I Wish I Could Go Get It: 1973 Buick Centurion


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Oh, do I ever love this great big warrior (It’s a Centurion, give me a break) sort-of-survivor! After more than 40 years of tinkering on British machinery, the idea of having something that is both fairly reliable and that I can find a mechanic for anywhere in the US has a lot of appeal. And, darn it, it’s driving distance to me, too, in Ponte Vedra, Florida. The seller has listed it here on eBay, with a buy-it-now of $12,470 but they are welcoming lower offers. 


It even comes with a parade cover, which when I asked my little girl about riding on it in a parade, I got a vehement thumbs up. As you can see, the paint is glossy and gorgeous. There’s nothing mentioned about a repaint, but I find it hard to believe that original paint would look this good, especially after 98,112 miles.


I think I’d prefer narrow whitewalls over the current wider ones, but that’s getting a little nitpicky. The top looks to be in excellent shape as well, along with the chrome and trim. I’m really having a hard time finding faults with this car, especially considering what I’d like is a nice driver that isn’t a show car.


Just look at this interior! Uncracked dash, beautiful upholstery and carpets, and even though an aftermarket radio has been added, the original one comes with the car if you want to re-install it. I need to be careful, because I’m talking myself into bidding on this one. My wife even likes it (I showed her the pictures before I started to write it up). I’m sure some of you will tell me that it’s too expensive for what it is, and you may be right. It’s right in the middle of the NADA guide range, but I’m thinking of it from a personal point of view; if I were too concerned about the value of my “fun” cars, the contents of my garage would look a lot different.


Here’s that giant 455 V8, complete with cold factory air conditioning. Yes, it could be a little cleaner under here, but that would be a joy to do. It looks like just a well-maintained used car under here, which is not a bad thing after almost 100,000 miles. I’ve established that I’d like to bring it home, what do you think?


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Paul

    Im with you Jamie..after messing with British stuff for 20+ years, i was ready for something non Lucas based as well. Although i turned to Japanese cars instead of American cars i really dont miss tr6’s or mg’s anymore these days….lol

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  2. Bubba Smith

    I would prefer a LeSabre convertible or the Pontiac Grandville but for the money this would make an awesome top down family cruiser. 455 torque, cold AC and loads of character. If it were closer I would be making an attempt to bring it home. Nice find I’m sure it wont be for sale for long. You likely could not restore a lesser car to the condition this one appears to be in for the same money. Oh no I’m making a case to bring it home…I have to sign off now.

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  3. pat k

    curious, what is that thing above the trans hump?

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    • Roseland Pete

      Probably a storage container for 8-tracks or cassettes. Seems to be built in from the factory.

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      • WL TAYLOR

        It is a built-in storage unit from the factory. GM did this as an option for alll THEIR fullsize brands in the 70s.

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  4. Nessy

    Oh there is a great short film about defensive driving on Youtube from 1973 called crossroads 73, showing a cool looking black dude with an afro driving a new 73 Centurion just like this, same color and all. The guy in the Buick drives around a small town trying to be careful in his new convertible and almost gets plowed by a long haired crazy kid in a new 73 red Chevelle. The kid runs lights too. It’s really funny but it would be good to show to kids in drivers ed today. There is a great clip at a corner with old fashioned rotating gas station signs and a dash cam view inside a new 73 LTD. Look out for the guy always in a hurry with his little white on woodgrain 73 Vega GT wagon. A scream! Some things never change.

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    • Roseland Pete

      I couldn’t find “Crossroads 73” on YT but I did find one called “Crossroads Crash – Defensive Driving & Crash Tests – 1970’s.”

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    • Ru$ty

      I looked for this video as well without success. Sounds like it’d be interesting to check out, if you have a link to it please update! :)

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      • Nessy

        Pete and Rusty, I just typed it in today on lunch break and it came right up so I watched it again. I laughed my ass off once again watching Mr Speedy in his little white Vega woody wagon do a burnout after leaving a phone booth in his 70’s orange leather jacket and bell bottoms, then tearing up a wrong way exit ramp, then locking up his brakes! Next, he misses another turn and just backs right up on the highway, in the main lane! It’s a gas to watch but scary to know that fools like this are really on the roads. Type in “Crossroads Crash Driver Ed 73” This should bring it up for sure. Enjoy.

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  5. Jim

    That was a wonderful car, as was its predecessor, the Wildcat. Rode like a feather on a breeze.

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  6. Charles

    This car certainly looks well cared for.

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  7. jim s

    looks like a very nice driver to me. i wonder what the story on the corvette in the background is. great find.

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  8. Jason Thorsell

    You should buy it. Even 15 grand will barely buy you a brand new, nearly undriveable s&*%box. 12,000 seems like a bargain when a new Ford Explorer stickers for over 50,000.

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  9. Reginald Bruce

    Got one exactly like it in the garage — same year, engine, and color — except for a white convertible top.
    And you know what they say about our 455s, “They pass everything but ……….!

    Reg B.

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  10. Jim

    a gas station?

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  11. Reginald Bruce

    @ Jim.
    Yup. Everything but a gas station.
    Only car I’ve ever owned — and I’ve had some gas hogs before (and still got an XJS V12) — that you could actually notice the gas gauge slowly dropping when you were at wide open throttle. No exaggeration.
    Of course, it was the front seat passenger who noticed this phenomenon. It would be a brave/stupid (pick one) driver who would take his/her eyes off the road for more than a millisecond while piloting one of these beasts at WOT!

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  12. Nick8778

    Why the Electra hood? Centurions did not have ventiports.

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