no street use. after scoring a good used low mileage 225′” engine and a overhauled torqueflite + pistons, cam, intake, carb, headers, valves etc . my quest turned towards finding a suitable Valiant station wagon
    body, or rarer Lancer wagon. i searched for the better part of 6 months, gave up, way too much rust even back in 1971, turned around and bought my ’71 LT-1 Ontario Orange Corvette roadster instead. c’est la vie. glad to see the thumbs down back. peace

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  26. Tort Member

    Always liked the styling and had one in the late sixties. I put a 273 in it with the push button trans, black with red interior. Ran really well but had transmission problems but looking back I think it may have been the mechanic’s fault, me, and not the trans. Like to have this one but not to keen on the color.

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  27. Jon Rappuhn

    My dealer had ordered a couple of the hyper-pak in the mid 60’s. Don’t remember if they were shown in the consumer booklets or only in the dealers order books, but you could get them from the factory. Drove a 64 Dart GT hyper-pak with the 4 spd. and that “leaning tower of power” surprised me and a lot of others. All that torque, it pulled hard through all 4 gears, had either 3.7’s or 3.9’s or close to them in the rear, pulled hard in the first 1/4 mile but hiway mileage suffered. (However insurance was cheap until one companies caught on in late 60’s)

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  28. Will Owen

    I remember a garage owner friend got all kinds of ribbing for ordering his ’64 Dart with the six and 4-barrel … until the first time a bunch of us did a highway run together. With his wife and kids in the car he didn’t run off and hide from the MGs, TRs and Healeys, but he was right in there.

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  29. Martin Ruiz

    When I got one of the MoPar calendars with Lee Petty’s Valiant, I had to build a 1/24 scale slot car with Richard Petty #43. I cheated and used a 2 door model kit as the basis, https://www.professormotor.com/Articles.asp?ID=180

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  30. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    A school teacher bought a Lancer new in 62/62. His was red on red. They were the same as the Plymouth valiant just different badging. Most people didn’t care for the styling as fins were going out of style by that time. Buy even though I’m not a Mopar fan I have to agree the slant 6 was a very good engine.
    God bless America

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  31. bigdoc

    The ugliest car every made IMHO. I thought they were ugly then and I haven’t changed my mind.

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  32. Claudio

    Frugly , just frugly

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  33. Troy s

    Maybe the best thing about the ’62’s failing were the Dodge/Plymouth designs that came out in ’63-’64. The Mo in Mopar, real deal mopars six day a week an twice on Sunday.
    This car here is interesting, definitely an odd car from any angle, performance or not it don’t hold a candle compared to a ’63 Polara with the 413 wedge, not even close brother. See ya!

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  34. Jim Martin

    I had a 62 Plymouth SIGNET. It drove right through the same year Futura’s 260 Cubic Inch at Dyersburg Tennessee . Was it me or the car? I think it was that wonderful 225 Cubic Inch MOPAR

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  35. Dave S.

    If I had 20,000.00 I’d would be bidding right now. !

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  36. moosie moosie

    Me too !

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