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Impala In Disguise: 1968 Pontiac Parisienne

1968 Pontiac Parisienne

This car was restored 20 years ago and the seller believes that the 79k miles showing on the odometer may be correct. Even if that’s not the case, this car still deserves a mention. It may look like any other full-size Pontiac, but our brothers to the North did things a little differently in ’68. This thing is riding on a Chevrolet’s x-frame frame. As such, it could be ordered with any of the Chevy engine options. It’s located in Springfield, Manitoba, Canada and is listed here on kijiji for $12k or a trade of similar value.

Chevrolet 327

A 454 would have been exciting to have, but this one is fitted with a 4-barrel 327 V8. That’s not a bad thing mind you. This is the 275 horsepower version of Chevy’s small block so it should still have enough grunt to squeal the tires on demand. The seller has made some nice upgrades too so I’m sure the Friday night cruise is a lot of fun.

Parisienne Tail

This one would make a nice conversation piece at the small town car shows down here in the US. Most people would walk right past it, but a few would stop and stare. Pontiac guys would be surprised to find the Chevy mill under the hood and Chevy guys would be excited to learn that it’s a Chevrolet under the skin. This car would be different in a subtle way and that makes it just about perfect to me!


  1. Luke Fitzgerald

    Historic interest only – ersatz widetrack

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  2. Rick

    Some of these have Chevy Big Blocks

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  3. Miguel

    Why would this car have miles if it is Canadian?

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    • Jake

      Canada did not go metric until the 70s.

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    • Dolphin Member

      Jake beat me to it, but to quote MathieuB from earlier today RE: the Frontenac, “It was exactly in 1978 that Canada switch to the metric”, 10 years after this car was built.

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  4. Miguel

    Ah, OK. The car is in Manitoba and the listing says 79,000 Kilometers. The listing actually says in one place Kilometers and in another miles, so who knows.

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    • Jim

      It is in miles. I need to correct the kijiji posting

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  5. Howard

    Were all Parisenne’s Canadian? I used to see lots of them in Texas in the late 60s.

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  6. Matt

    That’s only like 9 grand US.

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  7. Prowler

    I’m not sure about the metric speedometer
    I had a big block 396..1967 pontiac beaumont and it had a standard American gauges…no metric
    But I have a 1970 oldsmobile 442
    And it has a speedo in kilometers
    Kind of weird
    But the beaumont was an interesting car…everyone always thought it was an. unusal 1967 chevelle
    Outside the Lemans tail lights fit perfectly in the place of the Chevy lights
    Same with the grille all pontiac but under the hood all big block Chevy
    Except for some maple leaf stickers
    That told you this was a Canadian car

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  8. George

    just a shame its not a Poncho mill.

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  9. Joe Muzy

    The charge to cross the border is crazy. I was looking to purchase a car in Canada just 30 miles across the line and the cost would have been a little less than 2000 dollars if in the US it would have been only 700 dollars.

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    • Jim

      From the US government website.
      Duty rates are based on price paid or payable. Most Canadian-made vehicles are duty-free.

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  10. Jim

    79,000 miles. It still has the factory upper ball joints.

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  11. kel

    that car will NOT have the x frame . they finished in about 61 … we got Parisienne’s in Australia . they were sent from Canada in pieces and assembled in OZ . Pontiac did not have a frame building plant in Canada .and at the time it was too costly to export frames from the USA s ( tariffs tax and duty’s ) they used Chev frames ,OZ traded with Canada because we are also a commonwealth country .

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    • 68 custom

      1964 was the last year for the X-frame in full size chevies/ponchos, ETC.

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      • Jim

        I’ve asked they make that change to the posting. I told them the 68 Canadian Pontiac Parisienne used the 68 Impala frame. They chose to put X-Frame in the description.

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  12. MathieuB

    A 1968 X-frame, absolutely not.
    Theses shared exactly the same frame as the US Chevrolet.
    They were built in Canada but the X-Frame stop being used in 1964 as the USA did.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Thanks for catching that! You are correct about the frame and I have updated the post to reflect that.

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  13. Jim

    I don’t know about x frame but definately 68 Impala frame.

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  14. Art

    My wife had a 1968 Pontiac Ventura which appears to be a dead ringer for this car, but with the US nameplate. Still kicking myself, before we were dating seriously she was going overseas and offered to sell it to me for $1. I was considering relocating at the time so I passed on the offer. I still regret that decision.

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  15. RoughDiamond

    Another set of distinct taillights like the ’66 GTO you can pick out at night so easily.

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  16. adonis f jones

    know what. Would. Make it. More. Rare?a factory 4 speed.my step father. had. one man was it fast.

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    • Jim

      Yes, a 4 speed would be much better than the turbo 400.

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      • 68 custom

        but the 400 turbo is much better than a powerglide!

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  17. Jim

    Absolutely! Very strong transmission. Will take alot of abuse.

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  18. alabee

    Was the body sheet metal the same size as the Venturas or the Impalas?

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  19. Jim

    Same size as an Impala. Everything under the body is Chevy Impala. The sheetmetal and Interior are the only thing Pontiac.

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  20. James lang

    Hey guys I have 3 68 pontiac Parisienne one is the 2+2 it’s all original with the 327 that has 275 horse power the other is a 327 with 2 barrel carb it’s all original also thete awesome cars to drive get a lot of looks driving them most people don’t know what they are that’s what makes them so cool

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  21. Scott baker

    Hey Guy’s,
    I believe this Pontiac used to mine! It started life in London,Ont. It was my grand fathers. I did the resto 20+ years ago. I built that 327 with the HEI. It used to have a chrome chain steering wheel. It looks like it was removed, probably a good thing. Can someone tell me if it’s still for sale?

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