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Immaculate: 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 Aero Coupe

There is not much time left in this auction for this 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 Aero Coupe. This is a rare car and not seen very often at car shows. Most people either love them or hate them! This car is listed for sale here on eBay with less than 19 hours remaining. The Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 Aero Coupe is located at a dealer in Salem, Ohio, and is listed for $26,800 as a Buy It Now or a buyer can make an offer.

The 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 Aero Coupe was offered with a 305 cubic inch V8 engine and 4-speed automatic transmission. The car was developed to provide NASCAR with an alternative body style because the square body of the Grand Prix and Chevrolet Monte Carlo were not performing well due to their aerodynamic drag. Their competition, the Ford Thunderbird, had more curvaceous bodies in the mid-1980s and were performing better on the track.

The gray cloth interior looks immaculate on this example. This car has air conditioning, power windows, power locks, and tilt steering. While the Aero Coupe has great lines and looked racy, it was not the best performer in the day. Buick offered the 245 hp Grand National and T-Type and Chevrolet offered the 180 hp Monte Carlo SS in 1986, but the Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 Aero Coupe did not get the high output engine that was available. Rather, it was equipped with the 165 horsepower 5.0-liter engine.

The large duck tail spoiler looks pretty cool on the back of this car and I like the modified front end. It is the huge glass bubble that draws most people’s attention. On the track, the race teams did see improvements and the design helped keep the rear of the car planted at high speeds. Overall, Pontiac produced 1,225 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 Aero Coupes and most of them were heavily optioned.


  1. Dave Peterson

    This will sound very questionable, but one of my favorite drivers was a 1979 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ. Front and rear sways, full gauge pack. Every box checked. Nobody wanted it. Two tone green paint with green velour. Never understood the orderers mentality, but put my 7500 miles On it in 14 weeks. It sa t in inventory like a red-headed step child til year end. Invoice about $7700, was written down to $5900 before it sold. Funny what sticks in a memory. Great steering wheel.

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    • Anthony

      That’s funny. My father worked for Pontiac and in 1978 had a Green LJ as a demonstrator same as you describe ordered it fully loaded. After he was done with it, it too sat forever, in fact he used to disconnect the speedometer cable under the hood at the cruise control module as I remember you couldn’t put over 6k miles on it,
      as they sold all his other cars in different colors before he was done with them and needed a car till the next one came in. Gorgeous car, just ass ugly in that all green.

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      • Larry D

        As a friend of mine who is in the car business and who, by the way, hates green cars always says when he sees one, “Oh, it’s that pretty green color!”

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  2. Jcs

    I wonder if it will make my Grand Prix Aero any less ugly if I paint it solid red instead of the factory stripe packaged grey.

    Answer – no less ugly. Damn.

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    • Skorzeny

      I don’t find it ugly at all but I hate the automatic. I also appreciate because I used to be a NASCAR fan. But it got ruined just like everything else…

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      • MrBZ

        Agree on all points, Skorenzy.

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      • Tom Bell

        100% correct on all counts. A 3-pedal version for this and the Monte should have been offered.

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    • Greg Goodwin

      I was thinking the same thing. I have 1, still original paint but shows its age and wear. I have thought many times about upgrading the engine, but not sure I’d want to paint it some other color. If I did, maybe the maroon like the one Petty has in his shop or that GM has/had in their museum.

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  3. Mike Stephens Staff

    I like it! I owned a 1982 Grand Prix LJ and always liked that body style. The 2+2 front end looks good to this day in my opinion, and I actually like the rest of the modifications as well. This will be an interesting one to follow and see if anyone hits the Buy-It-Now button at $26,800 over the next 4 days.

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  4. KC John Member

    Seller must own stock in armor all. Detail in a bottle always makes me suspicious. Just saying.

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  5. numskal Member

    Interesting! most of these I have seen were silver not red, love it or hate it even among Pontiac lovers

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    • WCBJR

      All were silver except 2 prototypes, 1 in black w tan interior (was sitting in Talladega museum not sure if still there or not) and the other one burgundy with nose only without the back glass that was done earlier 80’s when Monte Carlo SS came out but GP w nose never put in production. Only built enough ’86 2+2 in late production of ’86 year model to run for 2yrs since new GP was coming out for ’88. Lumina coming out ’89 so Monte Carlo SS Aeocoupe ’86, ’87, & ’88. All the 2+2 were fully equipped except some had power drivers seat and some didn’t. I think only a few had pwr seat most didn’t. Those prototypes had no vin number and couldn’t be sold. The black one in Talladega I heard was a gift from Pontiac to the museum.

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      • S.M.

        It’s what you can do with this body that you have to appreciate. Any size V8, 350 or 454 and a 200 4R transmission means most cars will have little chance being more powerful. Handling comes later. They were fine as long as you don’t go over 130 mph. Then they can be a little scary. Best mid sized cars ever
        Long live the G Body.

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      • mds47588

        I believe that Richard Petty has a no VIN prototype as well.

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      • David L Payton

        Do you have any more info on these cars? I will testify that a WHITE GP Aero with a CAN-AM stripe kit existed. I saw it on the ground, fresh off the truck at Suss Pontiac in Aurora, CO where I worked.
        A true Unicorn, built by GM.
        I actually saw it again in 1997 in Orlando. It was beaten and abused; ready for a sad trip to the graveyard.

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    • Keith

      Yes the factory painted every one of these silver. This is a nice respray on this car but not the original color.

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  6. Terrry

    This was made back in the mid-80s, and you can sure tell, for under all those hoses, pipes, pumps, hardware and wires is a V8 engine somewhere. Also, didn’t some Grand Nationals also have a bubble-back?

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    • jerry z

      No only 1986 Grand Prix and 1986 and 1987 Monte Carlo SS.

      Of all volors to pick, they use resale red. Just a disgrace.

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    • Phil D

      By the time that Pontiac built the Grand Prix 2+2, Buick’s and Oldsmobile’s NASCAR teams were using the H-body LeSabre and Delta 88 sheet metal to skin their cars rather than the G-body, and the H-body coupes already had a sloping roof instead of the severe, formal notchback on the Monte Carlo and Grand Prix that created so much turbulence, so it wasn’t necessary to apply a large, sloping back glass to a model of the Regal and Cutlass Supreme.

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    • Patrick Farmer

      NO. They had a bumper sticker that said, “I brake for Corvettes.”

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  7. Larry Williams

    Not original these Pontiacs only came in Silver grey priced to hi but overall nice looking car!

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  8. Wd62vette

    All 1986 2+2’s where silver. This car looks really bad painted red. I had a 2+2 when they where new. I liked the car. Not a muscle car by any means.

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  9. Marathon06

    Is this a factory color? Or is it a repaint in resale red as mentioned above.

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  10. karl j holquist

    Just cheap plastic everywhere! NO suspension! loose as a goose! they were always second to the Ford/Mercury 5.0L 302s they ruled the roads! At about 100-115 mph these seemed to float from lane to lane when racing. I only seen the front of car in my review mirror!! True dogs of summer always second fiddle to the 5.0 that ruled the factory o.e.m. cars of the day. That is why most police ordered the notch back mustangs just to keep up amd save face!!! 5.0s RULED!!!

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  11. Alaa Alfraih

    I’m a big pontiac fan…but those are ugly..no styling lines..no performance…seems these days anything old is gold.

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  12. Jim

    Back in 88, I drove a 70 Challenger, 440, 3.91, 727. Only time I saw those stupid cheese grater GT taillights is either in a magazine article or plastered against a tree. They were a quick car compared to a 1.9 Escort, but every Mustang owner I ever met thought he was driving the fastest car anywhere anytime- then he had his doors removed by a real car.

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  13. PRA4SNW

    It’s hard to believe that they only made 1,200 of these. It seems like I’ve seen a lot of them, but that might be because you never forget seeing one.
    Not that they’re ugly to me, just unique enough to remember.

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  14. Steve Clinton

    The red just pops. And I love the Aero front fascia. There can’t be very many of these, especially in this color, so I would consider it a true 1980s collectible.

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    • Keith

      Yes value is really taken down a notch by changing the color.But what kind of value is there anyways with this underpowered car.Making only 1200 of these might make it worth a little bit.

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    • Doug

      Pontiac never referred to these as Aerocoupes. That was a Chevy Monte Carlo name. These were only called the Grand Prix 2+2.

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      • Patrick Farmer

        You are correct.

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  15. Cav427

    Would an old school Pontiac 400,428 or 455 4bbl fit under the hood? Liked the looks, very sad performance. An 87 Turbo Coupe had more power and you could get a 5 speed!

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    • SirRaoulDuke

      Yes, a 455 will fit.

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      • Cav427

        It’s already been repainted, may as well make it more poncho with an old-school Pontiac mill. Not one of the post 1971 wheezing slugs…

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      • Patrick Farmer

        You know Chevy sold the G-body Monte Carlo SS in Mexico WITH a 454 V8 in it.

        The only problems with G-bodies were that they were so damn easy to steal. They just shatter the column and start the car. I had a CarGuard clam shell lock that wrapped around the column for my Pontiac Can Am and one for my dad’s 2-gen Camaro. I would use one of these to lock up the 1983 Bonneville Station Wagon I owned. G-body’s are great cars. I should have never sold that wagon. I wanted to put the 2+2 nose on it.

        Hell it is easier today to find theses cars than a Bonneville Wagon. When was the last time you have seen an 1980 Grand Am?

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    • John pero

      There was a 455 powered when the road around my hometown in Smyrna Georgia back in the late ’80s he took a new car and painted it petty blue put a 455 motor in it it stayed around for years and I saw it for sale out in Douglasville at a car dealership and it was wore out the guy raced it and drove it very very hard

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  16. Larry D

    This whole discussion about the “Resale Red” reminds me of our local Ford dealer. He had taken on the DeLorean franchise in this area. He sold a couple of them right away. But then they got a little harder to sell. The newness had worn off of these stainless steel wonders. The last one they got sat on the showroom floor for close to a year. Finally, they took it back to their body shop and painted it red. Then they returned it to the showroom and shortly thereafter they sold it! Lesson learned. Red sells!!

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  17. Steve Steinborn

    Skorzeny when did Nascar make it where the drivers drive so many laps then take a break or whatever then another so many laps and another break and so on. That ruined Nascar for me. Tom Bell I had a chance to get my aunt’s mid 80s Monte Carlo for free I can’t remember what year it was. The only thing I didn’t have the time or money to go get it from Tennessee. I think the 80s monte carlos was the best looking monte Carlos they built. But anyways I was going to pull out the 305 and the automatic transmission that was in it and put in a 427 with duel 4 barrel carburetors with a supercharger and a 4 speed manual transmission. The 305 needed rebuilt anyways.

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    • Steve Steinborn

      Oh yeah this is first time I ever heard of or seen a picture of a Pontiac grand prix aero coupe. I just remembered for Tom bell they did make some 80s monte Carlos with a manual transmission they sent those to mexico though.

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  18. Patrick Farmer

    By the way, I give them an “A” for effort on the side door decals and an “F+” for the Enki wheels. The + is for the Pontiac Arrowhead center caps.

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