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I Want This Minx! 1965 Hillman Estate


This is one of those cars that I really wish were not so far away from me! This 1965 Hillman Super Minx Estate has been listed here on eBay at no reserve, with bidding starting at only $200! There’s no telling where it will end up for this rare wagon, but I know I’d love to have it and its transatlantic styling in my garage! Unfortunately for me, it’s located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, which is exactly 780.5 miles and one country away from my house.


Largely free of damage apart from the right side here (look at the rear door, dog leg and front fender), the body has very distinctive styling that is really pleasing to my eyes (yes, as frequent readers know, this checks a lot of boxes for me: esoteric, wagon, British, classy and a manual transmission to boot). As evidenced by the dealer and other decals, the little wagon has spent plenty of time south of the border in the USA as well.


Perfect for tailgating, the dual opening rear access allows plenty of room to store those important things like coolers full of beverages and your corn hole boards! And I can see our three dogs curled up in there now. How long does it take to cover 780.5 miles? Google Maps says 11 hours and 45 minutes. Each way. Plus two border crossings. Ok, shake your head and get back to the subject at hand, Jamie!


By the way, the rocker panels have already been replaced, so that’s one thing you know you don’t have to do.


The interior is in pretty decent shape with the exception of the carpet and the cut in the driver’s seat you can just see at the bottom of this picture. The seller points out that even the dome light works!


Apart from the carburetor, the engine may look familiar to any of you that know Sunbeam Alpines — it’s essentially the same engine. As a matter of fact, as the seller points out, there are many mechanical components that are the same as Alpines, so some spares are readily available even over in North America. Not only that, but a lot of mechanical work has recently been done to the car. As the seller says, “The engine is in excellent condition and runs well. It’s recently had a full tune-up including plugs, points, condenser, distributor cap and wires. The fuel tank has been removed, cleaned, relined and repainted. With the fresh tank came all new fuel lines and a carburetor rebuild. The brakes were fully serviced with new wheel cylinders and new shoes in the back and new rotors and calipers in the front. The brake master cylinder was rebuilt. The tires were replaced and the wheels were repainted. The drive shaft was recently refurbished with new universal joints, transmission end-stock seal and yoke and rear end seal. The hydraulic clutch system was rebuilt with a new clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder.” That’s a lot of work! The car still needs an emergency brake handle and the generator replaced, but wow, that’s a lot of good things to hear! Okay, you know I want it, but do you? I won’t be bidding, so you don’t have to worry about me outbidding you. I’d love to hear about a Barn Finds reader buying this car!


  1. David Ireland

    Wow. My dad had a SuperMinx Wagon just like this except RHD and column shift manual. I never knew they even made these in LHD!

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  2. AlanB

    This is a well-known car in our club and deserves to go to somebody that can take on the work that will complete the restoration process.
    The listing on our Blog earlier today includes a personal message from the (three-time!) owner …
    Alan Brand, BSCCoC webmaster

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  3. gord

    i am about 2.5hrs north of there… i could drive her to you!
    gord in ontario canada

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  4. Leaf36

    I love it! Taillights are my favorite!

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  5. 68 custom

    I think the lead female character wrecked one of these in the original Hill House movie?

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  6. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Now that is cool!

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  7. Winterhawk

    Wagons rule! Roadtrip?!

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  8. Jeff

    Wondering how he put rotors and calipers on a car with a single circuit brake system.

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    • Gear Head Engineer


      It’s not hard to put rotors and calipers on a car with single circuit brake system. For example, Lincoln did it from the factory in ’65. Now, I’ll agree it’s not a good idea. But it can be done.

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    Maybe a cool gasser, maybe a beach cruiser to go down PCH with a couple of surfboards hanging out!

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  10. Paul B

    Good solid cars. Rootes products cost a little more than BMC or Ford and were worth it. Because of that, Rootes was able to maintain a solid clientele until the Imp disaster and all the union unrest of the mid-1960s. Better bodywork, sturdy engines and transmissions. This thing is cool. Someone needs to save it, finish the work and have a real beauty.

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  11. Chris In Australia

    My Granddad’s Hillman! Steering wheel on the wrong side excepted, that is.

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  12. CarNut from Winnipeg Member

    IF it drives, fly to Toronto and drive it away. $40 cab ride to Brampton. That’s how I got my car to Winnipeg.

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  13. MG'zer

    Had a 58 coupe in the early 80’s. X wife had it crushed before I could move it. What a B**ch (sorry). Miss that 5 speed on the colom. Very well thought out car. Even had a primer pump at the carburetor, for when you ran out of gas.

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  14. The One

    Is that copper fuel line ? Copper flakes occur when used as a fuel line. Not the best choice.

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  15. Dave Wright

    My 1917 Packard has orignal copper fuel lines as did my 1923 Kinner aircraft. What are you a salesman for synthetic hoses?

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    • the one

      that doesn’t make it right, we learn from our mistakes.

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  16. Bill

    Had a few Rootes group cars, Very well made. i’d love this in the stable! hmmm… I may have to take the plunge!

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