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Identify This Tree Find


Reader Ken N came across this photo of an old car with a tree growing through it and has been trying to figure out the make and model of the car. He has searched high and low, but just hasn’t been able to find an answer. He is still doing his own research, but he thought he would turn to our community for everyone’s expert opinions. If we get many more of these tree finds we are going to know just as much about tress as we do about cars! So what do you think this car is? Bonus points to anyone that can name the tree species as well! Like always, be sure to leave your guesses in the comments section below.


  1. Connor

    Ford Model A?

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  2. Dale O.

    Looks to me like a 1926-27 Ford Model T coupe. Gas filler door in the cowl and door hinges match. Someone threw a roof of something else over the top at one point, for all the good it did.

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  3. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    How about a Model Tree? Or maybe even a Ford Branchero?

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  4. Darren

    Definitely an Oak!

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  5. paul

    My guess would be, Oak.

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  6. Brian

    Now, I’ve seen Model Ts advertised before with “new wood”, but this is way over the top!

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  7. Wiley Robinson
  8. SoCal Car Guy

    I’m with Dale O. — 1926-27 Model T Ford. The opening on the top of the cowl was for a flip-up/hinged from the rear cowl vent which I believe was only on the Model T in ’26 and ’27.
    Oh yeah, great patina!

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  9. Robert B.

    I think it’s a pear tree and the car, what else, a Partridge flying A

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  10. RickyM

    Looks like a Woody!

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  11. Leon

    Now that’s real wood trim

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  12. xtian999

    Burl Ivy.

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  13. xtian999

    From the old Ford plant.

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  14. John

    looks like a 31 chevrolet truck.

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  15. Peter Davis

    I think its definitely a 1925 Ford Model T Coupe based on the forward hinges and cowl opening. Ford appears to have switched to suicide doors in 1926. And the tree appears to be a European Tricolor Beach.

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  16. jim s

    i think the tree won. great photo.

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  17. Brian

    Easy restoration! Just sand it down and apply two coats of varnish!

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  18. Michael R

    Definitely A Model T around ’25-27 and I was thinking either Oak or Ash.

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  19. Mark E

    Nice all-natural, low energy car crusher you got there!!

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  20. z1 rider

    Not a 25. Can only be a 26 or 27 model T. Those two years were the last gasp for the Model T, with enhancements intended to improve sales. Not enough to save it. The gas tank was in the cowl (presaged Model A) with the filler under the small door in the middle. That forced the coils to be relocated to the engine compartment.

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  21. Art Fink

    It’s definitely a “Woodie” looking for it’s “Roots”……

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  22. Ian Knipe

    1926 Model T Doctors Coupe

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  23. Hemicars

    It could be a ’26 era Dodge coupe with the visor, cowl vent and shape of the trunk.

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    • Peter

      I agree, it could be a 1926 Dodge Brothers coupe. Someone needs to rummage through the wreckage. This is like performing an autopsy by looking at the remains of a decomposed corpse.

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  24. Ponts 40

    It needs to be painted (tree)Hugger Orange

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  25. Denny Alldredge

    I’m guessing it’s a model T Mulberry.

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  26. Gregory Wells

    I agree that with what I can see it’s most likely a ’26-27 T coupe, which was the first car I ever bought… at age 14.

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  27. Bill

    Model T. The wooden frame supporting the body has been replaced.

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  28. Ken n

    I have been in contact with the property owner and am told that an uncle purchased the car for $20.
    He parked the car where it is setting now.
    The uncle is going to be contacted (yes he is still alive) for additional info on the history of the car..
    More later..

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  29. Dave

    It’s a 1917 Electric car. The opening in the vowel is the same and the hump in the back is the same. Including the shape of the roof although it’s a bit distorted now from the tree. If I could post a picture I have, you could see. But this post wont let me post one. But if you Google a 1917 Electric Car coupe, you will see.

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  30. JACKinNWPA Jack Member

    Great photo ! I like it a bunch. I like these so much I’m the admin. for the FLICKR group called “Tree Anomaly” …anything that a tree grows through or around. mostly vehicles.
    if you like you can check it out here.

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  31. Steven

    Definitely not a Model A. It looks like 1925-26 Model T coupe.

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  32. Mitchell Gildea Member

    Far gone, that’s what it is. In all seriousness, though, probably a Model T business coupe

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  33. Cameron Bater UK

    To be honest, Scrap, I can bareley tell it was a car at one point.

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  34. Ken n

    Ok..have more pictures to upload on this..
    The uncle has been contacted..but he has not responded yet..

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  35. Ken n

    Report from owner is this “tree find# is a 1927 model T coupe!!

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  36. Mark L

    I remember a 25 Hudson with Dutch Elm disease just like this. I knew it was a Hudson because it still had the brass plaque screwed to the firewall. The frame was included, buried about a foot down. It was in the treeline right behind our house where we lived in Nebraska, back in the early 1980’s. I’m relatively sure that it’s completed it’s trip to car heaven by now.

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  37. MAX

    1926or 1927 ford model t coupe. gas flap on cowl,door,and fender on ground at rear wheel

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