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In Storage Since ’89: 1962 Dodge Dart 330

The 1962 Dodge Dart may be one of the more distinctively styled cars ever to come out of Mopar. It was a one-year only model and the 330 was the middle of the range. This one has recently been started after having been stored since 1989 and is being offered for sale here on eBay. Bidding is starting at $200 but there is a reserve, and you can pick the Dart up in Fishkill, New York after you win the auction.

After getting the car so that it will start and will move forwards and backwards, the seller also washed the car. It’s a shame the shine is from water and not a buff and wax, but that can be for the next owner to work on.

The seller also tells us that it will require restoration from sitting and is showing 88,970 miles. We can also see a dent in the rear bumper but what I’d be worried about is rust, the lack of brakes and finding a replacement fuel tank. You can’t tell much about the body condition from these pictures, unfortunately. 

While the dash and door panels look pretty good, I think I’d want to do something pretty quickly about the seat. I couldn’t find anyone selling original type covers but a local upholstery shop could probably come close enough for me.

The new battery and fuel filter are from the efforts to get it running, as is the old portable gas tank on the left of this picture. Slant sixes are a favorite among most Barn Finds commenters so I’m guessing you folks will approve of the engine. Since there were about 25,500 Dart 330s sold in 1963 according to this chart, we’re certainly not looking at a tremendously rare classic, but rather one that should be available at a budget price and can be enjoyed by a family. Okay, you four-door haters move on to another post and let us family car lovers enjoy it!


  1. canadainmarkseh

    This is a cool looking old car and it doesn’t matter about the extra doors. If your just wanting to get into the car hobby and your working a budget this would be an excellent choice. I’ve always liked the distinctive of these car. Nice find.

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    • mike D

      actually, in this case the 4 dr looks better ! drop in at least a 318 and good to go!

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    • Moparman Moparmann Member

      This was my first car, handed down to me from my Dad! Mine was a 4 door hardtop, 440 model, w/ the poly 318 c.i., black with a gray interior! It is STILL in our family, haviing been passed to a brother, sister, and now owned by a nephew! :-)

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  2. Bob C.

    As funky looking as they were, I always liked these Darts. The 62 Plymouths were a little cleaner looking, but I always preferred these.

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  3. r s

    I’m surely not in the market for one like this but I would want just two things this one is missing – a V8 and A/C rare though it would be. Those make for a driver that’s easier to live with.

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  4. Dick Johnson

    Some people hated the 330 from the front. Competitors at the strip hated them from the back. Wish my neighbor would sell his 330 two door post. Same color combo. Boy do I have an engine for that one.

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  5. Steve R

    Based on the pictures and the almost nonexistent description I would value it the same as a parts car, just to protect my interests financially.

    Steve R

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  6. Jeff

    I love the look of this car– it’s completely outlandish. It’d be a big middle finger among the jellybeans of modern traffic. I’d prefer a manual transmission, but I wouldn’t change the engine. Love the slant six.

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  7. Dirk

    I wonder what he wants for the hat. Looks like a pretty neat old hat. The car? Not so much.

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  8. JimmyinTEXAS

    thirty years of dust didn’t seem to adversely affect the paint. I could drive a car like this, all four doos of it.

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    • Steve R

      There is generally a reason why a seller take pictures of the car when its wet.

      Steve R

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  9. joebazots

    One of the guys that is a pro-tour auto crosser at lots of Goodguys events did one of these. A couple of years ago, they debuted it here in Nashville. Really a cool car w/ Ride Tech gear, etc. They can look good and be made to go like stink!

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  10. Ken

    I don’t know which Dodge is uglier – the ’62 or the ’63. In either case, they have faces only a mother could love. Their Plymouth cousins are prettier.

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  11. Del

    Very nice shape.

    These cars were almost indesructible.

    I like it but would rather have a two door.

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  12. dweezilaz

    I was expecting another V8. Nice surprise.

    With that baroque styling who cares how many doors or cylinders ?

    I’ve lived through two gas panics. Long term, I’d rather have the six . And I always go long term with my cars.

    Weird styling, utility; the only thing more practical would be the wagon. Stuff an SUV when even the four door has the usefulness sedans used to have, before they lost the plot.

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  13. Daryl Nelson

    Everywhere you drove this, everybody would think your Spencer Tracy running from a bunch of lunatics in Yellow Cabs.

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  14. PA Cuda

    Didn’t the early slants have aluminum blocks?

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    • P T Cheshire

      The very early ones did and the Aluminum block and I believe trans. Aluminum returned for the Feather Duster

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    Po the TorqStorm super charger kit on it and have a ball Up to 85% h.p. increase.


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    • Chebby Member

      Whoa that’s cool.

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  16. Jim

    My first car 63 Dodge Polara convertible 318,man I wish I still had her!

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  17. Wrong way

    This would be a excellent candidate for a engine swap for sure! Talking sleeper! Why not bring it up to modern standards leave the stock look be! Then while being careful, and of course only some place away from traffic,and have fun with it! It’s never going to be collectible, I don’t think! Too many were made! Or maybe my memories are too old?

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  18. Miguel

    What a shame it doesn’t have a V8.

    At least there is one thing you can say.

    Nobody will ever mistake this car for any other car on the road.

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  19. Royal

    I live and work in Dutchess County where Fishkill is located. I can go and perform an onsite inspection and shoot photos for anyone who is serious about wanting to buy this classic. Would be nice if someone put a hopped up Slant 6.

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